Hairspray link and tracy meet

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hairspray link and tracy meet

Hairspray ( film) Edit. In the film, he is first seen at the record hop watching Tracy Turnblad dance, whom the latter is later chosen to attend the. Penny Lou Pingleton is a character in the film Hairspray and its remake. Penny is Tracy's best friend, and her only friend until she meets Link and . Hairspray is a musical romantic comedy film based on the Broadway musical of the . The Corny Collins Show set turns into a celebration as Tracy and Link kiss. .. Upon learning he had been hired, Shankman arranged a meeting with John Waters, who advised him "don't do what I did, don't do what the play did.

Oh nol I'm gon na kil l myself.

Penny Pingleton

She's wea ri ng Li n k's council ri ng! And I wa nt to be you r Miss Teenage Hairspray. Remem ber, a vote for me from you is a vote for me. What an u nexpected ad lib, Am ber. And speaki ng of expecti ng the u nexpected, our own fu n-lovi ng, freewheel ing Brend a will be ta ki ng a littleJeave of a bsence from the show.

How long wil l you be gone, B'renda? So, it seems we'll have an opening for a gi rl who is just as fu n loving, but maybe not quite as freewheeli ng. Wa n na be one of the nicest kids i n town? Cut school tomorrow a nd come on down to station wzzr to aud ition! It's the drea m of a lifeti me. I have to go aud ition. It's t he drea m of a l ifetime. I have to go watch you a ud ition.

No one is aud itioni ng for anythi ng.


There'll be no cutting school i n this house. Tu rn bl ad Pen ny, go tel l you r mother she wa nts you. I better h u rry. Rush hou r traffic! Since I got that new shipment of exploding bu bble gu m, busi ness downsta i rs is boom i ng!

How are my two fun ny honeys? Oh, stop, Wil bu r. You're the fu n ny one. Daddy, tomorrow I'm aud ition ing to dance on TV show. You're going to have to go fu rther tha n that to get arou nd me, you ng lady. No one's a ud itioni ng for anyth ing. And what did I tel l you about that ha ir?

All ratted u p l i ke a teenaged Jezebel. Mother, you a re so fifties. Even ou r first lady, Jackie B. Ken nedy, rats her ha i r. Well, you a i n't no fi rst l ady, are ya? Girls l i ke Tracy People li ke us You know what I'm saying. They don't put people l i ke us on TV-Exce pt to be laughed at. Tracy, this TV th ing You rea lly wa nt it?

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It's my drea m, Dad dy. Then you go for itl This is America, ba be. You gotta th i n k big to be big. Bei ng big is not the problem, Wilbu r. When I was you r age my pa rents begged me to ru n away with the circus, but I sa i d, "No. That's what you wa nt.

I have drea ms of my own. EDNA screams with delight! You follow you r drea m, ba by.

hairspray link and tracy meet

He then asks Tracy to be his girlfriend, which she happily accepts. From that moment, the two are hardly seen apart, and we see Link's attitude to black Americans come to light where he happily joins Tracy and her friend Penny Pingleton to the black part of Baltimore to attend Maybelle "Motormouth" Stubbs' record party. After the race riot at Tilted Acres Amusement Park which led to Tracy's arrest, Link becomes distraught as he is forced to watch Amber being crowned as the winner of the Miss Auto Show However, all is not lost as Tracy, with the help of Motormouth Maybelle, her daughter Little Inez, and all of her supporters, gate-crashes the competition.

The pair are reunited, and share a kiss as Baltimore is integrated for the first time. The two then join in the dance that Tracy initiates, but are interrupted when the bomb hidden inside Velma's wig explodes prematurely.

They watch in shock as the Von Tussles are arrested and Amber is publicly humiliated by her former dance members. As the film closes, Link hands Tracy the crown, and joins in the celebrations as Tracy invites everyone to dance. Hairspray film Edit In the film, Link's role was expanded. Here, he is Amber's boyfriend, and his first encounter with Tracy was when he watches her dancing in the detention room with the Negro Day dancers.

Impressed by her moves, he invites her to attend the upcoming record hop hosted by Corny Collins himself, and unbeknownst to Link, Tracy becomes instantly smitten with him.

At the record hop, Link is performing as the lead singer, but Tracy steals the show, and impresses both him and Corny, much to Amber's horror. As the movie progresses, Link's relationship with Tracy becomes more apparent, especially seen when he stands up for Tracy when she was falsely accused of drawing a caricature of their teacher with breasts, all part of Amber's plot to get her into trouble.

When Tracy is sent to detention, Link tells the teacher to "kiss my ass", shocking Amber and the class, but leaving Tracy grateful. However, in one moment, his and Tracy's relationship becomes strained when Maybelle comes with the news that "Negro Day" has been cancelled, especially when Tracy proposes they stage a protest, but Link decides to stay on the show.

After the protest goes awry, Link becomes concerned for Tracy's safety, especially when he hears the biased news reports on the radio. He stops by the Turnblad's residence, feeling guilty that he should have joined her in the protest, and his is welcomed inside by Edna, as they are all worried about Tracy's predicament. Soon after, Link explores Tracy's room, and it was at his moment that his heart doesn't belong with Amber, he is in love with Tracy, saying that he wants to kiss her.

The next day, Link reluctantly attends the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant with Amber, but all the while he couldn't stop worrying about Tracy. His worries are unfounded however, when Tracy gate-crashes the pageant, her hair straightened and wearing a checkerboard dress. As Tracy gets in Amber's face and steals the spotlight, Amber tries to get Link to comfort her.

hairspray link and tracy meet

But Link decided that enough was enough, he dumps her, and joins Tracy in the dancing, leaving Amber distraught. The two then share a hug amidst the applause, Tracy then tells him that the audience loves him. But he denies this, and pulls Little Inez onto the stage. As the pair dance, Little Inez's dancing is an instant hit with the whole of Baltimore, and she is subsequently crowned the winner of the pageant, thus integrating the Corny Collins Show.

In the end, Link and Tracy share a kiss as their friends and Tracy's parents watch on happily. He feels remorse for not helping her when she was arrested by saying "Tracy, it was wonderful", knowing he should help her during the protest. In the movies, Link goes to the jail overnight to free Tracy, and escapes with Seaweed and Penny to Motormouth place. In the end of the show he arrives with Tracy and dances with everybody.

After the camera goes off, Link approaches to his girlfriend, Amber and gave her his ring, to make their relationship as an official. When the audition day happened at the studio, Link bumps into Tracy Turnblad, who has a crush on him, he apologised and called her "Little Darlin'", he was seen dancing with Tracy as she performs "I Can Hear The Bells".

Link then performs his solo to "It Takes Two", charming the ladies, including Tracy. As he was about to end his solo, Tracy grabs Link and kisses him. Link was seen with his friends from the show, getting ready to play dodgeball at their school gym, and Amber comes up to him, and asked him why he kissed Tracy, but Link told her that it's a cool way to end the song.

hairspray link and tracy meet

Link saves the Negro kids from Fender, who teased them, telling him to knock it off and act like a grown up.