Hollywood heights loren and eddie first meet

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hollywood heights loren and eddie first meet

We met at Pm at an amazing Eddie Durans concert. He was up on stage singing Something in the air and then bam instant eye contact and he touched my. During Eddie's performance, Loren is elated when his eyes meet hers. After the Hollywood Heights (). /10 Episode cast overview, first billed only. HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS FANFICTION:Ch.1 Eddie and Loren meet. by Crazzy4Catzz . "Go to bed and first get a drink of water." Eddie said tossing him the keys.

When Melissa thought Loren was abandoning her in favor of Eddie and her career as a singer, Loren reassured her that she will always be there for Melissa. Nora Tate Loren's number one fan and always wanting the best for her daughter. Loren and her mother seem to have a very good relationship, though lately Nora has worries about Loren's choices especially involving Eddie. Nora has begun to really worry about Loren's growing feelings for Eddie, saying she may be getting too close.

hollywood heights loren and eddie first meet

Loren thinks that Nora is concerned about Eddie because Loren's father leaving hurt both Nora and Loren and Nora just doesn't want Loren to go through the same thing. Loren knows that Nora will always be there for her and they don't hide things from each other. After being formally introduced by Eddie, Chloe seemed genuinely happy to meet Loren. But it was all an act. After Eddie left, Chloe showed her true colors to Loren acting as though Loren was not worth being in her presence.

It may be speculated that Chloe is jealous of Loren and Eddie's new found friendship. Chloe and Loren showed their claws at each other in Chloe Tries To Reconcile when Chloe accused Loren of being a fame seeker, while Loren quickly replied back that she was speaking of herself.

It's clear that the two dislike each other, but Loren refuses to stoop to Chloe's level of harshness. In Their Special PlaceChloe almost pours wine on Loren but she defends herself and the wine accidentally gets on Chloe's blouse. Chloe then falls on the floor and tells Loren to stop staring at her. In Jake's Concernshe picks up Eddie's phone and lies to Loren, telling her that Eddie is in the shower - implying that they were together, trying to discourage Loren.

After Loren gave her the same treatment by picking up Eddie's phone at the bungalow, Chloe became determined to bring her down, claiming Loren was a distraction from her getting Eddie back.

Max Duran Max is very polite to Loren and was the first to say her music was very good.

If There Was No Music (Hollywood Heights Performance) Cody Longo ft. Brittany Underwood

He was also the one to convince Eddie to place Loren back in the contest. Max has told Eddie to be careful of her to not lead her on saying she's innocent and very different from Chloe.

Loren Tate

Max views Loren as a sort of daughter figure in the way that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Recently, he has been saying that Loren could be good for Eddie, as they bring out the best in each other.

Max really wants Loren for Eddie, that's why he sent her to the bungalow. They became closer through Eddie's disappearance, forming a father-daughter type bond. Adriana Masters Adriana, for some unknown reason other than the fact her father sometimes compares her to Loren, hates her.

Hollywood Heights: Season 1 - Ep. 11 'Loren Gets Framed'

She has been shown to go out of her way to make Loren's life miserable. When Loren showed feelings toward Cameron, Adriana tried flirting with him just to make Loren mad. The plan failed, however, when Adriana's jealous boyfriend butted in. Adriana has called Loren a 'Goody-Two-Shoes' and other things saying Loren just has to be perfect but she's not.

Hollywood Heights: Season 1 - Ep. 11 'Loren Gets Framed' | MTV

She also accused Loren of cheating at Eddie Duran's contest. Adriana is also very jealous of the growing relationship between Loren and Eddie saying that Loren isn't even pretty enough to be around Eddie.

She has said in a recent episodes that she's planning to out Loren somehow - even trying to convince Cameron to help her, though luckily, he refuses and calls her pathetic. Trent McCall Little is known about Loren's relationship with her father, probably because they have none. Loren's father was a deadbeat who walked out on the family when Loren was only four and never came back.

The two have not spoken since he left.

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Loren seems content with her life without her father as she said in the episode Eddie Inspires Loren that her father hurting Nora won't stop her from finding love one day. Loren wrote him letters when she was younger, which eventually turned into songs. It was the reason she got into music, but she tells a different story to Nora.

hollywood heights loren and eddie first meet

Loren thinks about him often, but decided not to contact him when it was revealed that he may be her mystery texter. Morning babe I have to get to the recording studio Cam: Hey babe ok why don't I drop you and pick you up for lunch later Loren: That sounds great lets go They were in the car when Loren got a call from Kelly Jakes assistant Loren: I'm on my way Kelly: You promised you wouldn't be late; someone is waiting to use the studio Loren: Who, I thought we had it reserved for at least 2 hours I am only 10 minutes late Kelly: I don't know but it's a very important client of your father's Jake is Loren's Manager and father Loren: Ok tell him I'm here Cam gave loren a kiss good bye and loren went into the studio Jake: Loren, glad you could make it Loren: Sorry dad I over slept Jake: Jake sighed that's ok honey, but I have a surprise for you Loren: I have someone; I want you to work with Loren: Listen dad I appreciate the thought but you know I only sing alone.

hollywood heights loren and eddie first meet

Please give this a try I have a singer and I want to spice up his next album with a duet with you Loren: I don't know… Who is this someone? Here; let me bring him in Loren: Loren was doing vocal exercises and didn't notice Eddie walk in until Jake said something Jake: Loren looked up Loren, this who I want you to work with; I'm sure you already know this but this is Eddie Duran and Eddie, I think you already know who Loren is too but she is also my daughter.

If you didn't already know that too Eddie and Loren just stared at each other for a second in silence until Eddie broke the silence and said something Eddie: Um hi Loren, and Jake I had no idea she was your client, let alone your daughter Loren's thoughts seriously, he couldn't put the pieces together till now that I'm Jake's daughter and I had no idea dad managed Eddie Duran. Wow he is good looking.

I should probably say something right now. Uh hi Eddie, nice to meat you. I didn't know my dad managed you either Jake: Ok well now that you've met. I want you guys to collaborate on a few songs and Loren I know you wanted to record today but I called you both here to discuss this with you. You both need to spice up your next albums. You can't just keep writing solos, your fans will get bored Loren and Eddie were still staring at each other Jake: Earth to Eddie and Loren, helloooooo!

Loren realized when Jake got their attention that she was staring and Eddie was staring back and she looked down and blushed then looked back up and Eddie noticed her blush which made him smile but then he answered Jake while still gazing at Loren and smiling but then talked to her as well Eddie: Well I guess a few songs would be ok.

Loren do you mind coming back to my house and writing today. Sorry Eddie, but my boyfriend is picking me up from here to go to lunch but how about, you come over at around 5ish to my place and we can start writing.