Earl and fairy lydia kelpie first meet

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earl and fairy lydia kelpie first meet

Earl & fairy || Edgar x lydia x kelpie - tag you're it. shiranuii chan. Loading Unsubscribe from shiranuii chan? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Despite his aggressiveness, Kelpie genuinely loves and cares for Lydia, and comforts her When Edgar first meets Kelpie, he takes an instant dislike to the fairy. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Lydia C., Edgar A., Raven, Kelpie - Chapters: 10 Who said I didn't own Earl and Fairy?!.

earl and fairy lydia kelpie first meet

Why, a chaotic mess of course! Follow Alice's and Scarlett's adventure as they experience romance and fantasy with the original cast of Earl and Fairy!

earl and fairy lydia kelpie first meet

Welcome to our first story together! Critiques are always welcomed, but flamers will feel my wrath…. Other than that, pls enjoy the story! We'll be updating every weeks? Or whenever jc feels like getting her butt off the couch Jc: For your information, I have a very nice butt on the couch Animepup: We don't own anything except our own characters!

Who said I didn't own Earl and Fairy?! In my own world, I own everything Animepup: Even if you can't see them, they exist! No matter how many times you tell them I took the post card, "Hey, look Lydia! It's a postcard from your dad! He is inviting us to London! Huskley will think when he comes back and sees you reading a newspaper? I'm tired of pretending to be a normal cat. Besides, he was rather rude to a lady such as yourself" Nico is quite stubborn but I agreed with him on this one. Nico goes back to his newspaper.

A larcenist, who stole a great sum of money, is on the loose in London! He's a German accused of murdering a hundred people and committing serial larceny in America. In his early twenties, blond I'll show you to the room the professor has prepared for you.

He'd normally invest his money into his research, right away. Since he prepared it and all I walk up and open the door I can't talk and all He's a villain's underling. Bad things will happen to you if you leave things as they are right now. Just like what happened to me While Lydia calmly questions the man, I spin around to glare at mine.

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Ulysses didn't even look at her and barely even acknowledges her. She nodded grimly as she disappeared. Allow me t—" Her protests were cut off by Edgar's concerned one. Lydia glared at him as hard as she could muster. I'm your Fairy Doctor and I can help.

earl and fairy lydia kelpie first meet

Edgar looked at her with concerned and sad eyes. Lydia looked down sadly as she putted both her hands in her chest, a tear starting to form in her green eyes. I'll come back with Raven…" He hesitated. She looked at him with full of hope as she watched his back. She tried to smile as she nodded once, gaining back her confidence. Raven uses his knife to stub one of the prince's men in the back, making him cry in pain. His emotionless face stayed put as he concentrated on killing his enemies and made sure of Lord Edgar and Lydia-sans safety.

He jumped as he ran, suddenly appearing in front on one of his opponents, making him jump in surprise, in just a second, he was faced by death. Edgar gritted his teeth as he tries to fasten his pace and went to Ravens side, beads of sweat falling behind his smooth pale cheeks.

Raven glanced at him for a second before proceeding on killing. Edgar tightened his fist as he glared at the dark figure standing on one of the large glass windows.

Raven glanced at him as he finishes all his opponents, making it all too easy for him, falling dead bodies landed on the dirty ground. Edgar started walking as he headed at the entrance of the mansion. Determination written all over his face, his hands hanging beside him, Raven followed behind.

You must protect Lydia at any cost. Raven nodded again, wearing a blank face. He had known Edgar for-who-knows-when; He knew that Edgar dearly wants to kill the Prince who had murdered his whole family since he was a small kid. Edgar cares nothing but to his revenge, he's even ready to face death at any place and any when, but, he soon starts to change, when he meets the kind-hearted fairy doctor he hired to help him find the Sword of Merrow. When he was with Lydia, Raven notices the changes of his appearance and attitude.

He once heard Edgar promises Lydia that he will live for her, and that makes him more at ease. Edgar sighed hopefully as he made his first step in front of the mansion. The place is in a complete mess, webs and dust were all over the dark place, not very suitable for a Prince.

Edgar moved his eyes to observe his surroundings as he clenched his fists. Raven mirrored his actions. They were actually face to face with the Prince himself. Edgar shook his head. I must not think to end my life like this.

Ashenbert, my supposed successor. The Prince snorted in annoyance. Raven stood on his fighting stance, alarmed.

earl and fairy lydia kelpie first meet

The said man appeared behind him. The Prince continued, smiling slyly. Ulysses smirked once he glanced at Edgar, seeing his frightened state.

Edgar greeted his teeth, not taking this any longer as he thought about Lydia leaving there helplessly without protection; he glanced at Raven by the corner of his eyes. He can't just order Raven to find her for they were all in not a nice situation. Maybe Kelpie or Nico can help but where are they?

A sweat rolled down in his smooth face. The Prince started again. The Prince scratches his chin, he seems to like to mock Edgar, it's so wonderful—he thought. Raven dashed towards Ulysses to kill him but was blocked by a dark wolf that protected him. Raven stayed emotionless and unmoved. Raven once again attempt to attack Ulysses and the Prince but was blocked with more dark figures, making him walk backwards.

Ulysses smirked in reply. She must find Kelpie, he can help. She frowned as she kept on running, catching her breath. She stopped when she see a blurred figure not far away, curious to who it was. She wrinkled her forehead as she blew her bangs that covered the half part of her face.

She started to walk but careful this time, surely not to be noticed. Taking that it was a woman because of her thin voice, she calmed down a bit but still alert. She walk a little closer as she finally see who it was, but luck was not in her side today, she stepped into a twig making a loud 'crack' earning the Selkie's attention.

She quickly hid behind the big old tree, her heart beats fast. The woman suddenly disappeared. Lydia looked behind the tree to search for the selkie's trace. The Selkie she saw earlier was now behind her back and a knife on her neck. Lydia seems to be brave as she has her confidence back as she asks the Selkie.

He would never need a helpless sheep like you.

Earl & fairy -- Edgar x lydia x kelpie - tag you're it

Lydia is a bitch. Lydia seems to be affected by her words as a tear started to form in her large cute eyes. Ermine raised her head to look at the intruder, she gritted in irritation when she found out who it was.

Ermine widened her eyes; her guard was down making it easy for Kelpie to hit her.

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She flew away as Kelpie transformed into his human form and catching Lydia in time before her fragile body touches the ground. Lydia tries to open her eyes but wasn't successful enough and darkness envelope her again. Kelpie cursed and raised his head to look at Ermine. Ermine wipe the blood off her lips by the back of her hand as she tried to stand up. Staring at the man who was holding her supposed to be captured fairy doctor. Kelpie puts Lydia down as gently as he could and glared at Ermine.

Ermine dodged all his attacks as she swings into her left, avoiding his punch. Ermine jumped into the trees to avoid more of his attacks. Kelpie cursed as he transported back into his human form. Lydia opens her eyes slowly as she tries to refocus her blur vision.