Lulu and johnny meet me elmhurst

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lulu and johnny meet me elmhurst

I'm on my way to Peekskill, New York, to see all of the sites! First I put on my sweatshirt with Little Lulu on it that my sister made me. . Oakhill - clubhouse corner of Elmhurst and Oak) (The man at the taxi office told me about Oak Hill .. I went to Drum Hill where my first young love interest was Johnny Kramer in 7th grade. 91 Babylon ; w Peter Andrew Sugrue, m Johnny [i. e. John Andrew] Zelle, arr. Don't wait for me to tell you what to do, you're old enough to know ; melody. ; John Michael McGlynn, Elmhurst, N. Y. Hail varsity ; univ. of ; John Kuchis and John Koney, Walling- ton, N. J. ' Lulu, you're my. Jon Hansen: My parents gave me a camcorder to play with . You'll see me out in the streets of. Chicago every to 1 AM, After Hours w/DJ Lightning Lulu 1 AM to 4 AM. Hydrate: $2 Johnny V - MXXX: The Hardest Ride.

To the best of my knowledge, at that time the buildings were over years old. My parents got their mortgage from the old Peekskill Savings Bank. My mother worked for "Pines, Sterling and Sterling" at the time, and Charlie Sterling was on the Board of Directors at the Bank and as I recall, did some arm-twisting to secure a mortgage for my parents as there was reluctance to mortgage an 'abandoned' property.

The property was beautiful. It was a magical place for a child to live - there were over 4 acres, the 3 stone buildings plus the building which for many years housed the Veterans of Foreign Wars. My father sold part of the land to the VFW to be able to renovate the main hotel building and the 2 smaller homes.

We lived in both the smaller homes and the hotel. The buildings were beautiful - the walls 18" thick fieldstone. Wall to ceiling windows, high ceilings, elaborate plaster mouldings, and a marble fireplace in each room of the main 'hotel' building. In spring, daffodils grew wild and covered the entire hillside in front of the main hotel which had a wrap around porch, with magnificent views of the Hudson -- and at that time, of the old Mothball Fleet.

There was a natural waterfall adjacent to the stone house that remains which went into a tiny pond. There was a larger pond up behind the VFW building where the 'Late Great Duchess' - the dog we grew up with used to bring home huge snapping turtle shells strangely devoid of their occupants. My parents operated the "Hotel BelAire" for many several years, along with a restaurant as part of the hotel and for others in Town. I recall every summer, the local doctors would have their annual clambake at the hotel.

June Week at West Point, the hotel would be bustling with families of the cadets, many of whom we befriended and kept in contact for years.

One of my fondest memories is of a New York City family who were in the garment business who stayed for months at the hotel due to a tragic accident. Arthur Lewis whose only son was killed in an accident on Route 9 and whose husband remained hospitalized for months in the old Peekskill Hospital which necessitated their staying at the hotel until Mr. Lewis was released from the hospital. Every weekend when they would visit Mr.

Another friendship forged for many years I was heartbroken when my parents sold the site in Just thought you' like to know about some history which supercedes what you have posted Best wishes, Carol Renza You may click on the photos below for a larger version Hotel shows the original slate roof with finials Hotel 2 showed the new roof my father put on.

Hotel 3 shows the beautiful view of the Hudson from the large wrap-around porch of the hotel Hotel Listing 1 and Hotel Listing 2 depict the sales literature with American Listings in New York City when my parents listed the property for sale February 3, I was at St Germaines home from to 66 it was a wonder full experiance.

The sisters treated us so well. I was from a very abusive home, because of my uncle. I learned a lot while i was there, I was there not because I was bad but because of circumstance. Also there was a manmade pond on the grounds do you know what it was called? I was only one of two girls back then that came from Rochester NY, one other was Carmen Martinize, do you have any infro on any of the girls from that time or any future reunions?

I am really interested to see my old girls home. I was so young but loved Peekskill. Is it still a pretty little town? Thank you so much, please tell me whom to contact for photos or more infromation.

Thanks again, Catherine February 3, I happened onto your website and thoroughly enjoyed it even though I was no fan of Lulu. Jack Armstrong and Buck Rogers were more to my liking. The main purpose in contacting you is to see if you, or any of your readers, have addresses for both St. Mary's School for Girls and St. Peters School for boys. My mother and her sisters I believe attended St. Mary's and I graduated St. I am working on a family tree and could certainly use information from both of these now defunct schools.

As I am the oldest living member of our family there is no place to go to for information. One lady that wrote you says her husband is a VP there and he could probably help me. Gordon Vail February 3, I just found your site by accident as I was surfing the net. I was raised in the Home on the hill St. I know it's no longer a home for children but you brought some good memories. I haven't been back in over 30 years and hope my planned trip to the Bronx will afford me some time to visit the church I spent so many hours in.

Thank you for the memories. This past summer I took a trip back to Peekskill after many years away. It is very sad to me because I grew up in Peekskill and lived there until about and it was a wonderful place to grow up.

I worked at Standard Brands for one summer before attending college for one year and deciding to marry my high school sweetheart. Growing up we had two theaters in town in the 50's - Peekskill Theater and Paramount Theater. The Peekskill Theater struggled to stay open. I spent many hours after school at the soda shop where the PMA students hung out - Marathon was for the "Townies". I remember many evenings stopping at the Diner for breakfast. I think it was called the By-Pass Diner in the late 50's.

It's sad to see Sorrentos gone. I worked at EdnaLite for a few years and that is gone. I could go on at length naming businesses that closed and left Peekskill.

Does anyone from Villa Loretto past remember a beauty culture teacher by the name of Elsie Turner. She was one of my Mother's closest friends. She did my hair for my very first date which was a blind date with a PMA cadet. She was a wonderful person. We always had milk delivered from Kuritzky's. My parents were active in the Hudson Valley Yacht Club and had a boat on the river - that was when you could dock at Croton Point and swim off the boat - water was clear to the bottom.

Spent many days at Sprout Brook in the summer. Peekskill was a wonderful place to grow up and it was sad to see what happened to town once urban renewal came in and the strip shopping centers popped up outside of town. I feel there are many people now trying to revitalize the area and I wish them well. I sure miss the beautiful Hudson River valley. Dorothy February 20, Very nice site to look around. I lived in Peekskill from through My mom was the secretary at Oakside Elementary School from to when the family moved to New Jersey.

Luckily, I only live 50 miles from Peekskill now, so I can still go back if I want to. There's just nobody left there to go see! I graduated PHS in I don't recall Drum Hill ever being called "Oak Hill". It's funny to see the foot high windows that tend to make it obvious that the rooms used to be classrooms! February 20 I really enjoy looking at your site. This is an old picture of St. Joseph's on the shores of the Hudson River.

As a kid back then it was a big deal. I also remember on a hot summer day my friend Vincent and were sitting on the wall facing south street from St. Joseph's and to our surprise then an Ice Cream truck flip over and these big tubs of ice cream rolled out and we jumped from the wall the driver was not hurt but when he got out he said later hey kids help yourselves we did we grabbed a Five gallon drum and we shared it with the other kids then.

Bad day for the truck good day for us kids. Joseph's Home, Now MT. Over looking the Hudson River. February 20, I enjoyed your website! I found it in the dogpile search engine.

I was looking for info on Peekskill to solve our own family history mystery. I think he is probably buried there. Do you have any idea if there was a tuberculosis hospital in Peekskill area in ? Odell and family lived in Kingston I suspect He was sent away to Peekskill more than once for health reasons.

I live High in the Rocky Mountains and a visit there is out of the question right now. You are welcome to post or pass this query on to someone who might help.

I am 62 years old, but the memories still remain of the home and the nuns, I still remember father Best. I was an alter boy.

lulu and johnny meet me elmhurst

Joes from the 6As. Sister Rita Cathrine was the Mother Superior. I remember the hill, was our play ground, the Round house our gym, it was all stone. And the Wall like the Wall of China that inclosed St. For those who have attended with me and want to relive the past, contact me at Pasorebel aol. Thanks for the memories February 20, hello.

I was a cadet at Peekskill Military Academy from to I was the captain of the band in my senior year. Oh such wonderful memories of the school and the town during those wonderful four years.

During that time as a cadet, I dated a very lovely young lady by the name of Barbara Ann Fisher from Peekskill. I have often wondered what ever happened to her. Bob Bracilano October 22, I want to say you have a very interesting page, very imformative. If I were going to Peekskill I feel that I could follow your directions and get to where I want to go. I stumbled on your site by just clicking away, and so glad I found it. It gave me info on the Peekskill Military Academy with pictures, and I was off from there.

I thank you so much for putting this kind of info online, it sure helped me. I am so grateful you did. Would be great to see the comic pics that resemble the real pics you took.

The school you photographed with the woman and three kids is Oakside School. My mom used to be the secretary to the principal there and I used to work there over summers. And although things have changed quite a bit since I lived there inI pretty much know where all of the pics you took are.

The Drum Hill School is now an assisted-living community. But inside you can still tell it used to be a school. Even the rooms still have that classroom look with foot high windows! By the way, the Hanging Tree is not by the only remaining building from the Military Academy which is now the Admin building. While searching for pictures of Peekskill I came across your page and want to say that I have enjoyed exploring with you Peekskill and surroundings.

I too have a web site, http: It contains a wealth of material email adddress, reunions and yearbook pictures from graduating classes that go back into the 's. If you wish I will provide a link to your page and perhaps you could link to my page.

August 20, Many of the pictures of the dineras well as the menu, were given by me to Maria, when she and Jimmy were remodeling. My grandfather put the diner there. He brought it up from Tarrytown. I still have the original bill of sale. My grandparents told me many stories about the diner when we were little. It was sad what happened to Maria and the diner after Jimmy died. They were very good people. If you are looking for more history on the diner, let me know.

Because of that, the original art deco lobby remains as do all the transoms over doorways and the carved beams that were in the chapel. At the end of one hallway is a large stained glass wall. There are many original remnants of stone walls on the property. The original outdoor pool remains though a new one has been built over and around it.

March 26, Loved all the photos. It brought back lots of memories of my hometown. I grew up in Peekskill. From time to time I do go back to Peekskill, it's still not the same as time marches on. I will however be going home to Peekskill this year. Alice Lockwood March 18, It was great to see the pictures of our hometown from the late 50's to the early 90's. Although official Peekskill residents we went to the rival Hendrick Hudson High School and proudly called ourselves 'Sailors'.

Favorite memories include swimming at Blue Mountain Park, playing in the Lapolla Little League and the 4th of July parades and fireworks - and surprised no one mentioned that the Peekskill Military Academy was the NY Jets training camp in the 60's. Also wonder if anybody remembers milk delivered by our family business - LaDue's dairy? Although we live in the Carolinas now we desperately miss the pizza at the Paradise Restaurant in Verplank, sandwiches at Ferony's Deli on Welcher Ave, and the coconut buns from the Modern Bakery in uptown Peekskill near the Assumption Church.

Although we still have family there we don't get home very often. When we do there's nothing like the views from the Bear Mountain Bridge or West Point - especially in the fall. Thanks for a glance at hometown memories.

Wondering if anyone knows the family, family name etc Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great web site I never been back to Peekskill. Hope you can help. I was born in Peekskill, in As a toddler, I lived on Dykman street, from late to Augustthen we moved to Fishkill, N. And I remember our next door neighbors the Conklin's. I last saw in During that time my mom and my self, would walk downtown from Dykman street via Washington street, and onto main street. We would always shop there.

Then go to the 5 and dime and get a slice of good ol New York style pizza. Let see now, a pizza slice back in was something like 10 cents. I used to get hair cuts at the barber shop, on the corner of Washington and Requa street. And all those lolly pops the barber had after the young boys used to get after a hair cut.

Later the shop became a travel agency. And Serentos restaurant at the train station. Best Italian food in town. He retired in My grandfather George Lynch known as Doc worked at the Peekskill police station. Always stopped at one of the downtown bakeries and bought a dozen of donuts for the officers, on the way.

He walked to work. The town was set-up to where everything was in walking distance. I remember the parades in downtown Peekskill, in the s. But I remember one parade at around Bank street some where around early summer of I also remember riding my grandparents pony Soxie in the early s, with my Uncle Michael, who took the lead rope.

My Grand parents lived on Hudson Ave. You can see the Hudson river is at and where all the ships on shore. There is so much to talk about. When I here a 50s do-op song, I think of Peekskill. That's where I lived back then. Today I live in San Jose, Calf. I'm sure she will tell everyone about your website. Thanks for the memories. I was a student at St. Mary's for four years in the '50s and was anxious to see the pictures. It is pretty much unrecognizable to me now but still interesting. And, by the way, St Mary's was an Episcopal boarding school, not Catholic.

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lulu and johnny meet me elmhurst

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lulu and johnny meet me elmhurst

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lulu and johnny meet me elmhurst

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My "Diry" of My Trip to Peekskill, NY - Little Lulu's Home Town

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