Do dirk and dave meet

Did Dave ever meet Dirk's Glasses? : homestuck

do dirk and dave meet

Dave got to finally meet the kids John ectobiologically made. I was like ' Someone needs to make a fanfiction about this' So I did. Summary- Dave finally meets Dirk and just wants to pretend he can see his brother again. Because that conversation would have sounded like it was from * A Space Odyssey.*. some thoughts about dave and dirk In my last post I talked about how finally see Dave and Roxy meet, even though there wasn't the same build up for it as But even then, Bro did a lot of things that made both Dave and his.

But in a weird way, it does make some sense that Bro would hide everything from Dave, especially if you take it back to shame. What was Dave brought up to think about homosexuality?

do dirk and dave meet

The narrative even acknowledges that Texas, in the time Jake is alive which is also the time Dave and Bro were living around is known for being homophobic. It makes sense that you might want to suppress whatever deep emotional things about you make you an outsider, like your homosexuality.

If Dirk has some reluctance to use the term, and he is living in an age with literally one other human, imagine how much Bro wanted to distance himself from anything to do with it.

do dirk and dave meet

And we know that Dirk has that worry. He worries that if his Bro, alpha! Dave, knew about his sexuality, he would be like the loud voices in his time and decry Dirk instead of supporting him.

When Dave finds out that Dirk is gay, I am positive his initial reaction is going to be something akin to hysteria.

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Because Bro took such extreme measures to never have Dave find that sort of thing out about him. But there is hope, because once Dave gets over the initial shock, he is going to express some kind of support. Dirk also shows a higher degree of ninja speed than previously expected, as he is able to not only predict but counter all of Dave's attacks ahead of time at one point, making it appear that he is fighting when it's really just an after-image that Dave battles while Bro waits safely on the sidelines.

do dirk and dave meet

Dirk is the only guardian to blatantly attack his charge. During the Final Round of his battle against Dave, he defeats Dave in one slash, cleaving Dave's cheap piece of shit sword in two as well as destroying Lil Cal in the process. He owns a red, flame-patterned Rocket Board that is propelled by small rockets. It has a similar design to John's Rocket Pack and other rocket equipment in the trolls ' session.

Dirk flies away on the board after defeating Dave. Bro helps Dave with his entrance to the Medium. As Dave tries to get back the Cruxite EggDirk buys him time by cutting the giant meteor heading for Dave in two.

do dirk and dave meet

As Dave falls, he is saved by Dirk's hoverboard and the egg hatches, sending them to the Medium. In the Medium Edit Within the Medium, Dirk has been seen taking on and presumably wrecking the shit of a massive tentacled underling.

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They battle upon the giant Beat Mesaand they seem almost matched in power. Dirk plunges his sword into the platform, causing it to crack. It is later revealed that he most likely attempted to initiate the scratch. Dirk fighting Jack Noir on the Scratch construct. Davesprite notes that Dirk is impossible to keep track of, and Terezi says that Dave never sees him between his entry to the Medium and the scratch.

Dirk uses Dave's second gate to get to John's housestealing back his rocket board. Jack removes Dirk's sword from the platform and returns it to him in the Land of Wind and Shade. The two of them begin to duel, but to Jack's surprise he attacks him with Lil Caland Davesprite joins the battle. Jack is enraged, possibly due to being denied a proper duel, and proceeds to set the oil rivers of LOWAS on fire.

Dirk and Lil Cal. After Jade's entry to the Medium, Jack Noir's fourth prototyping unfortunately allows him to kill Dirk and injure Davesprite with ease.

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He puts on Dirk's shades and takes Lil Cal. Interestingly, Dirk is impaled with his own sword, which goes through his chest and into the floor of the platform he was on, indicating Jack killed him while he was already down as well as echoing Dirk's previous actions where he absconded with his sword impaled in the Beat Mesa.

do dirk and dave meet

Dave also said when he found Dirk's body, he thought about taking the sword, but felt it was too weird and decided to leave it where it was. Although later, in a conversation with Terezi, he claims it would be easier and cleaner to take out horizontally and launches off of it in a attempt to prove it and then just lays there with his shades aside, presumably in his form of mourning.

Personality and Traits Edit Dirk giving Dave his first pair of sunglasses.

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Dirk is obsessed with puppets and has decorated his apartment with them.