Netzero and zeno meet meruem death

Zeno Zoldyck: At least as powerful as Netero, the head of master assassins However once, Meruem absorbed Pouf and Youpi, I doubt anyone could .. There was almost no method of death dealing in the grim reaper's. Meruem's claim of checkmate to Netero continues as they fight to the death. In his final stand Netero activates his most powerful attack, the Zero. However, I do agree that the Meruem-Netero fight was not as satisfying as many of . However, his death from the radioactive fallout could have been a little less Even tough he battled with Zeno and Silva simultaneously.

The king did it because he honestly didn't even care, the attacks were barely scratching him. And about the 'pain' it was a dull pain, like you get right after weightlifting. Nothing more than forces acting on your body but in a very non life threatening way.

When Netero hit Pitou, he himself clearly stated that if she chose any other option instead of charging him straight on then he would've probably had trouble with her. Hell in that same situation he would've sent meruem flying clean across the land, there'd be no recovery option for him in mid air post rose, maybe wing transformation but not pre rose.

If they were in a dedicated fight, I'd say pitou would have just as easy a time recovering from the blows.

The Meruem x Netero fight pisses me off to no end *spoilers*

Cats always land on their feet right? Netero isn't the strongest in the world. Meaning that there is a way past his defense other than throwing your body-weight into it repeatedly until it gives, like Meruem.

The King might be able to excel in learning these things as well but he doesn't care to, Pitou seems to have the bigger 'knowledge' depth. And also the whole, grind to dust theory isn't really An opponent has a large general knowledge base, a heal conjuration, puppets to use in fight, and a conjurations to exceed her natural limits.

And not to be rude, but the Killua v.

netzero and zeno meet meruem death

Youpi comparison is invalid. Those that might have a chance would be as follows: The story has not gotten that far yet, but it's assumed he has very similar potential to Adult Gon. I believe being able to constantly stunlock an opponent nearly forever with his kind of combat skills absolutely gives him a chance. As Arcane stated in his answer, this is pretty accurate. Also why Pitou decided Gon must be taken out.

While Chrollo has a nice toolkit, I really don't believe that as he is now, he stands a chance against Meruem.

The Meruem x Netero fight pisses me off to no end *spoilers* - Forums -

If he could learn a LOT more abilities, and gain a lot more power? Maybe, but even then, how does he compensate for the speed and strength disparity being a Specialist? He would absolutely have to surprise him.

Assuming that super strong aura doesn't negate abilities on its own, AND assuming that Shalnark could surprise Meruem somehow, AND that he lands his dart. Then yes, Shalark could win, simply because he could then simply have Meruem tear himself apart.

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I still somehow find this scenario unlikely though. As the only enhancer in the Zoldyck clan, and able to fight Netero to a standstill in the past, he's very strong. But he's also very very old now, and it's unlikely he could do it is his current state.

netzero and zeno meet meruem death

When he was at his prime?