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Scattered Pictures Chapter 1: He's Always Late, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

goku and chichi meet fanfiction search

Videl has unrequited feelings for Chichi, only to find out that the other woman . Goku gets kicked out by Chi Chi and goes to live with Vegeta, but finds him in helicopter ride? what happens when she meets chichi and she really begins to. This is my first story! This takes place one day before the Cell Games. Of course ChiChi doesn't think Goku loves her. Can he prove to her how much he cares?. Will Chi-Chi find salvation or Kakarot find his own redemption and save more .. What if Goku and Chichi never met as children, but instead as adults trying to.

Bulma isn't the cool, cheerleader this time. She's the nerdy one who gets looked over by her peers often. She gets a chance at popularity and she takes it, accepting all the risks it holds.

Bulma gets so deep that she can't help herself. Maybe a certain Prince will be the help she needs.

But he cannot focus, He thinks of the life he left behind, The woman he loved, The only person and subject that could bring him to his knees, His chichi. Warning contains lemon and strong language. A Romeo and Juliet story except with Dragon ball Z. Planet Vegeta-Sei is still kicking, and so is Frezia.

One day changed everything for Vegeta-Sei and Earth, and as the years pass their feud grows stronger with hate. A Prince of 'monsters' stumbles upon a Princess of 'weaklings' And that day changes the fate of the two planets forever. Their fates are now forever entwined. Annulling the marriage apparently is not any easier, as fate is determined to pin them together for months before the divorce is finalized, but lots can change in just a few months.

Goku has to find the perfect time to tell her before its too late. Today is that anniversary for them and why they are together. For linxchan91 aka Zambetta for the Go Chi awards for best fan art fluff. This fic is for her and her artwork on tumblr.

A fanfart inspired fanfic with our Tag team husband and wife Kakarot and Chi-Chi. It's the lunar event, the picking of a mate and life partner is upon them. One Night to decide who is worthy of being an equal male and female. One is a headstrong and determined saiyan female, and the other is anything but average or normal. Ruled by instinct or guided by something else what happens to these young saiyans. It's late 19th century in the old west, with all the violence and romanticism of the genre.

All humans in a real world setting. The way the wind caressed her cheek when forgetting everything else.

Her steady breath making her feel comfortable in her skin. She had loved him who enjoyed running as much as she did. He always had been her idol yet a surprising encounter made her think otherwise. The man she always had looked up to was a pervert in reality?

That couldnt be true? Chi-Chi style PoV, One shot. Adult themes, chocolate, and lemon Dragon Ball Z - Rated: Although his grades won't be up in time for the school's martial arts tournament, he still manages to ask her if she'll go with him to watch the matches.

goku and chichi meet fanfiction search

Little does he know, she's a participant this year. A secret she intends to keep, even as their relationship grows with each passing day.

Two years following the near-annihilation of Earth, a new force arrives from space for revenge.

goku and chichi meet fanfiction search

In the midst of an internal threat, the people of Earth that the fighters swore to protect begin to question their motives during this latest trial. Will they find the long-sought peace in order to survive yet another potential cataclysm? Facing the impossible choice of watching her aging father leave for certain death in battle, or facing peril herself by illegally taking his place, Chi-Chi joined a camp under leadership of the handsome Captain Son with an unlikely ally by her side.

And amongst the scantily dressed, elation-driven demons she shimmered angelically, pulling him towards her like no other human before. A late night of drinking, a moment of weakness and fun. Caused the earth raised saiyan to have his life changed by a woman he doesn't know or remember. They are strangers from a past long forgotten, but fate split them apart, and has intertwined their lives again, they simply don't know it.

Until on unfortunate day a group of bandits attacked their village and captured the children, separating the friends from each other. What have their lives become like? Will they ever see and recognise each other again?

K reviews For a second everything went blank and I did not feel myself anymore. A void surrounded me. As if I was an empty book full of pages in it but the pages were blank, there were nothing in there. After that second, these pages started to fill themselves in and a whole lot of images pierced me She was just a normal citizen until her uncle sold her off to, none other, but the First-in-Commander Kakarotto.

Everything had changed since then. How will their relationship develop from this point on? It is not only based on emotions; it entails sacrifice and honor. How can two people find their way into love when it is not them who wanted it? Two best friends Mister Ox Gyumao King and Gohan Senior decided to arrange the engagement of Goku and Chichi to keep the bond of their connections strong and their fortunes intact. Dragon Ball - Rated: Read and Review please! Kakarot saves her life and now she is angry at him because she wanted to die.

But for the eldest band members, Goku and Vegeta, fame and fortune begin to offer little fulfillment.

A Moment's Peace Chapter 1: Default Chapter, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

During their tour in Japan, a fateful evening introduces them to two stubborn women and the one thing money can't buy: Goku never understood his Masters obsession with girls, not even when he was older.

But now that he's met the mysterious Chichi, he finds that he'll do anything just to see the awkward girl smile.

goku and chichi meet fanfiction search

But is he prepared to handle the dark secrets that come with that smile? Just hoping that someday it would be over, that the pain and longing would be gone. So much potential for so many stories exists to follow the unseen paths, and so many writers have quested to continue the Dragon Ball legacy. All stories in this community chronologically begin after the fight with Kid Buu. But when an evil force reveals its plans to threaten the holiday awesomeness, Gohan must fight for peace!

Join the action, have some fun, and enjoy this holiday comedy! Dragon Ball Z - Rated: Everyone is happy, but there are still some onsorted feelings. T - English - Romance - Chapters: After all these years, when fate plays a cruel hand, is there hope for them?

Shennron gives him the chance to be with his family, starting over when the saiyans first arrived on earth. Sacrifices must be made whilst walking the path of Exile.

How far will Vegeta go to become the strongest? What challenges and threats will present themselves? The nature of time itself is changing. Amid this mystery, a time of war descends on the Earth as a mysterious new group of foes appear.

goku and chichi meet fanfiction search

Please feel free to read and review. Trunks - Complete Brothers by balthezarian reviews Vegeta and Tarble deal with the issues of having a long lost brother. T - English - Family - Chapters: NOT, when a strange figure takes Trunks and the other Z warriors for a game of Hide And Seek, they find themselves traveling across time. Can they stop the puppeteer? Just as the bottom falls out, a new ray of hope emerges. Who is this stranger? What kind of android is this? Many of Hell's old Inhabitants have escaped and are scattered across the Universe, searching for Goku, wishing to end him and his friends lives.

What will become go Goku and Vegeta?