Kagura and kamui meet the parents

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kagura and kamui meet the parents

Kagura is all about the bonds and friendships forged around her, having been lonely were always in the shadow of someone else (Hijikata for Okita, and Kamui for Kagura). Their first meeting is an instant spark. it really seemed like a father punishing two kids who were being immature and stupid. Kagura and Okita happen to be in the same place when they are kidnapped by a twisted scientist by the name of Akumi and her little brother Kei. Jun 27, - Published: May 14, - Kamui, Kagura - Complete In the place where she will meet the people who will change her life. . Who the hell are their parents?. He is the son of Umibouzu and Kouka, and the elder brother of Kagura. He is a major Kamui lived with his parents and his younger sister on Rakuyou when he was young. . Later on, Kamui meets with Housen as they speak about his past.

After combing it with a cheap brush for who knows how long, he started braiding it neatly.


He was glad that his mami taught him how to braid his own hair or else he will look like someone who broke out of prison.

And so, his fixing activities continued until 30 minutes later.

kagura and kamui meet the parents

After fixing himself, he went outside wearing his usual Chinese clothes. Now that he looks fine and fresh, Kamui decided to do something fun outside.

But before that, he went to his poor-excuse-of-a-boss, Gintoki's office to tell him. As expected, Gintoki sat on the couch and read his beloved 'Jump'. I'm heading outside now! To his surprise, he saw money flying towards his face but he caught it with ease. He was a skilled fighter but only second to his younger sister, Kagura. Gintoki gave him a glance before returning to reading his Jump. And my hair is not PINK! He couldn't believe Gintoki gave him enough money to buy not only Jump but food for his black whole of a stomach as well.

As he walked in the streets of Edo, he didn't notice a pair of similar eyes watching him intently from a dark alleyway.

kagura and kamui meet the parents

Of all places that Baka-nii can live in, he chose a place where I can easily find him. He's still idiotic as ever…," said a young girl with medium vermillion hair that's tied in a high Chinese bun on the right side and ocean blue eyes. She wore a Red sleeveless Cheongsam that reached above her knees, black cardigan, brown short, black stockings, and brown boots.

The man seems to look like he didn't want to get involved but he was dragged by her anyways leading him to having no choice at all. Why was he stuck with an easily angered and greedy girl of a captain of the 7th Harusame squad in the first place? She brought him nothing but stress and unnecessary trouble ever since they first met. He swore that if it was anyone else, they could have died along the way.

The unbelievable young villain and younger sister of Kamui, Kagura slowly turned to him with her usual scowl on her pretty face. If she wasn't angry or happily bloodthirsty, she would wear an expressionless face. Abuto, her powerful unfortunate subordinate would always thank Kami if Kagura gets emotionless because she wouldn't say mean comments or do something without thinking.

Stopping her from doing unnecessary actions was one of his job after all.

Kamui (Gintama)

She showed Abuto who was just plainly bored, the back and lower part of her head that has no hair in it. In other words, she's a bit bald temporarily as of right now and it was all thanks to Kamui who lost control of his Yato blood during his fight with Abuto.

It will grow sooner or later," was his reply by the sight of his angry dancho's small bald part. Like Kamui, Kagura was the same with her hair but unlike Kamui, she'll kill them without hesitate because of her hair.

I'll cut off your other arm for this aru," she said quietly with a dead angry look. Abuto could have sworn that she looks like a predator ready to kill his prey but he wasn't a typical prey so he managed to survive for this long. How dare she makes Kamui a fucking main character?

Doesn't she realize that she's hurting my feelings! They'll pay for this aru," Kagura ranted. I'll show you what experiment is, once I'm done with Kamui! You're not supposed to be part of this story aru! And it became quiet, very quiet. That was a little harsh for someone who you didn't know until 35 seconds ago, don't you think?

As if I care…I'm off then aru," Kagura said as she disappeared in a blink of an eye leaving Abuto to do what he needed to do alone. Guess we'll have to stay here for a few days. I might as well book a room for us," Abuto said to himself with a sigh. He disappeared off to an opposite direction his dancho took.

Even if he was alone, he had fun time joining eating contest in random restaurants he lays his blue eyes on. He was happy to eat free meals since he wasn't rich to pay his own expenses. It's to be expected if Gintoki was your boss. The people and the cooks watching him was shock to see him eating like a gluttonous monster which caused him to get free food for today's dinner.

Shinpachi wouldn't have to worry cooking dinner for them today since he got food for them as well. He kept on strolling, trying to find restaurants to eat more until he stopped as something that caught his attention. It was a pet store and the first thing that his eyes landed on was a white bunny that was glaring at him from inside the window.

He knelt down and smiled, a sad smile. For some reason, the bunny reminded him of Kagura. It was because of the expression it was giving him. He remembered the cruel words she said to him when Housen, her late mentor was defeated and left like the wind before he can approach her.

kagura and kamui meet the parents

Flashback "How about fighting with the second Queen of the Night right now? She then heard bullets coming at her and she easily dodged them like it was nothing. She turned to see an unexpected angry Kamui who turned to be the one who aimed at her. Kagura saw his right hand wrapped in a cast and bandages while his shaking left hand held his parasol that appeared to look weak to Kagura.

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Kagura knew that Kamui has a difficulty holding his weapon and sun protector in his left hand since he was used to holding it in his right hand. Kagura was surprised, really surprised at this. Everyone can see how surprised Kagura was when her eyes widen in shock and decided not to do anything.

Who could have thought Kamui had grown a little tougher? Kamui was pretty pissed when Shinpachi prevented him from what he has to do. Kamui struggled against Shinpachi's grip trying to get free.

Not in your current condition! It has been shown that women find him very attractive considering how much attention he attracted when he first arrived to Yoshiwara. He wears a traditional uniform used in Chinese martial arts, with a black and white top sporting elbow length sleeves, and gray pants that reaches the middle of his lower leg. He usually carries an umbrella with him to shield him from the sun, as well as to act as his weapon. He almost always wears a cheerful smile on his face, even when he is killing, saying that everyone deserves a last moment of peace.

Personality Kamui is always eager to fight with anyone who looks powerful, he firmly believes that the Yato are to remain on the battlefield and shows his disapproval of Housen staying locked up in Yoshiwara.

Because of this belief, he is pitiless and unsympathetic towards family or subordinates as signs of weakness are unacceptable. He tried to revive the abandoned tradition of a Yato clansmen killing their own parent to prove their strength, although he failed to kill his father, if not for his sister Kagura intervening he would have been killed.

Kamui shows his true nature He always pays his respects to the opponents he kills by sending them off with a smile. Also, by his own words, he doesn't kill children or women. The reason behind this habit of his is on the pretense that all children have the potential to become exceptionally strong and forceful, to fight him one day, and that women can give birth to strong children.

History Yoshiwara in Flames arc He first appears in Yoshiwara on the pipe walls together with Abuto and Ungyou where they confront Gintoki and the others to retrieve Seita. He had arrived to meet his former master and wishing to meet the woman who made his master "weak". To do so, he planned to kidnap Seita just as he and the Yorozuya were being shown a route out of Yoshiwara to use as a bargaining chip. Kamui reunited with his little sister Kagura but without hesitation, attacks her from behind and ending up destroying the pipe walls.

Later on, Kamui meets with Housen as they speak about his past. Kamui then displays a captured Seita and request a night with Hinowa, much to Hosen's animosity.

Kamui further angered Hosen by calling Yoshiwara a heaven he had made for himself, a prison for an old man to keep his cute little dolls. An angered Housen tells Kamui to be quiet several times but when he refuses he smashed him into the ceiling. However, the one who got smashed into the ceiling was one of the female servants, as Kamui had switched places with her when Housen tried to hit him. Kamui and Housen then begin to fight, much to the dismay of Abuto and Ungyou's opposition.

Of course they love fighting too. Chronicling their relationship Their first meeting is an instant spark. After which, we begin to see the antagonistic side of their relationship and their bitter rivalry.

Of course this irritated Kagura and she started to dislike him too. Her protectiveness of Gin is also something that triggers her, and this unfortunately played out.

This was pretty early on too.

Gintama (2017) : Kamui Meet Umibozu

Young boys poke fun and bully the girl they really like to hide the fact that they like her. To Kagura, he bullies her and provokes her even when unnecessary and this reminds her of childish behavior.

Because their dynamic was reminiscent of a primary school boy-girl relationship, and Sorachi thought it was funny to put it in. Then again we could choose to take it with a pinch of salt and dismiss it as comedy, but again, WHY did Sorachi write it like that if he had absolutely no intention to suggest something affectionate?

At this point, I just wanna say that I think Okita might have a crush on Kagura. Frivolous matters aside, another critical aspect of their relationship is how they manage to work together and end up as one hell of a duo. What I find interesting is also how the animators have decided to give them auras — red for Kagura and blue for Okita. It was used twice even, again in the Beetle Hunting arc.

Also, how Okita is willing to play with kids and beetles just to beat Kagura. Kagura then cries over her loss of Sadaharu no.

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Also, at the end of the episode, when Gin punishes the both of them, it really seemed like a father punishing two kids who were being immature and stupid. Their rivalry is unstoppable as we see that they destroy everything in the way of their competition, including their friends. In other words, to uphold their pride. Almost always, they just bicker. They compete over everything, and along with it comes arguments as well, but notice that they just like to compete with each other because both of them are just super skilled.

Another interesting point is how Okita takes Kagura so seriously. So far, I just wanna point out that Okita shows his true self to Kagura a lot. Perhaps not romantically, but definitely interested. But first we need to discuss the Yagyuu arc. Something else this arc has shown is a sense of exclusivity between the two.

No one else is allowed to beat her except for him. He even goes so far to prove that point by beating up Minamito. This scene can be interpreted in two ways: Like I mentioned, he probably has difficulty expressing that softer side of him so he constructs something.

Please also take note of the time when one of the Character Books described Okita as a hero who saved Kagura when she was in a pinch. If he truly hated or disliked her, he would not give two shits if others beat her up but no, he gets kinda possessive once someone else attacks her.

Kinda reminds me of a boyfriend, but in a rival kind of way. I think that says something for sure. But Kagura takes advantage of it all and hits both of them at once. I feel like Okita lets Kagura humiliate him sometimes, and he rarely lets others do so. How seriously the both of them take each other is depicted in the next scene when Kondou and Shipachi found Nishino and Okita, knocked out cold.