Finn and jake meet marceline

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finn and jake meet marceline

Marceline eventually comes into contact with Finn and Jake when she forces them from their home. Following this, Marceline tricks Finn into becoming her. In "Daddy's Little Monster", Marceline asks Finn and Jake if they want to party . As an avid trickster, Marceline cannot resist scaring Jake whenever they meet. Nov 27, Finn nodded and got up before Jake regretted going to Marceline's since Jake is usually afraid of her. The two adventurers walked in the rain.

She also reveals to Finn and Jake her history with him, meaning that she is not ashamed to have an affiliation with the Ice King. She sacrifices Hambo just so he can revisit his lost love for a short time to tell her he loves her.

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In " The Empress Eyes ", Marceline tries to protect the Ice King from The Empressa Vampire who had hypnotized Simon and turned him into her thrall sometime before he completely succumbed to the ice crown. Marceline also reveals that Simon was the main reason she began hunting Vampires, and it is suggested that she fought The Empress in the past in order to free Simon from her control.

Despite previously following The Empress' orders and protecting her, the Ice King refuses to kill Marceline when The Empress commands him to.

finn and jake meet marceline

Marceline eventually kills The Empress with the help of Princess Bubblegum. In " Take Her Back ", while suffering from the effects of the scorpion envenomation she received from her battle with The HierophantMarceline has a dream where a slightly older version of herself visits Simon who is living happily with Betty. Finn Though they were initially enemies, Finn and Marceline soon befriend one another.

Even when Marceline acts as a bully in her debut episode, " Evicted! Both Marceline and Finn share the same spark for adventure and love of danger and excitement. Marceline is very good friends with Finn, who she seems to trust and is very comfortable being around. One of the reasons Finn and Marceline befriend each other is that Finn saved Marceline's life in " Henchman " when Jake exposed her to the sunlight and threw garlic at her in a misguided attempt to help Finn.

Although they were friends, Marceline still seemed to care about her Ax bass more than him, as seen in "It Came from the Nightosphere. They go to the movies together, but only as friends. More recently, Marceline has expressed that she does indeed care for Finn's well being. This is exemplified in " Heat Signature ", where she becomes more protective of Finn when her ghost friends take pranking him and Jake too far on what started as a harmless "vampire initiation.

In the same episode, Finn sees Marceline naked as she is about to take a shower, resulting in Finn being very flustered. Also, in the episode, Marceline forgives them for sneaking into her house even though she says not to. After hearing this, she jests to Finn that she doesn't want to hang out with him anymore. In " Bad Little Boy ", Marceline tells a story centered on the interaction between her male-counterpart, Marshall Leeand Finn's female-counterpart, Fionna.

It is possible that she based the story on her own interaction with Finn. Even though Marceline claimed she only likes Finn as a friend, Marshall Lee seemed to think Fionna liked him more than that.

It is also possible that Marceline wrote it as a love story only to please the other princesses, but the former statement could hint at Marceline's feelings for Finn. She shows that they still have the same friendship they did in previous seasons, backing up that she was only jesting about not wanting to hang out anymore. Marceline and Finn seem like very close friends in the early seasons, in the most recent seasons, they are still most definetly allies, but they're bond seems less strong than it was in the early episodes featuring Marceline.

However, they still remain friends Jake Marceline scaring Jake in her wolf form As an avid trickster, Marceline cannot resist scaring Jake whenever they meet. As he has a completely rational fear of vampires, Marceline often teases Jake and intentionally horrifies him when the chance is given. This perpetual bullying comes back to haunt Marceline, however, when Jake refuses to believe in her generally wholesome ways and nearly fatally wounds her in "Henchman.

Later in the season however, Jake gets over his fear, and he is often seen hanging out with Finn and Marceline as friends. He later considers himself a friend though, as evidenced in " Memory of a Memory ". In the beginning of the episode, Rag Wizard informs Finn and Jake that Marceline is the one in trouble, and Jake begins to run faster.

Later, when they run into the young Marceline and she asks who they are, Finn says "We're Finn and Jake! In Season 5, they still seem to be friends. She repeatedly mentioned, or tried, drinking Jake's blood, and later Jake tried to eat Marceline before she could eat him. At the end of the episode though, they appeared to be on good terms as they were before and have been since.

Princess Bubblegum Girlfriend Marceline and Princess Bubblegum arguing in "What was Missing" According to the original series pitch document, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum were intended to have a "friendly rivalry. The two are shown to be able to clash easily, as seen in " What Was Missing ", when Marceline sings " I'm Just Your Problem " to Princess Bubblegum, and spits on her jacket in the midst of a heated argument.

In the same episode, it is revealed that Princess Bubblegum's stolen item is a t-shirt that Marceline gave to her some time ago. Bubblegum says that the shirt means a lot to her and she reveals that she sleeps in it. It is then revealed that Marceline herself had not even had an item stolen from her, but had been there solely for the company of those present. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline's friendship is further explored in the comic Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queensin which Bubblegum becomes the manager of Marceline's band.

However, the events expressed here may or may be not canon. It is also shown that she has a picture of them in her closet, further indicating that she harbors sentimental feelings for Marceline. Later in the episode, Marceline flies into Princess Bubblegum's castle to ask her to help her find the eponymous sky witch, Maja. The Princess agrees to go with Marceline, who then flies her quickly out of the window and the Candy Kingdom.

Bubblegum refers to Marceline as a "friend" when trying to get her to relax and pass through Maja's barriers.

finn and jake meet marceline

Although initially bemused when learning that Marceline has taken her to retrieve Hambo, the Princess softens as she realizes how important the teddy bear is to Marceline. Upon discovering that Maja is willing to fight to keep Hambo, Bubblegum barters for Marceline's most beloved treasure by offering her most beloved treasure: Bubblegum gives Marceline Hambo and the two are shown flying away, Bubblegum clinging to her back.

It was revealed in "Time Sandwich" that the two were on good terms with each other, as the two did not argue or show any discomfort around each other. This did not break the two up, as shown in " Princess Day ", where both were texting each other on their phones. Marceline had invited Bubblegum to ditch the event, but the invitation is rejected as she wants to finish a crossword puzzle.

She is surprised to find that the King of Ooo is in Bubblegum's bed and that Bubblegum has been exiled from the Candy Kingdom. When she finds Bubblegum, Marceline is upset that she was uninformed about the exile. This suggests that Marceline cares deeply about Bubblegum and expects to be kept up-to-date on Bubblegum's life. Marceline states that she and Bubblegum often hung out down in the mines, before Bonnie got too busy being the Princess of the Candy Kingdom.

They eventually come upon a graffiti tag Marceline made Bubblegum write when they used to hang out in the mines. When they are back in the Princess' cabin, Bubblegum confides that she has been "crazy tired" for a long time, but Bubblegum still insists that she must watch for more varmints.

Marceline tells PB to worry about the varmints tomorrow, and that she will look out for them throughout the night. Bubblegum agrees to rest, but only if Marceline promises to wake her up in fifteen minutes.

The episode ends with Bubblegum resting her head on Marceline's shoulder. This episode shows that Marceline and Princess Bubblegum have a long and complex relationship. The end of the episode shows that their relationship has become very trusting and caring, as Bubblegum trust Marceline to wake her.

He is in his lab. I'll let Prince Gumball know of your arrival. After a few minutes they heard fast paced foots steps around the corner. They entered a yellow and white with pink room filled with test tubes and other sciences stuff. He pointed to where a large mirror-like frame about as tall as Marshall Lee was by the wall. The frame looked like a door to an even pinker part of a lab. What's so exiting about that? Gumball shook his head. When I was experimenting on the liquid for my teleporter, I tripped over one and the liquid fell all over the floor.

The shards and the hot liquid mixed, and it formed a mirror like plate. I was amazed at the combination and wanted to study it so I put it on the frame it now rests in.

Marceline the Vampire Queen

It was like a scratch. After countless hours of experimenting and tinkering, I found a way to make the scratch bigger. And now look at it. Gumball laughed, "Touch it. Marshall sighed and decided to humor the prince. He lightly touched the surface to see it jiggle. Arriving at Bubblegum's castle, the two teens and the dog were greeted by a grinning Bubblegum.

I was going to send for you. You'll never guess what happened! She led the group to her lab.

Marceline's relationships

Upon entering her lab, she pointed excitedly to a door-like frame that showed a yellow with white and pink room. Bubblegum shook her head and laughed, "Well, a couple of nights ago I was working in my lab when that door just magically appeared. It jiggled like jelly. I put a finger through and it went right through!

I don't know what came over me but I wrote a letter. It said 'Is anybody there? I was about to give up getting a reply when a note came through. It said 'Are you in there? We have compared scientific notes and notes comparing our worlds. His is similar to ours! We don't know how it might affect anything and we don't know how long it will stay open.

We assumed he formed it with shards of magical ice and teleporter fluid. It opened a portal between his dimension and ours.

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It could be completely unstable. Bubblegum though for a second and grabbed a piece of paper and pen.

Adventure Time - Evicted (Preview)

She wrote, "Bubba, My friend Marceline is going to attempt to cross. Are your preparations ready? Gumball explained about the girl he corresponded with, and how their worlds seemed similar, when a note came through the mirror-like door. The grin faded and he took a pen. He wrote on the back of the note. Marshall Lee, Fionna, and Cake are here" He put the note back into the mirror-like door. He looked up to see the bewilderment in his friends faces and he just grinned.

She saw the note fall back to the ground and Marceline's mouth just hung open as she read the note and held it up for Finn and Jake to see. She then turned to face Marceline "You'll see. Without fear, the vampire queen walked up to the mirror-like door and stuck out a hand. She entered slowly until she was gone.

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Finn gasped and looked at Jake who did the same.