Finn and fionna meet fanfiction

Ooo, meet Aaa Chapter 1, an adventure time with finn and jake fanfic | FanFiction

finn and fionna meet fanfiction

After an accident, Finn and Jake wake up to finding their female doubles, Fionna and Cake. And after meeting each other, Jake and Cake think. Fionna and Cake had recently destroyed the Ice queen's tiara, so they Finn nodded and got up before Jake regretted going to Marceline's. Adventure Time Two Finn Meets Fionna. Chapter 1 Warp. By: Major Disclaimer: I do not own Adventure Time. This is just a story for fun.

The male Marceline proudly put a hand on his hip and cocked his head to the side, saying smugly, "I'm Marshall Lee, the Vampire King. Marshall hissed at her, "You can't be the queen if I'm king! Finn, Jake, and their female doubles all looked at the vampire duo and then at each other. Jake growled at the cat, and the cat hissed at him in response. Why didn't you listen to me? Marceline turned to the boys and she hissed, "Yeah guys, why did you ignore me when I told you it'd only be trouble?

He finally noticed she had a bunny hat on. Then the two looked at each other and their eyes shimmered. Finn and Fionna felt their cheeks burn with heat, lost in a turmoil of emotions. I shall write more. We have compared scientific notes and notes comparing our worlds. His is similar to ours! We don't know how it might affect anything and we don't know how long it will stay open.

finn and fionna meet fanfiction

We assumed he formed it with shards of magical ice and teleporter fluid. It opened a portal between his dimension and ours. It could be completely unstable. Bubblegum though for a second and grabbed a piece of paper and pen. She wrote, "Bubba, My friend Marceline is going to attempt to cross. Are your preparations ready? Gumball explained about the girl he corresponded with, and how their worlds seemed similar, when a note came through the mirror-like door.

The grin faded and he took a pen. He wrote on the back of the note. Marshall Lee, Fionna, and Cake are here" He put the note back into the mirror-like door. He looked up to see the bewilderment in his friends faces and he just grinned. She saw the note fall back to the ground and Marceline's mouth just hung open as she read the note and held it up for Finn and Jake to see. She then turned to face Marceline "You'll see.

Without fear, the vampire queen walked up to the mirror-like door and stuck out a hand. She entered slowly until she was gone. Finn gasped and looked at Jake who did the same.

They looked at Bubblegum's weak worried smile and feared for Marceline.

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The group gawked as they saw a gray-ish pale arm come through the mirror-like door and then a body. Out came a girl, with long black hair, it was so long she could step on it! She was floating like Marshall.

She was wearing a gray tank top, skinny jeans, and cowboy boots. She was holding a red Axe-bass that looked just like Marshall's. When she saw them, her eyes went wide. Marceline the Vampire Queen and don't wear it out.

Nice to Meet Me Chapter 1, an adventure time with finn and jake fanfic | FanFiction

As soon as she said 'Vampire Queen', everyone looked at Marshall. She looked down to see the boy's bass. They looked into each other's eyes. Marceline stuck out her hand and Marshall took it, they jumped as both felt a jolt of electricity shoot through them.

She then looked past his shoulder to Fionna and Cake. To you, the gum is sold! Fionna and Cake cheered and ran home as fast as they could. She tore the wrapper off of a piece of gum and split it in half.

finn and fionna meet fanfiction

She handed one half to Cake and stuck the other in her mouth. The girls both blew a bubble at the same exact time. A white light flashed around Fionna's face. She stumbled backwards and fell to the ground.

finn and fionna meet fanfiction

She rubbed her eyes then opened them. She was in the same exact place she was before.

finn and fionna meet fanfiction

This was a rip-off! She spit the gum out on the ground. Fionna rolled her eyes, still chewing the gum. Cake is so predictable. Whenever she gets upset she goes and plays Beemo, she thought to herself. She was disappointed though.

finn and fionna meet fanfiction

She pulled her bunny hat off and laid back, letting the summer sun warm her. She closed her eyes and crossed her arms under her head. She heard two screams, spit her gum out, and jumped into action.

Fionna said in her head. She peaked around at the front door to see Cake and a strange dog holding a viola. I've lived in this house with Cake since I was 9.