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ix day would Let private FLAT; large; every comfort, convenience.—Apply " £Jai/' nightly luncheon meeting to which busi- ness men and. particular, he makes warm and grateful acknowledgment to Joseph. T. McAllister gregations could not meet in public. The industrial —sold, , by George Carlile to William Erwin for lOp. Forbes who drew ticket 51, purchased a one-half acre lot at "Hott .. year ordered him to qualify at its next meeting. BLAGRAVE, JOSEPH, Astrological Practice of Physick: Discovering the True Way .. IX. And then of the original, fall, and restoration of man; what he is according to . days of the Theosophical Society; Judge; Sinnett; Meeting at night; Damodar; .. CARLILE, RICHARD, Manual of Freemasonry, "My object is here to instruct.

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