Laboon and brook meet again in heaven

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laboon and brook meet again in heaven

The fifteenth season of the One Piece anime series was produced by Toei Animation, and the Straw Hats reunite at Sabaody after completing their training sessions. . Meanwhile, Brook informs everyone that Luffy is alive and performs a new Brook then claims that the whale is Laboon but they finally see a whole. Rated: Fiction K - English - Hurt/Comfort/Friendship - Laboon, Brook, Crocus Laboon finally had something to look forward to again, and it would simply be too cruel to Black arrows fell from heaven and carried them away. One Piece - Brook & Laboon One Piece Anime, Manga Anime, Fairy Tail,. Visit [ASL - Ace, Sabo, and Luffy] This is heaven. .. from May We Meet Again.

The crew grew attached to him because he was "cute".

laboon and brook meet again in heaven

Eventually, while feeding him bait, Brook named him "Laboon". He was accepted as a crew member and even aided them when an attack caused a few crew members to fall overboard and no one else could help them. Despite being a crew member, when the Rumbar Pirates decided to go to the Grand Line, they chose to leave Laboon behind because he was just a baby. However, Laboon refused to leave them and Yorkitheir captain, ordered the others to ignore Laboon. After repairing their ship, the crew finally bid farewell to Laboon, promising him they would return in two or three years, after having traveled all the way around the Grand Line.

Fifty Years of Waiting Edit Laboon patiently waited for them at Grand Line's entrance under the care of Crocuswho mans the lighthouse that introduces travelers into the Grand Line. After many years passed by without the return of the Rumbar Pirates, Crocus decided to travel with the Roger Pirates to discover what happened to Laboon's crew.

Upon his return, Crocus told him that his friends had effectively abandoned him by fleeing the Grand Line through the Calm Belt.

laboon and brook meet again in heaven

The old doctor had cared for Laboon ever since his friends left him and tried to make Laboon understand the situation. Although Laboon knew the truth about his friends, he refused to admit to himself that they were gone.

laboon and brook meet again in heaven

Over the years that would pass, Laboon gained many scars on his head from slamming into Reverse Mountain. He believed that by doing this, he could destroy the mountain and return to the West Blue where his friends would be waiting for him. Launching the cannon in the hopes that it would slow them down, Luffy hit Laboon instead. After the battle which Luffy called a drawLuffy promised Laboon that he would return to see him, under the guise of wanting a rematch, which moved Laboon to tears of joy.

Crocus tried not to give in to such speculations. Because after more than fifty years, Laboon finally had something to look forward to again, and it would simply be too cruel to have that taken away so soon. And then, halfway through the fifth month, it happened. A raucous young pirate crew came down Reverse Mountain, the lilting tunes of an impossibly familiar voice drifting from their ship.

Crocus watched in disbelief as the ship came closer and closer, noticing Laboon's entire attention fixed on the ship as well. The two were so entranced that Laboon didn't even flinch when the ship slammed into him, as he was blocking the way.

laboon and brook meet again in heaven

The young crew had begun panicking by now, the music grinding to a halt. Laboon grew anxious when that beloved voice was cut off, stirring up waves and causing the crew to panic even more in turn.

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Snapping out of his stupor, Crocus cut in before things got even more out of hand. He hopped onto the deck, ignoring the shocked exclamations of the pirates, and turned to the captain. The crooning voice of "Humming" Brook once again filled the air, and Laboon immediately stilled, listening with rapt attention. I taught you tunes when you knew none, We sailed together, our voices as one… The pirates stared in fascination.

How do you have one of his songs? His TDs are everywhere!

laboon and brook meet again in heaven

So they left him here, and promised to come back for him in a few years' time. He's been waiting for them to return since. Crocus turned his gaze sharply on the one who had spoken, and the man flinched away at the force of the glare.

And Brook does sound very much alive to me, if he's still singing…" "But he's a skeleton! Most people think the reason he came back to life is because of a devil fruit.

Brook sing ''Bink's No Sake'' to Laboon

They've been telling the story…" "Most people think it's just a song," the man from before piped up. It's called "See You Again". I'm crying in pain, their love will remain… Another of the pirates, who had been studying the lopsided Straw Hat jolly roger painted on Laboon's face, spoke up then.