Brothers ace and luffy meet

Luffy meets Ace – one piece

brothers ace and luffy meet

Oct 18, Ace and his brother, Luffy, were very close as children and remained so as pirates, even after more than three years of separation. As a child. Portgas D. Ace, born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed "Fire Fist" Ace, was the adopted older brother of Luffy and Sabo, and son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. episode 94 and his brother's name is ace. i think this was the first encounter of them in the series.

Luffy was being strangely quiet.

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Everyone knew he was different because he had lost Ace two years ago and they were separated the whole time, but he was being too quiet for their liking. Luffy was just sitting on Sunny's head; his legs crossed, hands in his lap, and staring blankly out to the sea. Every once in a while, someone would look over at him and see him shutter slightly. If you listened close enough, and somehow managed to block out the sounds of the small waves hitting their ship, you could hear Luffy almost sniffling.

A clear sign the boy was crying but trying not to show it. After a few minutes of sitting in his spot, Luffy put his infamous straw hat on his head, allowing it to shadow his eyes. He turned around and jumped down on to the deck.

What episode of One Piece does Luffy meet his brother, the flam guy?

Slowly and quietly he made his way to the kitchen. Everyone had started to ease up, believing the boy would just try to get into the fridge and steal something to eat.

But that wasn't it at all. When Luffy came back out of the kitchen, he was holding three red cups and a bottle of sake. Normally Nami, Zoro, and Sanji would have been mad — seeing as how the boy had just broke into the kitchen and took an expensive bottle of sake — but that wasn't the case. Instead they were all curious, worried even.

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Everyone knew how much Luffy hated alcohol. So why did he have it? Luffy stopped in the middle of the lawn deck and turned his head as if looking for something, his hat still covering his eyes and half his face. Slowly Luffy walked over to Robin and Chopper, who were sitting at one of the tables with Robin reading to Chopper while he was coloring something.

Robin looked up at her captain questioningly when he stopped at the table. He pointed at the marker while with his head turned slightly towards Chopper, almost as if asking for permission to use it. Chopper nodded and handed the spare marker to his captain who nodded his thanks. Luffy slowly turned back towards Sunny's figure head and went back to sitting on it.

He placed the three cups in a small circle in front of him and uncapped the marker before writing a small letter on each cup. The first having an 'A', the second having an 'S', and the last one having an 'L'. He put the cap back on the marker before putting it in his lap and opening the sake.

Slowly and carefully, he poured the sake into the cups until they were filled. He closed the bottle and placed it back in his lap before grabbing the cup with the 'L'. Luffy flinched at the sudden sound and slightly turned his head towards Nami, showing she had his attention. He didn't want to worry his friends so he thought he would lie.

His body betrayed him though and he started shaking as tears streamed down his cheeks again. The only thing saving Luffy was the fact that he had his back to his friends so they couldn't see. In an attempt to help his captain, Chopper slowly walked up to Luffy and gave him a small hug from behind. Chopper felt Luffy flinch but didn't let go. After a few moments, Luffy turned slightly and grabbed the small doctor. Chopper was surprised when Luffy gave him a hug and buried his face into the reindeer's hat.

After a few seconds, Chopper could hear Luffy crying again. The gasping of breath and feeling of shaking worried Chopper and the small doctor just hugged his captain back. A minute or so passed before Luffy let go of Chopper. You can tell us. It was the happiest day of my life Now its almost the saddest It was the day I stopped being lonely But now their gone I miss them so much Chopper looked at the cups and noticed the letters, "'ASL'? Luffy nodded, a small smile forming on his lips before fading.

It was for me and my brothers. He was my older brother He was smart, nice, fun, and strong Immediately, the small smile that was forming on Luffy's lips, fell. He died twelve years ago He was trying to escape from his parents and our island when a Celestial Dragon shot his boat and killed him. Luffy had two brothers? And now both of them were gone? Chopper was angry at himself for not knowing. But how could he have known? Luffy never mentioned him. Hell they wouldn't have known about him and Ace being brothers if they didn't run into the older in Alabasta.

Don't you mean your parents? Luffy turned his head slightly, almost forgetting the rest of the crew that was behind him. Ace and I were left by my gramps to be raised by mountain bandits so we would be strong Marines. Messed up logic, I know. Sabo was a noble who hated his parents and all other nobles. He ran away and met Ace. A few years later I came in and met them.

We were just misfits. Everyone knew those eyes. Whoever those eyes were aimed at was usually an enemy that had pissed of Luffy to no end. But the boy never showed those eyes to any of them — except maybe Robin or Franky but that was before Luffy really knew them.

Seeing Luffy look at his best friend and first mate like that meant the swordsman had touched a nerve. No one can take that away from me! They saved me from my loneliness and pain. It hurts far more than physical pain ever could They brought me away from that. We even made a vow of brotherhood. Twelve years ago today we became brothers, and I thought I'd never be lonely again. How wrong I was You all had someone to raise you correctly. Chopper and Robin are the only one's that would be able to understand.

I lived seven years in a village by myself without knowing who my parents were. Only one person truly helped me until Shanks came along. Makino wasn't my mom but she treated me like her son. Then gramps came and took me away from her to be raised by mountain bandits instead.

The first thing they told me was I had to fend for myself. They wouldn't feed me unless I worked.

brothers ace and luffy meet

They didn't care about me at all in the beginning. The only person I thought I could have a chance at getting along with was Ace and he hated me. Throw me off a bridge, roll a boulder down a cliff and run me over, break trees and make them land on me or roll them down and hope they hit me, etc.

He hated me but I kept chasing him. Eventually I started getting faster and avoided most the stuff he sent at me. I followed him to Gray Terminal and back towards the forest again. That's when I met Sabo. He even wanted to kill me because I knew where all their gold was, where their pirate fund was. Some guys were looking for them and my screams for help brought them. Ace and Sabo hid while the guys found me.

They wanted the money, bu I never told. If I told then Ace and Sabo would hate me even more and I would still be lonely. Those men tortured me. They tied me up, hung me from the ceiling, and punched me with spiked gloves. When they were about the kill me, Ace and Sabo saved me.

That night Sabo stayed with us and the bandits. Everyday we hunted and brought home dinner. Everyday we got just a little closer. Eventually, Ace told us if we exchanged sake cups, we would be brothers. He said 'When we become pirates, we might not be crewmates on the same ship but our bonds will keep us together as brothers. No matter where we are or what we do, our bond will not be broken.

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Just the three of us built it and lived in it. At the top we had our flag and an amazing view of the entire island.

But then a storm came and destroyed a good amount of it.

brothers ace and luffy meet

That storm was the first thing to ruin our happiness and started a huge chain of events that didn't end well. That's when Sabo's dad found us He forced Sabo to go back with the threat of hurting Ace and me. That was the last time we saw Sabo A few days later, Gray Terminal was burning down and Ace and I were stuck in the middle of it. Some pirates came and started yelling at us to hand over our pirate funds or else they would kill me.

Ace did as told and they turned on us. When they were about to kill me, Ace yelled at them to stop and they all fell unconscious except for the captain. He was about to kill Ace when the mountain bandits came and stopped him.

Dadan, the leader, told the mountain bandits to get me out of there as her and Ace fought. They were missing for three days. I wanted to find Ace. I knew Sabo was safe because he was in the city but nobody had heard anything from Ace or Dadan. But just as I was about to go look for them, they returned. Dadan had used herself as a shield from the flames so Ace would be safe. But both were alive.

Everyone started getting happier. But a ship was coming in, carrying a Celestial Dragon.

Portgas D. Ace

The Celestial Dragon shot Sabo's boat He killed my brother Ace snapped and had to be tied to a tree so that he wouldn't hunt down the Celestial Dragon, Saint Jalmack. The next day we got a letter. The letter was for me and Ace from Sabo. Ace was untied and he walked away with the letter. I followed him in secret and saw him stop at a cliff before he started crying.

That was the first time I ever saw him cry The next day he found me on that same cliff, crying. On Ace's left arm, he wore a Log Pose and a red and white striped bracelet around his wrist, an orange elbow guard, and his "ASCE" tattoo.

brothers ace and luffy meet

He wore a red beaded necklace and an orange hat with two blue smileysone frowning and one smiling, and a string of red beads sitting above the rim. Two long orange side straps hung down sides of his hat and met at a large medallion of a bull's skull with orange tassels. Unfortunately, Ace lost his trademark hat, which he already had when he began his journey as a pirate, on Banaro Island as a result of his duel with Blackbeard. His knife was also apparently confiscated, as he no longer had it in his next appearance as a prisoner at Impel Down.

The tattoo upon his back that he took so much pride in was later destroyed by the same blow that eventually led to his death. However, at his grave, Ace's hat and knife were placed at his tombstone — either they were retrieved, or they were duplicates in Ace's possession.

Ace was also included amongst the many characters, but while his clothes were almost identical, he boasted a very different color scheme to the one he was given in his official appearance in the anime. As a child, Ace is shown to have often worn t-shirts with two-kanji phrases on the front such as "innocence" and "violence".

On some occasions they are linked to the scene in which they were worn, like "independence" when the three brothers built their own tree house to live in. He often wore knee-length shorts and a black elbow guard on his left arm. Ace was always seen wearing dark brown, flat, slipper-like shoes, and in the winter, he wore a green cardigan over his normal clothes.