Meet anna and elsa at magic kingdom

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meet anna and elsa at magic kingdom

Want to meet Anna and Elsa at Disney World? You can't leave it up to chance. Here's your best game plan. At the Magic Kingdom, Anna and Elsa have their own float at the is a character meet-and-greet set inside Anna and Elsa's summer place. Starting April 20th, Walt Disney World's website has listed.

A 3-hour wait formed nearly instantaneously when the park opened, adding another hour to that time by 1pm.

Anna and Elsa Greet Guests Individually in the Magic Kingdom

Guests can wait in line for one side or the other, not both. Today it was clear who the popular princesses were, with Cinderella and Rapunzel only having a 15 minute wait while the posted wait time early in the morning for Anna and Elsa was 3 hours. But regardless of how guests got in, everyone was delighted to meet Anna and Elsa inside.

At the time, I was impressed that it was so easy to make the reservation for these popular characters. I even tweeted about itpraising its simplicity. Just in case something went wrong, I took a screenshot of the booking on my phone via the mobile version of the site.

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As it turns out, my concern was valid and there was indeed a problem. But when they scanned their MagicBands and I scanned my annual pass, none worked. After double and triple checking through a few different ways, the conclusion was the same.

Epcot Let It Go, So Princess Anna and Queen Elsa are now at Magic Kingdom

So I showed the Cast Member my screenshot, as did my friend who had also thought to do the same. But the response we received was surprising, as the Cast Member said they could not honor the screenshot. When asked why, she replied that we could have changed the photo to show any time or attraction we wanted and that only an active reservation in the My Disney Experience site or app would allow us entry.

We certainly had done nothing of the sort, but obviously could not explain how or why our day-old booking had simply vanished. While pricy, the character breakfast is a wonderful experience, as each table is visited by characters chosen from Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Aurora, Mary Poppins, and Cinderella. If you are having breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, ride Frozen Ever After first and than proceed immediately to the meet-and-greet.

Scenes from the movie are projected on a drive-in movie—size screen in the background of the stage, and live performers including Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and two royal historians of Arendelle tell the story of their kingdom.

You can also check showtimes online prior to the day of your visit. He usually meets continuously 9 a. Again, check the Times Guide for this meet-and-greet. The shortest wait for the lovable snowman is first thing after rope drop. Join team Kristoff or team Olaf and compete in ice-pail relays, a snowball toss, ski pole limbo, and slide races.

New for summer is a meet-and-greet with Kristoff and the summer-loving snowman. The restaurant opens at 8 am. If you decide to do this it does mean that breakfast could be rather rushed.

meet anna and elsa at magic kingdom

You will have to decide whether spending the money on breakfast and potentially having to cut short the experience is worth it. Many guests do use this tactic and the servers in Akershus are very used to the request that you want to be out of the restaurant quickly!

So long as the park is still open you can get in the line.

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If you are willing to sacrifice watching Epcot Illuminations you can get in the Frozen Ever After line as late as 8. Usually the morning hour will still be full of guests heading for the Frozen line, but evening times are slower. You have an additional 3 hours in the park.

Usually crowds are much lighter during these Extra Magic Hours so this can be a great opportunity to experience the Frozen ride. This is also located in Norway Pavilion.

How To Find Anna and Elsa at Walt Disney World

There are wait times of up to 60 minutes at busy times, but you can minimize this if you visit at off peak times. These tend to be early in the morning and late in the evening. Times to aim for include 5 pm. Anna and Elsa are in the same building, but they do not greet people together. We do wish that there were more opportunities to actually meet Anna and Elsa, but unfortunately this is the only place that you can meet them in Disney World.

meet anna and elsa at magic kingdom

This is one of the best Magic Kingdom Parades in recent years. The Holidays give some more opportunities to catch sight of Anna and Elsa. Frozen Holiday Wish is a show which runs during the Holiday Season only.