Camp rock 2 shane and michie meet joe

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camp rock 2 shane and michie meet joe

Starring: Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Alyson Stoner, Review: Two years after their fateful meeting at Camp Rock (), sunny singer- songwriter Michie Torres (Demi Lovato), her rock star boyfriend Shane Grey (Joe Jonas) With Camp Rock on the verge of collapse, plucky Michie rallies the kids. Followed by, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. Camp Rock is a Disney Channel Original Movie directed by Matthew Diamond and starring Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Meaghan Martin, and the song recording. The entire Camp sing We Rock. Backstage, Mitchie and Shane reconcile, and agree to meet next summer. Camper (Camp Rock 1, briefly in Camp Rock 2) Soon, Mitchie meets Shane Gray, who was an obnoxious and rude rockstar, who was sent to the camp by . Demi and Joe Jonas' onscreen relationship continued into real life, but only briefly.

Her outfits are comprised of calm and earthy colors, such as blue, purple, green and red. Mitchie's wardrobe slowly becomes more outgoing as she matures throughout her summer at Camp Rock. In the second film, Mitchie's appearance is altered almost dramatically due to her more extroverted personality and asserted independence.

Her hair is now black, slightly trimmed and less straight, and her bangs are now parted on either side, showing more of her now confident face. Her sense of fashion also changed.

camp rock 2 shane and michie meet joe

She now equips a variety of brightly colored sundresses, tops, sweaters, jeans, jackets and some new shoes expressing a less restricted sense of fashion and a new sense of assurance. She has moved from earthy colors to more vibrant and energetic hues, such as yellow, orange, white, and red. One thing that hasn't changed much is her radiant smile, although it is now seen more often.

Personality When first introduced, Mitchie is shy, insecure, and easily influenced by others, especially the criticism and expectations of Tess. Although she was quite aware of her talent for music, she kept it to herself, and did nearly anything possible to get out of performing in front of an audience, or even a single friend.

However, Mitchie finally builds up the courage to perform her original song, " This is Me " at Final Jam, and her overall confidence gradually begins to improve.

camp rock 2 shane and michie meet joe

In the second film, Mitchie's personality is the complete opposite of what was in the original film. She is now openly comedic, outspoken, loud, and very involved in camp leaderships and preparations. Mitchie is bold and confident, and unafraid to speak her mind or contribute new ideas. Talents In the first film, it is revealed quite early that Mitchie is a talented singer, dreaming of attending Camp Rock.

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It is later revealed that Mitchie writes her own songs in a small yellow manuscript book, and is able to play both the guitar and piano. Mitchie mostly composes songs in the pop rock genres. Mitchie and Caitlyn reconcile. Shane spreads the word that he is searching for a girl with "the voice. Shane thinks that Mitchie deceived him just to use him and Mitchie is forced out of Tess's group.

camp rock 2 shane and michie meet joe

Final Jam arrives and everyone is ready for performances. Peggy and Ella confront Tess and leave her group.

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After that, Tess performs "2 Stars" and realizes her mom is attending, however she stumbles when her mom has to step out for a call. During the song, Mitchie and Caitlyn realize they can perform and run to the stage. As Brown announces the end of Final Jam, the spotlights turn on and he allows Mitchie to perform saying he knew that they would catch on: Mitchie performs " This Is Me ", which Shane realizes as the voice and soon joins in. While hiding under the canoe You wanna know what I wanna be?

The kind of guy who can tell you how he really feels.

Mitchie Torres

I'm still an idiot Shane: I do not own this video, or its content. This video is for promotion purposes only. All rights go to the Walt Disney Company. Please don't delete this!

Shane Gray

Dana hits Nate's -pretty- eyes: And then Jason mocks him. There's no way I'm staying in this bonfire Dana: Hey pouty boy, you better hurry.

The bonfire's about to start Nate: We should probably go and take our seats. I think they're about to start Dana: You can keep it if you want: Yes, I wanna keep it. You have pretty eyes too. I'm an idiot Shane: