And porky pig meet

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and porky pig meet

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies is a Made-for-TV Movie that aired as part of ABC's Saturday Superstar Movie. It was produced by. The Daffy/Porky—Groovie Goolies. Perhaps the most hated of all of Filmation's productions, was the special they did using-- gasp-- several of the Looney Tunes . Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies is a animated one-hour TV-movie that was part of The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie.

Coyote looked alright to me at this time. The problem with them seems to be slight distortions of their noses at times. But at other times they seemed OK. He is certainly right on the voices, especially Daffy and Tweety being sped up too much and sounding like they're on helium.

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The "baritone Elmer" didn't sound that much different from Pre Hysterical Hare, and other instances of Blanc doing the voice.

Just a bit lower. The biggest problem with him is that he only had one single line towards the end. I would add that Porky was a bit too low, sort of like he was in the late 80's Looney Tunes movies. Petunia Pig actually sounds a lot like Ms Bellum from PowerPuff Girls, to give modern viewers an idea of what it sounds like.

Beck says this was Jane Webb who did Batgirl and most other females for Filmation at the timebut the voice is obviously the same as Fat Albert's school teacher, who was Scheimer's wife Jay.

Likely a pseudonym, since they were often used in the credits to make the studio appear bigger than it was. The voice has also appeared in some other Filmation shows, particularly in the late 70's after Webb was no longer there.

As for the story, it is hard to say. Yosemite seems to be the most prominent character, then Daffy and Petunia. Sylvester, Tweety and Foghorn have their moments. The rest seem to be just along for the ride, and could have easily been omitted. Coyote only utters a couple of laughs and a boo and is otherwise silent. One big error is that Porky and Coyote are at one point at two places at the same time out on the posse with Sam, and screening the rest of the King Arthur movie with the others. Then all the concurrent uses of the characters is strange: Petunia is a TV announcer, and also apart of the film.

and porky pig meet

Foghorn is apart of the film, and both also are the emcees of the Ozzie Awards, where they hand themselves the award! Not to mention them finishing the film, submitting and winning the award for it all in 20 minutes! The closing gag has the Goolies, on the way home and thinking their brief moment of fame was over, being chased by Sam, Porky, Coyote and Sylvester, but the reason for this was not explained.

I wonder if that was originally supposed to be Sam's posse still trying to catch them, not realizing that the whole story was over, before it was decided to have all of the Looneys together at the awards. Not only that, but Sylvester was not in the posse, anyway. So those aspects of the story were very sloppy. Beck does cast a question mark at the punchline: But as the captured culprit explained, this had ruined his big black and white career, so it would make sense in the cartoon world that he would try to destroy all color films out of revenge.

This is a common Scooby Doo type motivation for haunting something. There are also large periods that focus on the Goolies and not the Looneys, and a long drawn out sequence of the Goolies wearing armor falling down, and then up and then down again that should have been edited more.

But I think people's abhorrance of this film stems from treating it as a Looney Tune, and judging it on that high standard. But it is not. It is a Groovie Goolies cartoon, with our beloved classic stars as special guests. It is a spinoff of Archie and Sabrina Lenburg had credited Sabrina in the film, but she was absent, as well as several of the other Goolies. It was only Drac, Frankie, Wolfie, mummy, and the witch. Also what Beck didn't tell us is that the little boy the Phantom disguises as was Hauntleroy, one of the other Goolie series regulars.

He also was otherwise absent.

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet The Groovie Goolies

This was another glitch in the story, as the boy was supposed to be someone they didn't know. They at first appear not to know him, but then do acknowlwdge him as Hauntleroy in the live scene. If it was Hauntleroy, that right there should have been suspicious as he did not travel out there to Hollywood with them.

Yet another big glitch, is that "Bella LaGhostly" was one of the Hollywood stars they hoped to see, yet in the regular series, she was a series regular; the switchboard operator at Horrible Hall!

and porky pig meet

The one section Beck and others do like, for some strange reason, is the live action portion, with that jerky motion that looks like one of those Krofft shows.

If Bugs was there, they would either have to make him second fiddle to Daffy, or it would be Bugs Bunny meets the Groovie Goolies, and Daffy would have had a lesser role and Porky have almost no role like some of the others. The cast seems to roughly follow that of the Porky Pig show opening and closing sequences which was airing on Boomerang for awhile, and was produced by Famous studios. I would say that looks worse than this!

So no; classic Warner animation this is not, but it still has some worth and should not be totally trashed the way people have done. With computer technology, the voices can easily be fixed. Virgil Ross was one of the animators, however.

and porky pig meet

He did work for Filmation around that time Batman-Superman as well. This would help explain why most of the characters especially the Freleng ones were drawn so well. The Coyote and Pepe both happen to be Jones characters, and perhaps Ross, who was usually with the Freleng unit was not as good at drawing them.

The Jones characters always had a certain "flair" about them. The classic example being that evil Grinch smile and eyes. Being so used to seeing that, now when you look at the original Seuss drawing as in ads for the live stage version, or even Freleng's later Grinch specialsit seems something is missing!

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Basically, both Pepe and the Coyote look like Filmation characters think of Drac with that frown of his. That is one of the distinctive Filmation looks.

It was hard for anyone to completely capture that Jones look though now, modern WB productions have gotten it right. Lassie, the Brady's and Yogi's Ark all spawned from this same venue. I imagined that if this one had become a series, it probably would have had different guest stars every week.

Come to think of it, the "Gool Bus" appeared to be set to have become their "Mystery Machine". So think of it as "the Groovie Goolies Comedy Movies" pilot! I imagine the criteria for future guests would have been the same as Scooby-- network and production company contracted stars. So Lassie and the Brady's probably would have been next, then perhaps Jerry Lewis, who had just had a Filmation cartoon on ABC, and Rick Springfield, who would have one the following season.

A Spinoff of the Bradys. Perhaps also even some DC heroes since their rights to them were overlapping with Hanna Barbera's. A couple of them would appear on the Brady's. Also other ABC comedians.

Some of those may have been pretty good. According to the more biography Lou Scheimer: But after those first three projects were produced, WB dropped this "animated classics" line.

Drac, hanging upside down from a chandelier, complains that he's trying to get his beauty rest. She asks them about the rumor floating around about a "mysterious stranger" that has been causing "all kinds of trouble" on the set.

Daffy thinks it's just a fan seeking an autograph. Frankie says "Aw, lookie, lookie, lookie, there's Daffy and Sylvester and all of may favorites! They show scenes from the movie: Foghorn, as "King Arthur the Chickenhearted" paces back and forth, until the nurse a female rooster! He calls for the court jester. Sylvester awakes out of his hammock, asking the king what he wants to see, and proceeds to try to entertain him by slipping on a banana peel and pole vaulting out the window into a monster-infested moat.

and porky pig meet

The King simply tells him to "take this youngster for a walk-- a long walk! Tweety watches and claiming "that egg might be one of my cousins", then threatens to blow a whistle to call bulldogs. Sylvester repeatedly calls the bluff, until he notices that there are several dozen dogs surrounding him.

They chase him off. The egg hatches, and it is Daffy, who Tweety names "Arthur". When asked "why not Lance; or Lot; or Daffy? At this point, the film is interrupted by the Phantom of the Flickers, who tells the TV audience he plans to "destroy every frame of film Daffy Duck and his friends ever made, including his full length flop, 'King Arthur'.

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Sorry Daffy, but that's show biz! Frankie tells how he was Daffy's biggest fan ever since the day he was assembled, and says he's going to Hollywood to give him a hand. Bella LaGhostly is one of their other regulars; the switchboard operator! Mummy brings his movie camera. In Hollywood, Hagatha casts a spell to magically stop the Gool Bus so they can ask a movie star directions to the studio and get his autograph.

Behind their back, he reveals himself to be the Phantom. Hagatha finds Daffy and Porky on her crystal ball. When she at first gets the wrong picture, she consults the "CB Guide". Daffy is impatiently demanding his stuntmen. The Goolies show up saying "we came to help", and Daffy says "It's about time! Daffy comments "If I didn't know that was makeup, I'd be scared stiff! Daffy begins fighting with Hagatha "Stick with me, and I'll make you a star. My brains and your ugliness!

They begin shooting the next scene. All of the Goolies are up on a balcony of the castle set. The Phantom pulls a lever which causes the floor to drop out Wolfie: Animation shut down in only to reopen inWarner Bros. But the mysterious Phantom of the Flickers is scaring everyone on the set, vows to destroy every frame of film Daffy Duck made, and plans to steal Daffy's new movie. This TV movie provides examples of Even though Porky Pig's name is in the title, he plays a fairly minor role compared to Daffy Duck.

The Goolies do this at one point as part of their "stuntman work" for Daffy's movie. Cast as a Mask: When the Phantom wears rubber masks of the other Groovie Goolies, along with when he disguises as Hauntleroy, he perfectly imitates their voices by using this trope. Averted with his other disguises ones not impersonating existing characterswhere Larry Storch shows off his range of voice work.

Daffy Duck, of course. Excalibur in the Stone: A carnival attraction in the King Arthur movie involves Daffy as Arthur pulling a sword out of a stone in a test-of-strength game, as whoever pulls out the sword will be crowned King of England. The sword isn't referred to as the Excalibur, though. After the Goolies confront Claude Chaney, a. There are quite a lot of puns in this, especially coming from the Goolies.

One of the Phantom's disguise methods, often going into a tornado-like spin to do so. The Phantom of the Flickers a. Claude Chaney has quite a few hammy moments. Another method of disguise the Phantom of the Flickers employs. He'll also often wear numerous layers of rubber masks over each otherespecially when demonstrating his disguise abilities to others. Well, it is a Filmation production.

Even the Looney Tunes characters are animated in a quite limited manner, which is unusual for their franchise. Frankie is a huge fan of Daffy Duck, and wants to help him save his movie and career.

Initially, he and the rest of the Groovie Goolies keep getting in the way, and Daffy and the others are terrified of them, but later on they become more useful to the Looney Tunes. The Phantom of the Flickers.