Falesha and jacqueline meet

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falesha and jacqueline meet

The guys make it to Falesha's house and meet her mom Christy. Max says this is not their usual story and calls it a copy catfish. She says she. In , Perrier, then 33, was recovering from a terrible breakup that left her watching The Notebook on repeat — until she met a strapping. The guys learn more about the "copycatfish" Jacqueline Linkwood once they meet up with Falesha. They show up at her house and formally.

The hook Immediately, Nev went about inventing new words to add to the Catfish lexicon and came up with the term "copycatfish", which was about the full extent of effort he and Max put into this week's investigation.

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Falesha had already figured out that Jacqueline was female, as she used to call her; her mum had then tracked the number to Maryland. After firing off a couple of emails to people who were in contact with Jacqueline, one girl called Jennifer who had been hounded by the fake profile got in contact and revealed she had already gone behind enemy lines and created a virtual honeytrap.

falesha and jacqueline meet

She'd created a fake profile using pics of her hot friend to seduce Jacqueline online and then managed to convince her to give her login details so "Trevor" could write gushy messages on her wall. I know kids are into weird stuff these days, but I had no idea giving out your password was the equivalent of wearing his letterman jacket. Jennifer had already found out what Jacqueline's real name was Tracey and then changed all the settings so she couldn't log back in. Other than doing all the legwork, this is all she's got, Nev.

Eventually Nev and Max pulled their fingers out and managed to find the energy to Google Tracey's name, which lead them to a Facebook account that had her phone number on it.

Was the case closed? Should Jennifer join the Catfish investigation team? In a quaint little tavern, Nev and Max presented Jennifer's findings as though they were their own to Falesha and a couple of her friends, who confirmed she was a nice girl. Which kinda begs the question as to why so many people readily believed she was capable of dissing others and talking about her poopy vagina online, but I guess that's neither here nor there.

Nev gave Falesha a call, and managed to make contact with the most excited catfish ever.

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Instead of being evasive, Tracey breathlessly confirmed she was indeed 'Jacqueline Linkwood' and giggled like a year-old girl for a good ten minutes. There's no nice way of saying this: Falesha was a little bit cuckoo.

falesha and jacqueline meet

Nev was unsetlled and recounted the phone call to Falesha, who thought she sounded a bit scary. Nonetheless, she was still keen to meet the girl who made her teenage years so awful.

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The catch Tracey had already owned up to the fake profile, so what else was there to see? A whole load of wrong, that was what.

Tracey turned about to be a tween stuck in a year-old's body, complete with annoying Valley Girl accent, hair twirling, "Oh my gooood"s and "whatever"s. She was absolutely stoked to have Nev and Max on her doorstep, but not so much Falesha. Peering over Nev's shoulder, she looked like a toddler confronted with broccoli for the first time as she said of Falesha, "I don't like her.

She stole all of Jacqueline Linkwood's friends". Falesha and Tracey were the same age, but light years apart in personality. Falesha remained cool and collected as Tracey remained relatively chipper and declared she was proud of what she had done. Max's bullshit detector went into overdrive, prompting him to ask "Is this all an act right now? She should not be working with children.

Tracey claimed she had created the fake profiles after being bullied herself, and was inspired by Miley Cyrus's alter-ego Hannah Montana into living another life online; by day, crazy Tracey, by night evil fucking cow Jacqueline. She bullied people back who bullied her for calling her out as a fake. Seriously, bitch be cray-cray. When Nev told her that lots of people were still distrustful of Falesha because of Tracey's actions, she shrugged nonchalantly and said she deserved it because she was popular already and then ruined her fake profile.

In what was probably the best moment on Catfish history even more than the Dad Killer episodeMax asked "Are you on drugs? She says she got a friend request from Jacqueline and says she would go through and make nasty comments on her photos. She says then people started telling her she was fake. She says she wanted to trap her and made a fake guy profile and started flirting with her. She says she asked her for her log in and she gave it to her.

She says she got into her account and figured out her real name is Tracey. She says she changed all the settings on the account then closed it.

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They call Jennifer a cyber vigilante for catfishing the catfish. They also get a phone number. They agree to meet with Falesha to fill her in tomorrow. The guys call Falesha and make a plan to meet up with her and some of her friends. They meet Randi and Tori who were around when this all went down.

Tori says she found her in the bathroom bawling her eyes out. Nev tells them about Jennifer and Danielle that they talked to yesterday. Nev says they need to make contact with her. Nev goes to call Tracey.

Nev asks to meet up with her. He says her profile has affected a lot of people. He asks if he can meet her. He says it will be him, Max and Falesha. She asks if Falesha will jump her and he says no.

She agrees and says tomorrow is her birthday. He comes back inside and Nev says that Tracey is very cheerful and admitted right away that she was Jacqueline and was laughing and carefree. They decide to take a road trip and pick up Falesha at her place. Nev asks if she avoids confrontation. She says yes and especially because of all the drama tied to her name because of this person.

Tracey texts Nev her address and they head out to her house. Max says Tracey needs to understand how many people she hurt. He peeks in the window and sees her then knocks on the door. She answers the door and he introduces Falesha. Tracey greets them then giggles insanely. She says this is so cool.

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She says she works with kids and they love her. Nev asks why she created the profile. She says she was bored with her life and it was like Miley and Hannah.

falesha and jacqueline meet

She says she came home from school and was Jacqueline instead of Tracey. Max asks what she did as Jacqueline instead of Tracey. She says she got revenge for the people who bullied her.

She says she thinks Falesha deserves this for thinking she was hot and model. She says Jacqueline was a real person and then Falesha ruined it.

She says bullying people online helped her. Max asks what if someone she bullied killed themselves. Max says this seems pointless. She asks if Falesha will say happy birthday to her as they leave. Nev says she seems to be a mirror like the Miley and Hanna thing. We see Tracey using the camera they left and talking crazy. Max wakes Nev and tells him he has morning face. Nev says — meh. Nev says she has turned off her real emotions. They wonder if they will have more luck with her mom.

They go talk to Falesha about what they can do and to try and get her mom to help get through with her. They agree to go over and give it a try. They wonder how the mother will be. Tracey lets them inside and they meet Dorcus, her mom, who is from Ghana.

falesha and jacqueline meet

Dorcus says she likes attention. Dorcus says her son is in the hospital and collapsed at school. Nev introduces Falesha and says that Jacqueline was taking her photos and Falesha says she was telling people to kill themselves.

Doruc tells her daughter not to talk to people like that. Dorcus tells her to says sorry and her daughter laughs and says no. Nev says her daughter is out of control.

She says he had a stroke and never got better.