Monsters inc mike and sulley meet

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monsters inc mike and sulley meet

Monsters University tells the story of how Mike and Sulley met and became friends while they attended Monsters University's "School of Scaring.". Meet Sully and his best pal Mike Wazowski all over again after the break! “ Monsters University” unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley. In advance of Monsters University opening June 21, guests to Disney's Hollywood Studios ® can meet the two stars of the new Disney/Pixar movie Mike.

While at Harryhausen's for Celia's birthday, Sulley appeared out of nowhere to tell Mike that he had lead a human girl into the monster world. Putting her into a Monsters, Inc. The two secretly took her out before the CDA found her and disinfected the entire restaurant. Waternoose throws Sulley and Mike into the frozen wastelanda rift forms between them after Mike gets mad at him for listening to Waternoose instead of him.

When they learn that Randall and Waternoose are in on a scam of draining children of screams, Sulley tricks Mr. Waternoose into confessing Randall's plan and him working as Randall's henchman while Mike records the confession and smugly replays it to watching CDA agents. Immediately, the CDA turn on Mr. Waternoose and arrest him for being in cahoots with Randall.

Mike's New Car In the shortMike is now the protagonist of his own story. He has brought a new six-wheel drive car, and wants to show it to Sulley. When they both get in the car, Sulley accidentally ruins the brand-new car and injures Mike.

monsters inc mike and sulley meet

In the end, Mike kicks Sulley out, speeds off and wrecks the car completely. Monsters University Mike as he appears in Monsters University Mike reappeared in the prequel as the protagonist. He looks smaller and wears a retainer.

monsters inc mike and sulley meet

Graves ' class visiting Monsters, Inc. During the field trip, Mike tries to get a look at the scare floor but the other students push him aside, telling him he doesn't belong there. Mike watches Frank scare a child then follows him back through the door.

Frank is not only surprised but impressed with Mike for sneaking in unnoticed, giving him his Monsters University cap. This incident spurs Mike to become a scarer and attend MU. On the first day at college, a now year-old Mike's roommate is revealed to be Randall Boggs his and Sulley's eventual archenemy who is friendly towards Mike. When he sees Randall's invisibility at work, Mike encourages him to use it more, telling him to lose his glasses which don't turn invisible.

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Sullivan, who despite his natural talent is lazy and arrogant. Knight's classroom and tells all of the students that they all had to complete a final exam at the end of the semester which will determine if they stay in the program.

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Mike immediately commits to studying hard. Sulley then comes in through the window having stolen Archie the Scare Pig rival school Fear Tech 's mascot. Archie steals Mike's hat and runs off.

Finally, the two monsters get into an argument and they accidentally knock over Hardscrabble's scare can. Though she is calm about it, she uses the incident to fail Mike, telling him he's not scary. Sulley is also washed out of the program due to his arrogance. Mike decides to participate in the university's Scare Games by teaming up with a fraternity made up of rejected monsters called Oozma Kappa composing of Don CarltonTerri and TerryArtand Squishy. Use of Your Information 3. We also may use or combine information that we collect from the Services with information provided by third parties, including demographic information and other attributes, and organizational affiliations.

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Where can we meet Monster's Inc. characters? - Anaheim Forum

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Any information about yourself that you post to the Services will become public information and will be accessible by other users of the Services. The girl's presence becomes public knowledge after Sully sneaks her into a restaurant to find Mike, so they hide her in Sully's home while the Child Detection Agency CDA searches for her.

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Sully eventually names the girl "Boo", and he slowly bonds with her after realizing that she is not poisonous. He also discovers that her laughter produces even more energy than her screams.

monsters inc mike and sulley meet

The next morning, Sully and Mike disguise Boo in a monster costume and sneak her into work. Randall agrees to help them return her to her bedroom, but when Mike enters the room, Randall captures him in a box, believing he is Boo. Randall intends to kidnap Boo and subject her to a device that extracts her screams. What follows is a sequence of battles, chases, and mishaps in which Sully and Mike attempt to protect Boo from Randall and his scream machine.

Waternoose reveals that he is in cahoots with Randall and banishes Sully and Mike to the Himalayas, where they meet the Abominable Snowman John Ratzenbergerbut Sully and Mike return to the monster world through a village at the foot of the mountain, where Randall chases them through the company's roller-coaster-like door-moving system. When the energy in Boo's laughter activates the doors in storage, the chase passes in and out of the human world. Finally, Sully and Boo defeat Randall.

Sully throws Randall through the door of a trailer-park trailer, where a woman beats Randall with a shovel, and Mike destroys the door to make sure Randall never comes back.