Kagura and kamui meet the press

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kagura and kamui meet the press

Results 1 - 10 of (Internal financial controls), Internal and External Audit CSA - Control Self- Assessment Tool Regional Governance and Finance Meeting. Kamui went beast mode, really nostalgic from Kagura doing the same thing back in Kagura tried to stop the fight, but it made Gintoki fall in Kamui's blind spot. Kamui get up of his nightmare!!! tearful meeting about brothers!!! ; _ ; About Press Room Support Advertising FAQ Terms Privacy Sitemap. The second is Kamui, also because of his good looks, but he is not the main focus now. I know some of you will say that Okita has ever covered for Kagura a Basically, Okita and Nobume first met on battlefield on Gintama.

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He is the weakest person on that area. He is the one who is most likely to die if he gets a direct hit even a single time. Yet he doesn't hesitate. Also, I always loved his voice, which made that scene even more badass. And now to the best female character, Kagura even though there are a few female characters in Gintama that I like just as much as her, I can't deny that she is objectively the best at this point. Other Shounen animes should really look at Kagura and take a few notes.

Her fight with Kamui was amazing. Her and Shinpachi's combined efforts plus the music was great. Seeing her getting hit so many times was painful to see, but I also felt proud everytime she stood back up. The little Kagura with Kouka is probably the most adorable thing I've ever seen and heard in a long time. But my favorite part is definitely her resolve, and her love for her family both of them.

I love how she fought with everything she had, yet she was never really angry.

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Shows how much she has grown since the Yoshiwara arc. And as I said, I am a sucker for any family scene with Yorozuya, their relationship is probably one of my favorite things in Gintama. I know she didn't have many scenes in this episode but I also want to talk about Kouka a bit. We have only known her for 3 episodes, yet I still almost teared up at the end, when she was dying.

I love every aspect of her character. Loving mother and wife, badass woman who fights monsters for fun, a brave person who would sacrifice everything, including her life just to spend a bit more time with people she loves. Then there is our ''villain'' Kamui.

kagura and kamui meet the press

There isn't any character in Gintama that I don't like, so I always liked Kamui, but he was never one of my favorites until this arc. But now, I can honestly say that I love the guy.

kagura and kamui meet the press

His backstory was really interesting. His pain, his anger over his mothers death felt very real. Even if I didn't agree with his reasoning, I still felt for him.

Gintama - Kagura vs Kamui vs Eldest [FULL FIGHT-ENG SUB-FULL HD]

That last line he had about his sister, about the Yato blood etc. Even when he was beating them up, you could still see the love he felt for Kagura and Abuto, and even the respect he felt for Gintoki. That is not an easy feat, considering he was trying to kill them.

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I hope he will find his happiness now that the unresolved issues are mostly solved for him. This guy is the most loyal yet sassy subordinate ever. He was willing to attack Kamui and even die by his hands to stop Kamui.

Not because he disagreed with his actions, but because he felt that Kamui wasn't doing what he actually wanted to do.

kagura and kamui meet the press

Kamui and Housen then begin to fight, much to the dismay of Abuto and Ungyou's opposition. Housen gets the advantage at some point, but Kamui calmly turns the table and fights back, putting them on equal footing. Kamui and Housen then clash, hoping to land a powerful strike. The fight is then interrupted by Ungyou and Abuto who stands in both their ways for attack.

Kamui accidentally ended up killing Ungyou with his attack, as Abuto ended up losing his left arm to Housen. Abuto claims that it was a small price to pay for interrupting the fight. Kamui than leaves and tells Housen that he is not worth killing as he can rot and die in his Yoshiwara world. Kamui then searches for Seita, he then helps him by brutally killing the Hyakka soldiers. Kamui then tells him that he will help him meet his mother and show him the way to Hinowa's chamber.

On the way, several Hyakka soldiers try to stop them, but each everyone got easily killed by Kamui in a brutal way. Kamui explains that he dislikes killing women, as they can give birth to children who can grow up to become strong one day. Kamui and Seita then arrive at Hinowa's chamber as Kamui steps back to let Seita meet her himself. After both Housen and Sakata Gintoki arrive, they begin to fight.

kagura and kamui meet the press

Kamui sits at the sidelines and watches, very impressed by Gintoki's power. He takes credit for Housen's death and so is appointed as Yoshiwara's new Overlord. He has no interest in the city, however, and became its ruler solely to prevent anyone from getting close to Gintoki.

Before leaving, he tells Gintoki to heal up and become stronger, because he wants to fight him when he's at his best. Kabukichou Four Devas arc Kamui is brought in by the Harusame under the pretense that he will be helping to execute Takasugi Shinsuke of the Kiheitai, when the actual target was Kamui himself.

After Kamui is captured, with the help of Takasugi Shinsuke he is placed in a cell to await his execution.

Kamui (Gintama)

While there Takasugi comes to visit him in his cell, they end up talking and implies that he might be thinking of releasing him. At the execution, Takasugi volunteers to kill Kamui himself only to instead free him from his bonds. Then the Kiheitai and 7th Division both assault the Harusame ship, overwhelming the space pirates.

Kamui and Takasugi form a partnership and then thry both leave for Earth. Shogun Assassination arc Kamui and Takasugi arrive on earth to carry out their plan of assassinating the shogun.

Powers and Abilities Kamui possesses amazing natural and instinctive fighting abilities, and tremendous physical strength, speed, durability, reflexes, agility, flexibility, endurance and senses all of which far surpass human capabilities.

Kamui himself is among the highest elite of the Yato equal to, otherwise greater than Housen and Umibouzu, meaning his abilities far exceed that of an average Yato. He possesses tremendous levels of strength, speed, durability, endurance and agility.

His body is so strong, it's capable of easily tearing through flesh and bones. He is also considered to be the strongest member of his race, as his abilities far surpass that of any member of the Yato Tribe. Instead of relying on brute force alone, Kamui is shown to be very acrobatic in his movements and skillful in his attacks.

kagura and kamui meet the press

Even during his fight with Housen he was able to deal more damage than he took, further showing how capable he is in combat.