Let us meet and question this most bloody anime

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let us meet and question this most bloody anime

That suffer in exposure, let us meet. And question this most bloody piece of work,. To know it further. Fears and scruples shake us. In the great hand of God I. Nov 17, Similarly, for us older fans, I've left out some longer series that I Watanabe tried to recreate the vibe with his Chanbara-meets-hip-hop follow up Samurai Champloo, one of the most exhilarating, watchable works of anime ever made. . questioned the constant quest for realism in animation at the time. Dec 22, Lady Macbeth then faints, causing Macduff and Banquo to call for help, happened further: 'let us meet/ And question this most bloody piece of.

Attack on Titan As humans face extinction at the hand, or rather, mouth, of cannibalistic giant monsters, known as Titans, a select few step forward to defend humanity. However, their bravery is very short-lived when they see the real terrifying horror that a Titan conveys. The anime has really ramped up the brutality this season, as human-on-human violence has become the norm — and is often crueler than what the Titans dished out in previous seasons.

Aside from its stunning visuals and gripping storyline, Tokyo Ghoul features ghouls eating and battling each other, which, therefore, leads to a lot of blood. The anime also includes some intense physical and psychological torture that are much worse than getting your arm ripped off. Gantz Gantz tells the story of two high school students who die after rescuing a beggar from a train. While many people would frown upon children getting killed on screen, Genocyber ignored this and featured some kids getting blown up.

Spread across five episodes, the original video animation follows a new weapon that sets out to destroy anything and anyone. Staying at school after dark was not a good idea for nine students and their teacher. Now they have to work together to escape or perish with these evil spirits.

However, Saya is not your typical student as she fends off monsters who try to devour her village. While the first few episodes might be uneventful, it all climaxes with magnificent gut-spewing bloodshed galore. To survive, he must battle other Deadmen and win, as losing means saying goodbye to a piece of you.

However, unlike other duels, this will be fought with real steel Japanese swords rather than bokken wooden swords. And tons of it gets splattered around in the ultimate battle between humans and Nazi bloodsuckers. You know, there's no need for you to worry yourself.

It was for my own sake that I did all that. It wasn't for you in particular. It's just my nature. I'd rather fight with my sword than run away, that's all. So that's the only reason? You fought a hundred men cause It's not in your nature to run away? Besides, I owed that bastard some payback. My memory of things is a bit unclear, I was lost in the swordplay.

But to tell you the truth, there was something I just couldn't get out of my head. Compared to what you're trying to do, me fighting a hundred men means nothing, it has no purpose.

I'm not talking about just you, I mean Griffith also. The two of you have something important that you can stake your lives on. I think it's great, I truly mean that. Compared to the strength of that purpose, whether I face a hundred men in battle or even a thousand, seems like nothing but a random act.

Gaston doesn't think he's very suited for army life. His intention is to start a tailoring business with the money he's earned when this war is over. He's very good with his hands, though he may not look it. Nikol had proposed to a woman once who refused him once. Apparently she didn't want to marry a common soldier, so he declared he'd get promoted as soon as possible so that he could ask her again.

That's why he tends to be so reckless and overextends himself in battle. It seems to me that everybody stakes their lives in a lost cause. Looking over them all from up here, I almost think I can see their hopes and dreams flickering in each little light.

Like a bonfire of dreams. Well, that was beautiful. You sounded like the Princess talking. But I understand; it's like each one of them has his own little light or small flame that he brings to the Band of the Hawk. Yeah, and to ensure those weaker flames don't go out, each man casts his own into the strongest fire of them all: A raging fire, that is Griffith. But, my light isn't to be seen among them. Still, after all this time, it's seems I'm just someone who stopped to warm himself at the bonfire in passing.

So long as I have my sword to fight with, I'm sure to survive. Year after year, I've proven it to be true.

let us meet and question this most bloody anime

Before joining the Hawks, I've always survived, no matter the odds, no matter how hopeless a losing battle. This time was no different. In truth, I don't believe that's any way to live one's life. I've been fighting in battles for as long as I can remember. The mercenary leader who raised me taught me nothing except how to wield a sword. I've never had anything, except my sword. I don't want to die; for me that is the only reason for me I keep fighting.

There is nothing to save myself for or give myself to. I fight because I know nothing else. Once I was willing, to do just that, to commit myself to fighting, and let anyone else find a reason for me. Let's have a drink. Are you sure you should drink in your condition? The alcohol will disinfect me from the inside! Ha ha, that sounds like good medicine! The Decisive Battle[ edit ] Sir Laban: On Griffith Beyond all others. Perhaps we have fought by a hero such as the like of which comes around once in a hundred years.

A commander beyond all others. Stake your lives on this fight! Our survival demands that we stake our lives on this fight! And to survive, is to be victorious! The Conquerer[ edit ] Guts: In response to the enemy's shock What are you, idiots? Your head has been cut off, your leader is dead, your castle has fallen. Don't tell me you haven't figured it out yet! Moment of Glory[ edit ] Casca: Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt, let alone a fancy gown.

And look at all my muscle. The truth now; I look silly, don't I? No, you look very lovely. Tombstone of Flames[ edit ] Queen: Griffith, if you think you can burn me, the Queen, you are mistaken! You can't kill me! I won't allow it! Death on the battlefield comes regardless of class, royal or common. The loser must die!

let us meet and question this most bloody anime

Do you think me a dreadful man? I had you take such a part in my affairs, while never getting my own hands dirty. I left the most difficult and dangerous tasks to you alone.

Do you then not, resent me? You do realize you're talking to the man who slaughtered a hundred men. I think it makes your question kind of pointless. You're just following your path, you still believe that, don't you? Separation[ edit ] Guts: You're going to be all right. You just stumbled over a stone in the road. Your goal lies far beyond this. I'm sure you'll overcome this.

Sparks[ edit ] Guts: On his sword Is this reality? It has always been at my side, through pain I could hardly endure. Yes, this is part of me. Whenever I met death, my sword was with me as I moved past it.

For all the places I have seen, and people I can never forget, I felt everything through the tip of my sword. This sword is the proof that I ever lived. The light born in the clash when two swords meet. They serve me well. Confession[ edit ] Casca: That day you left, that's when I knew.

The thing I could not stop gazing at and thinking about wasn't Griffith, kneeling in the snow defeated for the first time and devastated by it. It was you, watching you walk away from us and never look back.

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It gripped me, I couldn't accept what I was feeling, this woman unable to blink, unable to turn away as you disappeared. The life I had led since the moment I met Griffith all at once felt betrayed. My life has been an honest one: I have only my pride, and I owe that to Griffith, but There may be a place for me in this man's soul. Not because of what I may receive, but for something of worth I may have for him. Your dream is everything to you! You only think about yourself! You don't give a damn whether or not I'm around, do you?!

Do whatever the hell you want, don't look back!

let us meet and question this most bloody anime

Wind up somewhere dead, alone, with your sword! Guts embraces her Guts: Come, you can come with me. I don't know what will happen, I know only one thing; that I want to keep holding you, lie with you a hundred more-no a thousand more times.

That's how I feel. We shall meet again, in another world. We are kindred, your kinsmen Eve of the Feast[ edit ] Corkus: This was supposed to be our new beginning! Weren't we going to make a fresh start after we rescued Griffith? For a goddamn year now, we've been living like rats; the lucky ones, of course.

The other half are dead! But even so, I did hope While discussing plans for the future with Judeau, Guts is interrupted by Gaston and a large group of the Hawks raiders Gaston: Say, you weren't thinking about leaving without saying goodbye again, now, were you? Because if that's the case, we've decided that we're coming with you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

It was a unanimous decision. As long as you're leading us, we know we can succeed. Please take us with you, Commander. The other Hawks join in, begging to come along with Guts Guts: I hadn't realized it until this very moment, but everything I ever wanted back is right here before me, right now. Why don't I realize what I have until it's lost to me?

The Eclipse[ edit ] Old Woman: Listen here boy, this is the only path that leads to the castle. Those who really want to make it to the castle must either step over the ones who have fallen or stay here to pave the road for those who have the will to make it.

No illusion; we're merely holding a mirror to your own consciousness and allowing you to witness the reflection. You yourself stacked the cobblestones to reach the castle in the sky. That was and always has been your destiny.

Without doubt, you stepped over the thousands of dead, whose bodies made up the stones to pave your way, and they, for you, have done the same to those before! Among thousands of comrades and tens of thousands of enemies, only one, only you, and you alone, obscured the vision of my dream. Time of Eternity[ edit ] Guts find himself in a lake of blood, along with the mangled remains of many of the Band of the Hawk Guts: Well, I can't actually say I feel like I'm alive.

Where are the others? Is anyone else still alive? All I can remember is running like hell. After a while my fatigue caught with me. I don't know what happened to the others. Is this real, or am I having nightmares? Gaston's head explodes Void: You are our prodigy, our newest kinsman, our wing of darkness; Arise, Femto. I feel it all over again.

11 Most Gruesome Anime Deaths Guaranteed to Freak You the F— Out

Love, hate, ultimate pleasure, ultimate pain, life, death, all here to enjoy, right before our very eyes! The true nature of man and the devil is here and now. Guts walks out of the room Don't get yourself killed. Draws his sword I rather enjoy settling things by force. Leave us alone Casca. One way or another, I'll get what I want. You'd go to any length to defeat me. But now, you can't wield your sword unless I move. I wouldn't mind if you'd rather postpone this.

You know, you talk too much. Let me tell you, in battle there is only one way you should be using your mouth! Now, my friend, you have a choice: Admit defeat, or I will be forced to dislocate your shoulder. Either way makes no difference to me. Griffith cripples Guts, defeating him. The other Hawks rush to congratulate Griffith. Griffith to Guts after he relocated his arm: For now on, you belong to me.

let us meet and question this most bloody anime

You're satisfied as long as you get to just cross swords with the enemy. You don't care at all about the lives of the men you lead; you're just a mad dog! Guts grabs Casca's wrist Guts: I do think about my comrades. I've encountered two men who are able to inflict wounds on my body. A shame I have to kill them both. I'll start with this one. T-This is the Egg of the King! A boy like him possesses the Crimson Behelit? His shock turns into amusement I see! So this is their ploy Human, I'll give you some advice.

Or rather, I will foretell your doom. If you consider this man your true friend, and regard him as a brother, then know this. When this man's ambition crumbles, it is your destiny to face your death. For once you possess this, you are destined to rule the world in exchange for your flesh and blood Guts: Why do men like to shed blood, you asked. You are right in saying that it is one of the facets we, men, possess.

let us meet and question this most bloody anime

However, it is but a tool to obtain what our heart desires and keep it from harm's way. I believe it to be a double-edged blade. What your heart desires Both are important, aren't they? Fighting and dying for love and honor is what a knight desires above all else. But there exists something even more important than that.