Blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur movie

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blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur movie

Maka, Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki cross paths with Dr. Stein, the same mad scientist Black Star and Death the Kid seek out the legendary sword of Excalibur. The Japanese anime television series Soul Eater is directed by Takuya Igarashi, and produced The plot of the episodes follows Maka Albarn, a "meister" of the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA), and . Black Star and Kid learn about Excalibur, the Holy Sword whose legendary powers are said to surpass those of . The episode is original to the anime, although Excalibur's song was later included However, upon meeting him, he discovers that the holy sword is not quite what . While Kid wipes his mouth and Patty continues to eat, Black Star and Soul have . The scenes of Mulholland Drive allude to the film Mulholland Drive.

I was just wondering about this Holy Sword.

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The world must be ending. With your wings we could find it in no time. I mean, Maka's always saying I should try and be braver and it would be a big help to Ms.

Marie…" Ragnarok snorted "Right, like I'm gonna tire myself out to help that she-cow pirate! Settling down into his seat, Black Star crossed his arms and huffed, "What's the point? Marie still hasn't gotten here and with Soul gone with Maka on a mission, and the girls talking about whatever, there's nobody here to have any fun with.

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur movie

Kid said, smirking slightly and rolling his eyes. I wonder if he went to go find that sword…" A suddenly intrigued Black Star asked "What sword? He seemed really interested. I guess he went to go look for it. I still can't believe you came all this way just to find some lame piece of metal.

If she wants to go around with her face all scrunched up like she's taking a dump, that's her business. Crona's eyes became fixed upon the sword as he stepped closer to it.

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur movie

He stopped and stared at it, admiring the quality of the blade. Annoyed, Ragnarok swatted the back of his head. When the light cleared, a strange penguin-like creature stood before Crona and Ragnarok. Not knowing what to make of the creature that stood before them, Crona scratched his head in confusion. I am the Holy Sword Excalibur and it's rude to interrupt, you shouldn't interrupt people when they're talking.

You should politely let them finish their sentences before you speak up.

Episode 17

Of course I am. Would you like to hear my legend young man? Who're you to speak up, my legend goes all the way back to the twelfth century. I will tell it to you now. We open ina slum in Brooklyn, it's snowing outside and my mother has just given birth to a healthy adult baby. I shall regale you with another tale of my youth. I shall tell you about my time spent aboard the Titanic.

I was the king of the world. This is why I can't stand weird people. I don't even know what you are! It's almost Hilarious in Hindsight considering his family includes Kid and Shinigami who also point out and are aggravated by the most trivial things. After Asura, the Big Bad of the series and a guy feared by all, was released, what were his first words? I need to cover up! Does he mean me? Free's magic trap that was supposed to keep Lord Death out of the fight for an hour but wears off after only forty minutes.

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I may have exaggerated a bit. I am a man after all; we've been known to show off somewhat. Then he meets the human-form Mizune. And who the hell is this? The combined form of five Mizunes. Even earlier, Asura has been freed, and he one-shot two of the strongest meisters.

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur movie

Cue to above-ground and we seen a group of men getting aroused and sprouting nosebleeds watching Mizune and Blair wrestle with each other which involved the guy Blair started fighting Mizune for blowing up his fish shop seemingly keep coming back from the dead to ogle at the hot ladies along with 2 fishes ALSO doing so. Blair lifting Mizune's combined form's top, which is so hilariously short it reveals almost ALL of Mizune's breasts via the open bottom.

Even his fish are dancing for joy!

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur movie

Maka only came with Black Star and the others to their basketball game because he said that she could just read a book on the sidelines. When he reveals that he lied, Maka responds by literally throwing the book at him. You said you were fine with me reading a book on the sidelines.

That's the only reason I agreed to come. What did I do? What's a "double dribble"? I mean, it sounds kinda cool Maka having to ask her dad to spend a whole day with her as punishment for losing a basketball game.

She reluctantly asks, and everything is silent for a few seconds Fun Size Ragnarok is not amused, so he tries to piss Maka off by What follows is a truly epic Maka Chop—which he blocks by using Crona as a shield. Everybody who reads it is immediately banished to "Mr. Corner" wishing they'd never been born. Gets funnier when Sid who was throughout the episode sad that Crona was scared of him randomly appears in the corner out of nowhere, wishing he never came back to life.

blackstar and death the kid meet excalibur movie

Now, keep in mind that in the people who ended up in the corner, there was: And there's Soul's reaction to Sid randomly appearing in the lineup: I wish I'd never come back to life What the hell, Sid?! When did you get in here? This exchange from Episode I detest children who shout. Shouldn't you know that by now? In Episode 31, Spirit has to mimic Lord Death to Justin since Lord Death's mask prevents Justin who's always blasting music in his ears from reading his lips.

Spirit thinks he can get away with summarizing the Grim Reaper's somewhat-long sentences. That's not what I said! Repeat it properly from now on. You're taking too long to explain it. Yeah fine, I got it. With that, Spirit not only copies each sentence perfectly, but he even perfectly mimics Lord Death's voice and mannerisms!

Adding to the humour, thi is the only time in the entire series excepting flashbacks that Lord Death uses his scary old voice talking to someone other than the Kishin Asura. Stein has Maka, Soul, Black Star, Ox, and Harvar fight him in class in order to help them learn to resonate as a group While this is going on, Arachne just sits there and keeps eating, not giving one fraction of a fuck. In the anime, Rachel's mother opens a window to try and get Arachne's spider out before Rachel!

In the mangathough, she tries to hit it with her husband's porno magazine. Medusa tries to make a deal with Death. Death and Spirit spend much of the time Reaper chopping her, talking about panties and bloomers and more or less lampshading her apparent childishness.

Soul Eater: Black Star And Kid Meet Excalibur

She is not amused. Death keeps mockingly picking her up by her hood, and she pitches a fit every time he does it. Then there's the part when Spirit and Death are discussing how to properly layer a joke, and Medusa is slowly backing away from them with a completely blank face.