Georgia parks and recreation state swim meet maryland

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georgia parks and recreation state swim meet maryland

5 days ago Janice began working for the Carrollton Parks, and Recreation Department in November Maryland in with a B.A. degree in Recreation and Spanish. Her children were active members of the Bluefin Swim Team for 10 years. She graduated from the State University of West Georgia with a. This is a list of meter diving platforms in the United States. The 10 meter dive has been an 10 meter diving platforms in the U.S. include (by state then city): 10 meter platform, University Center Swimming Pool, University of Miami · Coral Gables, Tualatin Hills Aquatic Center, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District. Georgia's Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan Philip C. Watt, M.D.. Philip A. Wilheit, Jr. GRPA state swim meet; Dalton generated $ million by hosting a 4-week senior softball tournament; and Cobb County.

He will help teachers and other students in any way without hesitation. In she watched The Loretta Claiborne story and noticed a message from Special Olympics at the end about getting involved.

georgia parks and recreation state swim meet maryland

Inshe signed up to participate and byshe had really hit the ground running! She also became a Unified partner for swimming and was one of the visionaries behind the Columbus Aquatics Invitational, which is now on its 4th consecutive year.

But, she wanted to do more. She has an unmatched dedication to serving people with intellectual disabilities and we are lucky to have her as part of our Special Olympics Georgia family! When Dakota competes, he brings positive energy to the playing field. His smile is contagious, and his excitement for Special Olympics Georgia radiates to everyone around him.

Not only is Dakota a Special Olympics Georgia athlete, he is also a real life cowboy. Dakota participates in rodeo and likes to hunt, fish and ride four-wheelers.

Special Olympics Georgia has been a blessing to Dakota. He credits his coach, Tammy Crosby, for his involvement and helping him along the way.

Volunteer of the Month — Lindsay Wolfe As the wife of a police officer, and the mother of three beautiful girls, Lindsay Wolf knows the true meaning of selflessness. She brings enthusiasm and a positive attitude to each Special Olympics Georgia event, practice and competition. Lindsay has volunteered with Special Olympics Georgia sinceand over the last 10 years, she has coached several sports including bowling, basketball, soccer, softball and bocce.

Lindsay has dedicated her life to caring for and supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities, both on and off the playing field. She is passionate about ensuring that her athletes are afforded the same opportunities as others to experience the life-changing power of sports.

These athletes are learning so much more than how to throw a ball or swing a bat. They are gaining confidence, picking up life lessons and improving their social skills, all while developing a love for a sport. As a coach, she is master of both motivation and education, breaking down complex skills into simpler tasks and encouraging individuals to learn and progress at their own pace.

She has also shown a tremendous ability to adjust to different personalities and skill levels, finding a way to connect with each and every athlete in a way that makes them feel like they belong.

Above all, Lindsay encourages her athletes to compete to the best of their ability and to constantly seek improvement. As an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities and an ambassador for the Special Olympics movement, Lindsay has made a lasting impression in her community. Through her unwavering commitment and longevity in the program, she has passed on her passion for Special Olympics Georgia to dozens of volunteers and coaches who have been inspired to join the cause.

Among the people she has inspired most are her own children, whom have also been involved as volunteers for Special Olympics Georgia for their entire lives. A big project for this club was to build bocce courts for Atlanta Public Schools.

Bocce is one of the 26 sports that Special Olympics Georgia provides to its 27, athletes. In the following video, Brooke explains how bocce courts were created. If you have an individual that is interested in competing in bocce or one of our 25 other sports, call us at It all begins at the age of 13 after surviving a horrific, near-death four wheeler accident.

However, when Special Olympics Georgia coaches, volunteers and staff members met Steven, his determination and strength were the first things that were noticed. After joining Special Olympics Georgia as an athlete, he dedicated his time to powerlifting, learning all that he could about the sports techniques and training.

And by his almost perfect attendance records to Special Olympics Georgia events and team practices, you can tell that he takes his training seriously! At this competition, Steven not only earned both bronze and gold medals, but also beat his own personal deadlift record!

The backbone of the Gateway Liberty Training Center, she has led the group to many accomplishments.

georgia parks and recreation state swim meet maryland

Their biggest accomplishment is that they attended their very first State Games last year at the Special Olympics Georgia Summer Games! The athletes had a blast competing in the different sports, participating at Olympic Town, and most importantly, making new friends with athletes from other areas.

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Since then, Gateway Liberty Training Center has been represented at every State Games, and Susan was instrumental in making this attendance happen. She takes pride in what she does, loving each and every athlete she serves. Without her compassion and dedication, those athletes would not get to experience the thrill of competing and the fun of State Games.

He is a great athlete who is always willing to help others. With an infectious big smile and positive attitude, his strong teamwork and work ethic show both inside and outside of the classroom. These qualities make him a great example for other athletes. An athlete that never misses a practice and leaves it all on the field, he is a great competitor.

As a local committee member, she organizes the local games, emcees the events, and enjoys the spirited competition. Always smiling and willing to assist the athletes, she interacts with them as they compete at local competitions and ensures that everyone has a great time.

Brenda works equally as hard at the State Games. Special Olympics Georgia Houston County will also participate ath the State Indoor Winter Games on January 12 — 14,consisting of approximately athletes, partners and coaches; the largest group attending the games.

Brenda truly has a heart for our special athletes, pushing them to be the best they can possibly be. Alex participates in bowling, basketball, and athletics at the Area 15 competitions. Alex smiles at the world and the world smiles back at him.

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He brightens the days of those around him…simply by smiling! Windy also volunteers with the Miracle League of Valdosta. Every year for the holidays, Windy and her husband dress up as Santa and Mrs. She works tirelessly at the Area 15 Spring and Fall Games in Valdosta and helps in any capacity that is needed. Windy is also a certified coach in Unified Sports, bocce, and bowling. Thank you for spending your Monday with us, and thank you for everything you do for athletes in Georgia and around the world!

Not only did he come to every practice and give the sport all his energy and dedication, but he also competed in the Special Olympics Georgia State Summer Games for the very first time! Jeet always has an incredible energy and is guaranteed to be excited to compete with his fellow athletes and coaches!

Sandwich works hard to ensure that all students receive the best treatment and experience possible at the local Special Olympics Georgia Games. She provides the teachers of Sumter County Schools with all information ahead of time so they can adequately prepare themselves, and most importantly the students, for a successful trip to any SOGA Games. Sandwich also frequently visits the students of Sumter County to check on them in class to see their educational and behavioral progress.

Sandwich works hard to ensure that all students are working hard in the classroom and on the courts to be successful. We are truly honored and proud to have you as part of the Special Olympics Georgia family and to be a part of the Dunwoody Country Club family! We are truly honored and proud to have you as part of the Special Olympics Georgia family and to be a part of the Winter Companies family!!! Chip has participated in Special Olympics since Chip works at Kroger and enjoys spending time with his friends.

At the Circle of Friends gatherings, he is usually playing DJ for his friends. Chip is a great guy and always willing to help anyone out. Toast to Titletown is an annual fundraiser that was held in Valdosta on September 16th, with all benefits supporting Special Olympics Georgia athletes. Lauren and Blake have gone above and beyond to help and contribute to its success!

What a tremendous accomplishment, and thank you, thank you, thank you!!! He has participated in Masters Bowling for the past 4 years. Andrew was supposed to have competed with his friends on August 18 — 20 for his 5th year.

His fellow athletes and coaches were all very saddened by the sudden loss of their friend and teammate, Andrew. At housing check-in, the coach said that they had to scratch Andrew from the games, but asked if they could keep his credential to give to his parents.

Of course, the SOGA team was willing to do that for them. SOGA is saddened as well by the passing of such a remarkable person on and ff the field. John has volunteered for several years at various games and events. John recruited a team for Polar Plunge this past year. Thank you for all that you do for the athletes! It is only through the generosity of friends like the Dunwoody Country Club family that we are able to do what we do.

She was his inspiration for participating in Special Olympics Georgia. Recently, Tim has been in ad out of the hospital due to a splenectomy and other medical complications. But while Tim continues to battle his health, he also continues to battle in his competitions.

Tim can still participate in several sports, and he competes with a positive attitude. During both state and area level competitions, you can find Ann working alongside athletes to help them excel in their event, bringing a positive energy to all of their competitions. Behind the scenes, she works very hard to make sure that all athletes in Special Olympics Georgia Area 7 have their proper paperwork on fie in order to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to compete and demonstrate their skills.

Her kind and genuine personality, as well as her work ethic, helps to make Special Olympics Georgia competitions smoother and more enjoyable for athletes, coaches and volunteers alike.

One of 25 Special Olympics athletes in the nation receiving this award, Katy was chosen by Special Olympics International for her over 30 years of hard work, determination and dedication to not only Special Olympics Georgia but to the organization internationally.

State Swim Meet

Katy has competed in games on local, state, national and international levels, and she is also an advocate for Special Olympics as an International Global Messenger. We are all proud of you! Volunteers of the Month — Dr. Karen Carter and Kevin Enright Dr. Their son, Judson, is a Special Olympics Georgia athlete who competes in swimming. Kevin can usually be found on t bocce court, as he is a certified clinician and coach for the Augusta Stars. Meanwhile, Karen can be found assisting medical volunteers at all of the state games and other Special Olympics Georgia events.

The effort by Colorado Time Systems to get the fins fitted to the blocks in such a small window of time was truly amazing. We all are so grateful that you took on the challenge and exceeded expectations. USMS offered us one of your pace clocks, and we were happy to accept! We really appreciate the pace clock that Colorado Time Systems has provided us.

Our team has been utilizing it in practices and it also serves as a great marketing tool to recruit new swimmers the display is awesome and can be seen from afar! The Dolphin System saves time for the meet manager as well as the administrative official, whom no longer needs to collect watch times out on the pool deck.

georgia parks and recreation state swim meet maryland

The backup times are right there on your screen. The Dolphin System provides a much quicker and more efficient way to run your swim meet. I can't thank you enough for the support that Colorado Time Systems gave to that competition. I never could have gotten through this competition without the support of CTS. We are very excited to be running Colorado Timing Equipment and using the best products on the market.

Also, more importantly, our experience, from start to finish has been amazing and professional. Everyone has been extremely helpful and made sure that the whole process goes the best possible direction. It is refreshing to work with professionals that not only care about their product, but also take care of the customers and keep the experience positive.

You have taken care of extremely well and we appreciate all of your time and efforts! They make great, reliable scoreboards, second clocks and other water polo electronics, and they provide premium equipment at outstanding prices.

Swim Meets

They are also innovators, offering new solutions in score keeping as well as training tools. Our partnership with Colorado Time Systems was a key ingredient to our silver medal performances at the Beijing Olympic Games, and will help us as we prepare for the Games in London.

CTS has been more than accommodating with all of our requests and it is evident that they strive for excellence with all of their products. Eric Gunderson - Boys Swim Coach Colorado Time Systems is always trying to create a better experience for the coaches, swimmers, and fans.

The big difference between CTS and other manufacturers is that CTS is a swimming company that makes scoreboards too, versus a scoreboard company that happens to make timing equipment. CTS is focused on the coaches, the swimmers, and improving both the meets and the training. All around, they are out to improve the sport of swimming. We also use the scoreboard during practice and water polo tournaments.

We have connected it to a satellite dish to use it as a big television for our college basketball games as students wait to get tickets. One of the biggest factors in choosing CTS products is that they are used by a majority of teams in our area with good results. CTS staff has been very courteous and efficient.

georgia parks and recreation state swim meet maryland

The tournament was a huge success - lots of happy kids. We really appreciate the generosity and support of wheelchair basketball in Colorado. Gold Crown Field House, Tammy Tucker We liked the flexibility of the scoreboard, with its ability to display multiple sports. The board has all of the features imaginable. CTS stands by their products and they stand by their customer. We have never had the capacity before - now we will be able to do chase starts, run both ends of the pool; and have 2 8-lane courses on the board at the same time.

We'll be able to display heat, lane, time, and place, then come back and import for finals, and put names on the board. I've been pleased with Colorado Time Systems for years. They've always gone out of their way to be accommodating.