Ncis la callen and joelle meet me in st

NCIS: LA - Fool Me Twice - Review: “They Deserve to Know the Truth”

NCIS: LA Recap: Did Kensi Manage to Escape? earlier that day, and didn't see or hear Kensi even though they were supposedly brought to. NCIS: LA - Fool Me Twice - Review: “They Deserve to Know the Truth” Unrelated: Callen is barefoot this whole time and I find that somehow attractive? Like taking Joelle to the interview right now, so Sam and Callen can compare notes MOVIES: (LFF ) If Beale Street Could Talk - Review. 'NCIS: LA' Brought Back One of Callen's Former Flames and Fans Have a Lot of Feelings We'll see you next week for an all-new episode.

The writing in blood on the wall, the kidnapped man, "Callen, we have your father. Only to be shot by Vasile's men. His team had come to back him up the last time he'd gone lone wolf.

He needed to be sure if this man really was his father. Now he knew the truth, Nikita lived, he escaped the Gulag and changed his name to Konstantine Chernoff and lived until He knew from that moment on, that he was alone in the world.

An orphan with no siblings. His sister had died at age eleven, drowned in a river. But now he wondered if the Comescus had gotten to her and were responsible for her death too.

Perhaps he just needed to blame them, they'd killed everyone else. But Joelle and their baby hadn't deserved to die. They weren't part of this war. They were suppose to kill him. Anger surged through his veins, he stood and threw the metal chair over to the other side of the room.

Yes, she was right. Hetty knew his history better than anyone. She knew the rage that threatened to burst at a moment's notice. But it wasn't something he could control, after all the years of abuse and neglect, there was nothing left of him but the rage.

Then Hetty stepped in, saved him and helped him get a grip of the rage and tame it. It had been a challenge for the teenage version of himself and at times as an adult, he struggled to fight it off. But now he had nothing to live for.

Everything that mattered to him, gone or would be if he stayed. Let the Comescus win? Don't you see it? I'm all that's left, and there's nothing but a shell. Your battle is our battle.

All for one and one for all. I've never been a team player like you, I've only ever had me. Like that's going to solve all your problems. Callen lunged again, Deeks countered his move. It's kind of suffocating, don't you think? A reason to fight to live. I've got to give him a purpose. He pulled her in and held her by the small of her back. You talk a lot about your dad, all the things he taught you, but not how you survived after you lost him. The pain was too much. I couldn't stay where I was, I had to vanish to heal the pain.

Look at how thin he is. I bet he's not had one descent meal in four weeks. Nor has he slept and that says something, considering the Callen we know doesn't sleep much anyway. He wants revenge, no matter what the cost.

ncis la callen and joelle meet me in st

I will not stand back and watch him get himself killed, just because he won't allow us to help him. You care about us, all of us, no matter how badly we treat you back. He's lost his wife and baby. I can't even begin to imagine the pain…" She heard his heart thump hard in his chest, she knew he was referring to her and their child. Milly was safe at home with her mother, it had been the one consolation out of everything that had happened —- they had their precious baby girl to go home to at the end of the day.

Ten months old, she was the light to the darkening world. We will find whose responsible and make them pay. Which is why I cuffed him and brought him here. I hoped that Hetty and Sam would get through to him, but he's fighting it all the way.

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She looked over to the screen, the answer to that sat in the corner of the room watching Sam consoling Callen on the boat shed floor. He's given up on life, he'll get his revenge even if it ends his life. Someone has to fight for him, make him see that he's not alone and that we'll fight beside him.

Her decision to add him to her team had been a wise move, he was a valuable addition. Mr Hanna and I will stay with him until Mr Getz arrives. You're both welcome to join us, you appear to be the only one breaking through with Mr Callen at present.

I promised Callen I'd look into a few things for him first. But I need a partner, and currently my partner has resigned, so…" Hetty pursed her lips, she knew where he was going with it. Callen put the Christmas music back on and set the table. About 30 minutes later they sat down to eat. Callen decided that he would tell Joelle the whole truth from now on.

He didn't want to lie to her anymore. You don't have one? The only thing with my name on it was my bag, G Callen stood on the bag so my first name was written down as just G. No one really calls me G just Sam does. My past is really complicated. I still don't know some things myself. I didn't speak English when I arrived here in America.

So I couldn't tell them anything and I didn't understand what they were talking about. So they just wrote down G Callen. About my dad I don't remember anything. I only have an old video of him where he's playing with me.

The only thing I remember about my mother is her, me and my sister on the beach making sand castles.

Fool Me Twice

I'm so sorry Callen. I had no idea. I'm so sorry I asked. Some places were better than others. That's why I'm not really good with showing my feelings and opening up to people. I've closed myself off after being in so many foster homes. He didn't have any family besides the team he worked with. It just is what it is. My mom was half Romani and my dad was Russian. I had a sister named Amy. My sister drowned when she snuck out of an orphanage.

My mom was killed because of a blood feud, which started when my grandfather killed a bad guy in the war. They swore their revenge on my family. But they didn't get a chance. We got them before they got a chance to. But they were very bad people. They were a crime family. They were the worst of the worst.

But don't worry, I'm safe from them now.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES 9×09 “Fool Me Twice”

It's part of my job. Sometimes I have no other option but to shoot them. But all the people I've shot are bad people and it was to protect this country or the people in service. That female agent told me but it didn't ring a bell. I can tell you more about it but you have to promise me that it will stay between you and me. It's the reason why I didn't tell you the truth from the beginning.

We specialize in undercover operations.

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So that's why we, I, Sam and Michelle told you a different story. We don't really tell people outside the office who we really are. Usually we even use different names but because of Sam's kids we decided to keep our real names. That's why I didn't tell you, technically we don't exist outside the office. It was never and it will never be an undercover operation. It's just you and me.

Not everything I told you was a lie, I just lied about what I really do. I really care about you. She saw that he really meant it. She smiled at him and they finished their dinner. Callen helped Joelle clean up after dinner. Once they were done Callen put the music a bit louder and walked back to Joelle.

He pulled her to him and they started dancing. Both of them closed their eyes as they stood there dancing. Callen was happy to hold her in his arms. He was so glad that everything had turned out okay. After Joelle had found about him he was afraid that it would be over between them.

Luckily Joelle decided to give him another chance. He was really happy about that. He liked spending time with Joelle. He maybe could see himself settling down with her. They stood there dancing for a while before Callen pulled Joelle back up so she was facing him. They looked each other in the eye as Callen brought his lips closer to hers. Callen first kissed her softly before he pulled her closer and deepened the kiss.

Callen released her after a while and just looked into her eyes. He wanted to say it but he couldn't get the words out. So he opted to say something else. When I found out you were involved it got worried about you. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would risk my life for you in a heartbeat. I bought you a present. Once the movie had ended they locked up and went to the bedroom.

Callen retrieved his bag from the car before going to bed. He changed into a shirt and pajama pants before lying down on the bed.

Once Joelle was in she crawled up to Callen and lay her head down on his chest. Callen wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. He gave her a soft kiss on her head. He just lay there thinking about everything that had happened today. He was really glad that he didn't lose Joelle. There were no more secrets from now on. However, Kensi isn't the only one who walks away from the mission wounded. When the team arrives at the first location where they believe Kensi is being held, Callen Chris O'Donnell is shocked to discover that there is, in fact, a woman tied to a chair there.

But it's not Kensi.

ncis la callen and joelle meet me in st

It's his ex-girlfriend, Joelle Elizabeth Bogush. Joelle spins an unlikely yarn about how she was randomly carjacked by someone earlier that day, and didn't see or hear Kensi But though the pieces of her story aren't exactly fitting together, everyone accepts it at face value except for Hetty Linda Huntwho confronts Joelle and gets her to admit that she's actually a CIA officer, and was lying to Callen the whole time.

LA to honor Miguel Ferrer in March episode While the team is trying to track down Kensi and Hetty is dealing with Joelle, Granger Miguel Ferrer is in stable condition under hour guard in the hospital. The guard is pretty ineffective, however, as a would-be assassin manages to sneak into Granger's room, and he shoots her right as she's about to inject something into his medical bag.