Meet my parents pewdiepie and marzia

YouTuber PewDiePie Is Dating Girlfriend Marzia Bisognin-His Journey as a YouTuber

meet my parents pewdiepie and marzia

Read Meeting my birth father? from the story Adopted by Pewdiepie and Cutiepie by CLBrierley (webob.infoey) with reads. cutiepie, pewdie, pewds. ~ Fel. Similarly to PewDiePie, Marzia has given a unique name to her subscribers called "Marzipans". While there, they both stayed at Marzia's parents' house. Given the choice between gaming and meeting up with friends, he always goes for We're sitting in the home Felix shares with his girlfriend Marzia Bisognin. It required more than 10 phone calls to his parents and even more e-mails sent to .

The gay rumors came to be after his landlord evicted him from his home for allegedly hearing moaning sounds from his room. However, to the best of our knowledge, the Youtuber is nothing close to being gay especially as he is currently in a loving relationship.

She has acquired over million views and has over 7. PewDiePie and Marzia Bisognin The two started their relationship sometime in after they were introduced by a friend named Daizo.

Marzia found him interesting after the first date and further emailed him telling him how he caught her attention with his games.

meet my parents pewdiepie and marzia

Seven years into the relationship, Marzia made a public announcement of their engagement 27th April as PewDiePie had proposed to her on their trip to Yokohama in Japan. They currently cohabit somewhere in the Brighton United Kingdom.

We look forward to their wedding bells soon and we sure wish them the very best. Finally, we ended up with something that they were going to edit but it was so bad I had to do it over and edit it myself. Perhaps a bit of a control freak. Felix Kjellberg seems to be somewhat of a unicorn in the YouTube world. The difference, as in the case of Variety, is not just that Sean and Jenna are involved in a more traditional form of humor, are Americans, perform in public and branch out into other media.

Sean Dawson has moved to Hollywood and is currently making his first feature film. The difference is also personal. When he speaks about his girlfriend or family, he does so in a warm and loving way, he holds the door up for you and listens intently. No matter in what context it is displayed, honesty is an emotion that is universally recognizable. You could make anything with your name. How have you made your choices so far? The money is partly a touchy subject.

Both how you make money as a YouTuber — an intricate path of advertising money through several intermediaries — but also how much Felix actually makes as Pewdiepie. The operating profit was The company distributed 10 million SEK in dividends to the sole shareholder: When Felix first was a rising star on YouTube, he joined the network Machinima.

I had no personal contact with them whatsoever. It took Felix hiring his own lawyer and then half a year of legal work to free himself from the network.

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It must be hard for them to adjust to you? There is really no good reason to sign all the money over to them. But surely the need for a legal intermediary is easy to comprehend? Do you get to have a say in who advertises on your channel? Have you ever stopped any ads?

Facts you may not know about Marzia Bisognin

Exactly what videos are displayed there is decided by a certain algorithm. There are several ways to cheat your way to an audience on YouTube. The traffic to my channel is so heavy that even if a clip gets shut down quickly, the people involved still manage to make quite some money.

Recently, this one person posted copies of my videos for a week and he managed to get 4 million views — equaling at least 5 dollars. I should do it myself, ha ha. Pewdiepie is the biggest star of Twitch as well.

Close to billion-dollar deals are being made, completely dependent on the material uploaded by lone gamers like Felix.

Marzia Bisognin

The French daily news show Le Grand Journal made in a very French manner fun of the gaming sub culture as the deal became a reality. In just a few days, French gamers had collected 76 signatures demanding an apology from the show, since there is no research what so ever showing that gaming videos are more addictive to watch than TV or any other kind of entertainment.

The hosts did apologize the following day and managed to mispronounce Pewdiepie again, this time calling him Pew-dipi. Do you feel like you have some kind of responsibility when it comes to your audience? The loneliness in front of the computer screens brings us together. But I never set out to be a role model; I just want to invite them to come over to my place. Do you pay a lot of attention to what they say to you? Sometimes I get disappointed, if lots of people think something about me that is all wrong.

For instance, I make very, very few promotions. But if I bring something up that I really love, like the band Radiohead, people write and ask how much I was paid to talk about it. Likewise, if I mention on Twitter that I find this or that Kickstarter project cool, people immediately start to ask what economical interests I might have in it.

Things like that can bring me down. Since you have such a huge, quite young audience, do you adjust accordingly? The cussing has turned into a thing of its own. Since my audience comes from all over the world, I also try to avoid issues like religion or making fun of a specific country.

I never chose my audience and my objective has never been to attract young people in particular. For instance, some games I play have an year age limit. When it comes to kids, what do you think the appropriate age limit for your videos should be? Like one of those cheesy words American college jocks would call each other.

My viewers thought it was fun so I just kept saying it. Unfortunately, there are always people looking to misunderstand and interpret things in the worst of ways. We speak again after that. What did you think about this recent criticism? It seems pretty unfair to claim something like that, why not attack those who are prejudist for real, people who say hateful things?

I guess it results in less clicks. What issues do you steer away from and why? But once, when I called one of my characters Satan, it made many people very upset. If you wanted to, you could fight for various political issues? I just want to entertain, that is my main objective and what comes before everything else.

You have a lot of influence. How do you use it?

Facts you may not know about Marzia Bisognin

For Save the Children, you sold unique videos for 50 dollars. Who pays that kind of money? Many people in my young audience have given money to charity for the first time in their lives. It is amazing to be able to help people help others.

I would love to do more charity work. Right now, I primarily have time to work.

meet my parents pewdiepie and marzia

It never leaves my mind, I never shut it off. But I think I will tire eventually, even if I have loved games for as long as I can remember. The hard drives in his gaming room can hold up to 4 terabyte, but they always fill up.

What if something would happen, causing everything to disappear, what would you do? In one of her videosshe described this further, saying, "Before I met Felix, my plans were to move to Paris and study art at a university, and none of that happened, but I am extremely happy and have no regrets…I couldn't be happier to be where I am right now. In one blog postshe went into detail about a few of her tattoos and where their meanings came from.

For example, her "shy" tattoo has to do with her being able to open up more throughout the years. She wrote, "I got it last year, after realizing how much progress I made in opening up to people and pushing myself to do things I wanted to do but had always been to afraid to even try. I would see nobody other than Felix [PewDiePie]. It was a dark period, I thought I was going to have to see someone about it, but then something changed, and I got out of it.

In her blog, she wrote in more detail about this tattoo and the story behind it. As I previously stated, growing up I felt awkward about my body, no matter how much I tried to eat I could not gain enough weight to look like the other girls. But now I cherish my body. And many have questioned if her accomplishments were a result of her relationship with YouTube sensation PewDiePie.

Well, that is just not the case. Back inBisgonin posted a video addressing this very issue. Although this video is no longer available for viewing, her commentary from the video has remained. As she said via SuperFame"Probably at least 90 percent of the people on the internet know me as PewDiePie's girlfriend, and they do not even know that my name is Marzia. I kind of grew accustomed to that, and tried not to be bothered by it — but there is always someone in every single one of my videos that has to point that out, reminding me about it…The funny thing about it is, there are so many YouTube couples on the internet, but for some reason I am the only person that doesn't get seen as an individual.

That is what really hurts sometimes. And travel has been an important part of her life for a long time. She spoke of her favorite places to travel, noting, "My trips to Asia, Tokyo and Singapore specifically, both have the high score in my heart.