Harold and kumar meet freak show clown

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harold and kumar meet freak show clown

Is Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay really best viewed as a stoner flick? Kumar is no fool, although he's the consumate clown. The joke is that almost everyone they meet sees them as foreigners. . So after the show was over, I decided to put that critique to my daughter and find out what. "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" gleefully upends expectations and Rosenberg - Eddie Kaye Thomas Freakshow - Christopher Meloni Male By contrast, his roommate Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) shows a more Cho and Penn are an absolutely perfect duo of clowns suited for the young, smart set. Posts about Harold and Kumar written by Douglas Ernst. There's nothing more entertaining than watching moral pedestal clowns cannibalize Bible thumping “ freak shows” portrayed in his Harold and Kumar flicks are all conservatives. Your worst fears may meet you half way · Tom Brevoort mocks Marvel customers; .

Meanwhile, Kumar Patel attends a medical school interview, but intentionally botches it to prevent getting accepted. Harold is attracted to his neighbor, Maria, but is unable to admit his feelings.

After smoking marijuana with Kumar, and seeing an advertisement for White Castlethe pair decide to get hamburgers to satisfy their hunger. Kumar suggests stopping at Princeton University to buy more marijuana. Kumar buys marijuana from one of the students and they are discovered by campus security and forced to flee, losing their marijuana after it falls in the toilet. Harold and Kumar resume their drive, and when Kumar pulls over to urinate, a raccoon gets in the car and bites Harold.

Kumar takes Harold to a hospital where Kumar's father and older brother work. Kumar steals ID badges to obtain medical marijuanabut after being mistaken for his brother, Kumar is forced to perform surgery on a gunshot victim and, after the surgery, the patient tells them how to reach White Castle. Kumar spots Maria at a movie theatre, and decides to get her attention so Harold can talk to her, but Harold panics and crashes the car.

They are rescued by Freakshow, a tow-truck driver, who takes them to his house to repair their car.

harold and kumar meet freak show clown

Harold and Kumar are propositioned by Freakshow's surprisingly alluring wife, but after Freakshow suggests a foursomeHarold and Kumar flee in disgust. It's a movie where the characters smoke lots of marijauna," Marina explained somewhat impatiently. She had that familiar, teenage how can moms be so out-of-it? You were only 11 years old back then, for goodness sake. Remember the movie about the Korean guy and the Indian guy in New Jersey who spend a whole night driving around looking for burgers?

At 15, she still has a healthy suspicion of drugs and alcohol. And now I deduced that at 11 the marijuana thing had made a big impression on her. Then I broke out laughing and I couldn't stop. A beat later, Marina started laughing too. The more we considered it, the funnier it seemed.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

It took us a long time to get serious again. For anyone who has seen the first Harold and Kumar movie, the title of the new one is the punch line to a long-running joke.

My responsible teenage daughter was trying to get her head around the idea that her mother actually loved a stoner flick. In the course of their all-night odyssey, the two characters play off each other like modern day Abbotts and Costellos.

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Harold John Cho is the straight man, a Korean-American, type-A, neatnik, who's a junior analyst at an investment bank, trying to climb the ladder. His pal Kumar Kal Penn is the outrageous one, a smart-ass Indian-American hedonist with perfect MCAT scores, who devotes himself to chasing girls, getting high on weed and trying to sabotage his applications to med school.

With his wiggly eyebrows, popping eyes and wide, sweet smile, Kumar manages to be shamelessly over-the-top, yet lovable at the same time. He'll wow a med school dean with his knowledge of pancreatitus, then blow the interview by shouting about dope into his cell phone.

Kumar is no fool, although he's the consumate clown. He knows exactly what he's doing. Unlike some comic characters whose humor stems from their stupidity, Harold and Kumar are smart, witty and ironic. They're also obsessed with toilet humor, breasts and penises. Like so many all-American somethings, they consume a prodigious diet of television, hip-hop and junk food.

Impressive IQs not withstanding, these two guys see themselves as typical American males, pursuing the American dream.

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From your view in the audience, you'll be compelled to agree with them. The joke is that almost everyone they meet sees them as foreigners. What kind of a name is that, anyhow? Harold depicted with a Fu-Manchu mustache.

Kumar, wearing a turban. The policeman is just one of a number of racists they encounter as they zig-zag across the Garden State in search of burgers. When not being harassed by suburban rednecks, the two are mercilessly pursued by their families' Asian-American network. The boys think otherwise. Cindy Kim, a sincere and bespectacled Princeton student, is forever popping up to urge Harold to attend the meetings of his alma mater's Asian-American Club.

Harold, who has the hots for a Latina babe, freezes in Cindy's presence, torn between his impeccable sense of good manners and his fear of falling permanently into Cindy's nerdy, high-achieving world by way of the "inevitable" Korean-American marriage.

harold and kumar meet freak show clown

As one pal remarks to the other, "This is America, dude! These two guys see themselves as typical American males, pursuing the American dream The joke is that almost everyone else sees them as foreigners. When I stopped to think about it, I realized that--given the topsy-turvy times we live in--and the over-the-top humor of White Castle--it was almost fated that Harold and Kumar would end up at Guantanamo Bay sooner or later.

Maybe it's that sense of insane inevitability that makes the movie title so painfully funny. This time, we would even invite The Dad, who had regrettably missed out last time around. Finally, the countdown was over and I was jubilant. The Harold and Kumar movie opens tomorrow! Alas, I was unprepared for her answer. Marina has a bit more of the Harold than the Kumar in her personality. And that is probably for the best. Nevertheless, as a member of the sixties generation, I couldn't help but feel we had come to a sorry pass when the teenager was telling her disappointed parent she had too much homework to go to the movies.

It's just so twenty-first century! Be that as it may, we postponed our plans. Now what the hell is cockmeat sandwich? I don't know what the hell is that but I'm pretty sure that is something that is really, really not good. It's probably a sandwich with a dingdong and pair of balls. I'm not bailing you out this time man, uh oh, no freaking way. Well Roldy that is just plain retard man!

There's no way they gonna throw me in Guantanamo bay just by smoking a roll of weed. I can even smoke one of this God's wonder on a plane without those plane marshals or some stupid old racist lady catching me, Kumar stated while he giggled. Just throw the bong away and apologize to them, Harold nervously asked Kumar while looking at the two big men.

No way man, they are the one who hurt me here, they should be the one apologizing to me, I'm gonna sue your asses and your "No Smoking Cigarette-but not marijuana and if you still smoke marijuana we're still going to kick your ass by these two overgrown white freaks of America" restaurant and then you can kiss my brown ass after the hearing trial, Kumar shouted. Oh for God sake!

Kumar, let's just go its getting dark soon, I really don't have time for your crap man, Harold pulls Kumar's arm while walking away from the scene. Kumar turned his back to them and yelled while giving them a middle finger. This is not the last time you going to see me again, you hear me? I shall be back just like what General McArthur told to those Filipinos, oh yeah! I know my history quite well, Kumar yells. What the hell are you saying man?

You're not a Filipino, Harold said. Well, I'm close to them; you know Filipinos are like first cousin of Indians, so it's all good man. Harold sighed, let's just go home man. The two friends continued their argument while walking on their way home. So how was the date with that Korean chick man? Did you let her touch your sausage? All grown up and shit, letting some Korean chick touch your wiener and nuggets, Kumar asked with a big silly grin on his face.

That is just disgusting man! Mhing Lei and I are just co-workers and we only had a glass of smoothies while discussing about the marketing plan for the next month budget and besides she is not Korean, she's from Thailand, Harold explained. Oh who gives a rat's ass! Korean, Thais, Taiwanese, Chinese it's all the same man, you guys have all chinky eyes. Man, now who is being a racist here huh?

Harold angrily pointed his finger at Kumar Oh cry me a river Jet Li. I was joking, and look at you! Already planning for the next month budget, ain't that so responsible of you as a family man, "oooohh Harold and Mhing Lei sitting on a tree F-U-C-" "Yarrrgghhhh" a loud scream that came from the dark alley interrupted their conversation. What the hell was that man? Harold asked Kumar while grabbing Kumar's arm.

Dude, stop being a fag man, It's probably some old fart who is having a heart-attack while watching porn; It happens all the time, trust me. Harold said while he was still hugging Kumar's arm Oh come on dude, that's just a typical life of an old-aged man, pretty much your Dad watches porn too while your Mom is away, heck, even while your mom is sleeping. Come on let's check it out Ahh i don't really have time for this crap of yours Kumar.

They ran toward the dark alley where they heard the scream and to their shock, they saw a huge man in a bloody trench coat, around 6'5", bald and have pale skin, feeding on a lifeless body of an old-aged man.

Asked Kumar to Harold who almost dropped his jaw on what they have witnessed. Oh my god, so I was right! He was an old aged man, Kumar added. No screw that Kumar! That guy is doing a Hannibal Lecter on that poor bastard! We need to call the police. As soon as Kumar is about to reach his phone in his pocket, his phone rang, playing the famous Disco Stick song by Lady Gaga.

The huge creature heard the music and turned his head backward.

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What the hell man? Oh god oh god oh god, he freaking saw us man, that thing just turned his head degree! Kumar answered his phone.