Obito and kakashi meet again

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obito and kakashi meet again

One night, Obito watches Rin and Kakashi meet on the battle field. again and everything in her lithe figure tells Obito she is doing more than. Hearing Naruto's words as an allusion to Obito's childhood ideals, Kakashi Following the Ten-Tails' arrival, Obito and Madara quickly attach themselves to it . Obito " (カカシVSオビト, Kakashi VS Obito) is episode of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. As the Ten-Tails burns from Sasuke's Amaterasu, Sai questions Jūgo.

They are older, so much older than him. Rin stops in her raging and just sobs brokenly into Kakashi's shoulder. He lets her, and he takes her away from the battle field, far into the forest, where no sound of shinobi can be heard. Obito watches them cling to each other with a desperation he can't feel and still shares and something like jealousy rises in his chest. He tries to touch her — touch Rin's tear-stained face and her soft skin and her calloused hands — but he can't.

Obito can only watch through his Kakashi's eye and he feels too far away and, at the same time, closer than ever. Sensei finds them, hours and hours later. He finds them sleeping, Rin in Kakashi's arms, both their bodies touching as much as possible as if they keep each other from losing touch with reality.

Both still wear their blood-stained uniforms but Rin's medic armband has been cast aside along with Kakashi's mask and they look young and innocent and so, so small. Sensei sits in the tree above them and watches the sky and Obito watches it along with him. Another year later, the three of them who once were Team Seven come just in time to see Sensei die, Kushina-san in his arms, and before them lays a small child with a rune seal on his stomach.

It doesn't make one sound. Obito watches a new Team Seven being born. Kakashi has watched the first member of his new team for a long time. Sensei died to save the village and his son is supposed to be a hero but people are ignorant and forget easily. Uzumaki Naruto is a social outcast, disliked, ignored, unloved, and the only reason he survives his childhood is that Konoha's ANBU keep an eye on him day and night. Kakashi is his greatest protector — he has no hand for children but while Rin and others take care of him, Kakashi makes sure nothing happens to them.

Naruto — what a name, Sensei! But he's not stupid. He reminds Obito of himself, a bit: He'll be a great shinobi once. Uchiha Sasuke is a complete prick with a stick as long as the Third's walking stick up his ass. He's arrogant and icy and sometimes Obito seriously feels embarrassed by this member of his family.

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But seeing what he has gone through — his entire family slaughtered in cold blood by his elder brother in front of his eyes — he has every right to be. Obito watches him and smolders angrily at his cousin's arrogance, feels like crying at his fate and like laughing out loud because he is totally like Kakashi.

Serves him right to now have to deal with someone who is exactly like he once was. Haruno Sakura isn't anything like Rin. Obito has no idea why some people compare them because the similarities are marginal at best. Sakura is a girly, short-tempered, fidgety child who relies too much on her team-mates. In the beginning, at least. Her open display of affection for the last Uchiha heir is something Rin never would have shown.

But she, too, has something, she, too, is a raw diamond waiting to be polished. There is enough potential in her to make her a great kunoichi — if she wants to be one. Both Kakashi and Obito wish Rin was still there because she would be the best teacher for Sakura once she reaches the appropriate age, and she would know how to deal with the girl. But Rin is gone, has disappeared from the face of the earth, and neither of them knows what has happened to her.

Obito likes to think she's alive because he hasn't met her yet in the Realms. But not everyone comes to the Silver Gate.

obito and kakashi meet again

Some go right on, some stay behind, one never knows. Obito watches them fail the bell test and Kakashi congratulate them on being Team Seven nevertheless.

He feels as proud as his best friend. Obito watches them complete their first mission in Wave Country, watches them take the Chuunin exams and watches them struggle and fight. When they are in about as old as Kakashi, he and Rin where when they were sent out to the front lines, Konoha's children seem to be put on trial yet again.

Though there is no sign of a war — thanks Heaven for that — The first falling leaves bring a snake, a collaborator and a traitor and call forth the best in all of the Konoha's Rookie Eleven. It isn't enough, though. Teaching Sasuke Uchiha was useless, Obito thinks, but Kakashi doesn't agree. He has failed, yes — he has failed Sasuke and Naruto and Sakura and he has failed Sensei and Kushina-san, too.

But he has tried his best and he refuses to give up now. Naruto goes on a training trip with Jiraiya-san and Sakura finds a teacher in Tsunade-hime and Kakashi goes back to doing what he does best: Their search, which has been laid to rest for a while, is now taken up again and Obito searches along with Kakashi although he knows it is futile: Neither Rin nor Sasuke will be found.

One year passes and their other two students return and best them in a training fight and Obito is as proud as Kakashi is. Obito watches a new war break out. He has hoped — has desperately hoped — this might be spared to the children he loves like his own, like Kakashi does.

Kakashi has grown up and somewhere along the line Obito grew up with him and even though he might still only be able to watch and to talk to Kakashi, sometimes he still is there. He never had the chance to grow up but Kakashi has and with him, Obito has, in a strange way. They are connected for as long as Kakashi has Obito's eye and Obito never thinks of asking it back.

It's weird, watching through one eye, but Kakashi's other eye is almost Obito's as well by now, the same way Obito's is Kakashi's. Obito watches Orochimaru and Pain attack Konoha.

And he fights, too — he fights alongside with Kakashi and all the other shinobi from Hidden Leaf. As Kakashi, he wonders how far the young students have made it. And Sakura fights, too — the last remnant of Kakashi's Team Seven. They all give their best and even though it isn't enough — it never is — they buy time for Naruto to return. Naruto fights Pain and defeats him, but he wouldn't ever have made it without the help of all the people who gave their lives for him to do so.

Obito doesn't see what Kakashi sees in those few minutes of hovering between life and death. He closes his eye and deliberately refuses to peek. It's a private conversation between father and son that takes place and Obito knows he has no place here. He can close his eye, but he cannot stop listening to Kakashi's heart. He learns a lot during that time, he learns what Kakashi learns and they both keep it in their hearts forever.

If anyone would ask, Obito might admit although it would have to be someone he trusts with everything he has that he is waiting. Waiting for Kakashi to die and join him. The fights don't end here. Danzo is chosen as new Hokage and Obito silently rages while Kakashi smiles crookedly but he isn't able to hide his thoughts from his best friend. And the summit of Kages takes place and Danzo is assassinated by Sasuke and Tsunade-hime wakes and all the shinobi countries go to war against Kabuto and his army of dead.

Kakashi fights, and Obito fights alongside him as they always did. They meet many people — dead and unforgotten and dead and forgotten alike.

obito and kakashi meet again

They watch from far as Sakura and Naruto fight, as well, and pride is mingled with fear for them. And Sasuke appears again, as well, and Naruto almost dies fighting him and Sakura offers her life in exchange for Naruto's.

Sakura dies and Sasuke returns to Hidden Leaf and Kabuto is killed by his own puppets. It all comes down to fairness, Obito thinks, satisfied, while Kakashi feels the loss of his next student.

He loses them all to something, he thinks, Sasuke to the quest for power and to Orochimaru and ItachiSakura to love so she did love Naruto, in the end and Naruto to bitterness because he only now realizes a person never can have everything one wishes for. Maybe Naruto's loss is the least one because Naruto lost illusions and now sees reality.

He lost Sakura in exchange for gaining a thoroughly broken Sasuke and everyone in Konoha is of the same opinion. They'd rather kept Sakura than have Sasuke instead. Sasuke might be broken, disillusioned, abandoned, bitter and empty, but he isn't stupid.

However the Allied Shinobi Forces make a grand appearance, with Ino and Hinata able to deflect the attack. With their arrival, Naruto boldly proclaims to Madara that their "Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu" is more powerful than the Infinite Tsukuyomi, also prompting Obito to join the argument. Meanwhile, Shikaku uses the opportunity to develop a strategy involving the Shinobi Forces which he eventually relays with the help of Inochi and they are able to immobilize the Ten-Tails inside a pit of concrete.

The explosion destroys the headquarters, killing Shikaku and Inoichi. The Ten-Tails launch a barrage of wooden spikes to kill some ninjas, including Neji who saves Naruto. Obito uses the opportunity to demoralize Naruto. However, Hinata asks Naruto to not let Neji's death be a waste and Naruto boosts their morale with Kurama's chakra. Afterwards, Obito recklessly launches a close-ranged Tailed-Beast Ball, but is repelled by the recovered Bee.

Using their newly gained powers the allied forces corner the Ten-Tails and manage to sever Obito and Madara's bond with it.

Sasuke wastes no time in getting Hiruzen to confirm the truth about Itachi and follows up by questioning Tobirama on the Uchiha clan, where the latter explains that the power of the Sharingan manifests when a clan member experiences deep emotional trauma, which in turn gives rise to hatred.

Afterwards Orochimaru tells the Hokages of the ongoing war and when Tobirama tries to leave, Orochimaru threatens to use them to attack the Leaf Village if they fail to appease Sasuke's questions. Afterwards Sasuke asks Hashirama to explain the concepts of a "village" and "shinobi". Realizing that his answer would influence Sasuke's actions, Hashirama decides to begin his explanation by recounting his final climatic battle with Madara at the Valley of the End.

The two bond over their hardships of losing brothers in the fighting, and their mutual dream to end the wars and create peace. However, Hashirama's father Butsuma finds out about their meetings and reveals to his son that Madara is an Uchiha, and orders him to spy on him.

But when Butsuma and Tobirama arrive at the same time as Madara's brother Izuna and their father Tajima and the confrontation leads to Izuna almost being killed, Madara accepts the reality they live in and agrees to continue fighting against the Senju. As the years pass, Hashirama and Madara become the leaders of their respective clans as the conflict between their families continues with many casualties. Tsunade and Sakura attempt to summon one tenth of Katsuyu to aid in the recovery of the Alliance by using their seals together.

Naruto and Sasuke continue their clash with Obito who easily evades all of their attacks.

Kakashi vs. Obito

Noting it's time for them to sleep, Obito grabs the duo using chakra arms. Naruto declares that he will sleep tomorrow and dream on his own as Sasuke's Susanoo encases Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode. Elsewhere in Kamui's dimension, while realizing that Obito still possesses his Will of Fire despite his hatred, Kakashi prepares to return to their reality.

Obito responds by manifesting a gigantic shield and the Sage of the Six Paths' legendary Sword of Nunoboko. As the nine ninja launch the Rasengan at him, Obito begins to have strange visions before the Susano-armored Kurama inflicts the final blow so the tailed beast and Naruto can start freeing the sealed tailed beasts. However, Obito struggles against Naruto in a tug-of-war as Gaara and Killer Bee assist Naruto to pull out the chakra of their respective tailed beasts. The remainder of the Konoha 11, Sasuke, and the Allied Shinobi Forces also join in the effort to pull out the tailed beasts with the Shinju losing its power.

Within his subconscious, seeing himself alone against the entire Alliance, Obito begins to contemplate his life choices and what could have been while grappling to what he believed to be regret. Against Kurama's discretion, an empathic Naruto uses the connection to reach Obito's consciousness with the intent to unmask the real "Obito Uchiha.

Refusing to accept Obito's insistence, Naruto tells him they are very similar in many ways yet explains to Obito that no one will accept him because his dream would rob others of their freedom. Obito retorts that it was because of the similarities that he wanted Naruto to see the world as he does and abandon his ideals before suffering from them.

Obito also explains, despite Naruto saying he simply running away from life, that he is acting like Hokage to achieve true peace via a short cut. Still adamant in his beliefs, Naruto tells Obito that there was no shortcut to the dream of being Hokage who was a person who was supposed to go before everyone and make the way easier for them to follow.

Naruto believes Obito still has bonds with his friends, proven when he remembered his old team-mates to maintain control of his consciousness when the Ten-Tails attempted to consume his mind. Obito is seemingly hesitant whether or not he is doing the right thing. Naruto notes that he won't allow Obito to drag everyone onto his path and continue his plan any longer. Naruto then reaches his hand out to Obito while telling him to accept himself as a shinobi of the Leaf once more and atone for his crimes.

Despite Naruto reaching out to him, Obito attempts to strangle the youth while claiming he has no regrets for the path he has chosen. Frustrated while breaking out of the Uchiha's hold, Naruto punches Obito while telling him not to underestimate the power of everyone. As Naruto forcibly pulls Obito's hand to his side within the Uchiha's mind, the Allied Shinobi Forces succeed in freeing the tailed beasts from the Uchiha's body.

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Lying on the ground, a defeated Obito looks up to the moon while grieving that he could not fill the hole in his heart. As the tailed beasts thank Naruto while regaining their corporeal forms.

However, Kakashi is stopped at the last second by Minato who reveals Obito's sudden change of heart. However Minato tells Naruto that Kakashi is the only person who understands Obito's despair as Naruto understand Sasuke's solitude then Naruto began to wonder if Obito was more similar to Sasuke and if he is similar to Kakashi.

Meanwhile Kakashi puts down his kunai as he tells a doubtful Obito that Naruto would have never ended up like him because he had friends who would help him whenever he faltered. At that time, Naruto proceeds to locate Madara and Hashirama in order to help in sealing the Uchiha. Standing atop the Shinju, Naruto starts to produce a Massive Rasenshuriken - one large enough to illuminate the footprints of his comrades. With Naruto throwing his attack, with Sai escorting him soon after, the Shinobi Alliance march towards Madara's location to help in sealing him away.

Meanwhile, Gaara asks Shukaku to aid in the sealing with the One-Tail only agreeing to prove his superiority over Kurama. As the sand-manipulating duo prepare to head out, Son Goku questions the young Kazekage if he is a friend of Naruto. As the tailed beasts begin to move towards the trapped Madara, Gaara recalls his painful childhood as a jinchuriki feared by his people and how that all changed when Naruto became his first friend.

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Though Hanabi wanted to play with her, Hinata told her she needs to train with their father. The next morning while walking with her caretaker Natsu through the village, they witness Naruto scolding the merchant. Natsu tells Hanabi to leave Naruto alone before returning home to finish her work.

Afterwards, she peeks on Hinata's training session with Neji before witnessing their father using Byakugan on Neji from activating his curse seal. The Hyuga Clan's Elder, noticing that Hanabi was peeking earlier, approaches his granddaughter and explains what happened as well as the destiny of the Branch Family to protect the Byakugan.

The next day, Hiashi becomes Hinata's sparring partner as it eventually becomes clear to the Elder that Hinata is not fit to be the clan's heiress. When Hanabi's own talents are realized by the Hyuga Elder and fearing Hinata's inability, Hiashi arranges a fight between the two sisters to determine which one of them would be the future heiress.

The battle ends with Hanabi defeating Hinata and being declared as the clan's new heiress by their father. A year later, Hanabi is informed by Natsu that Hinata will be participating in the Chunin Exams but notes that it is a waste of time.

Later learning her older sister got heavily injured after her match with Neji, Hanabi rushes to the Hospital. Asking why she did not withdraw, Hinata responds that she is not willing to give up and her ninja way of not going back on her word. Hanabi later attends the Chunin Exams's semifinals with her father to witness Neji's defeat by Naruto.

She is later seen training to use the Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation under her father's supervision but fails to master it. When Hanabi watches Hinata train with Neji, she wonders why her sister is so confident despite being deemed a failure by their father. Later upon returning to the village from a trip years later, Hanabi and her father are informed of the Akatsuki's assault on Konoha and that Hinata stood her ground against Pain.

Upon realizing Hinata's confidence and determination, Hanabi begins to admire her sister once more and is eager to train with her father to grow stronger herself. With Yin Kurama explaining to Minato that Obito will survive the extraction process as he still linked to the Gedo Statue inside his body, Obito lies down in defeat, nothing but Rin was his only light and hope in life and that the world began to change after her demise.

After remembering Nagato's act of betrayal towards him in reviving Konoha's people, Obito finally understands Nagato's reasons for helping Naruto are tied to the teachings of Jiraiya that gave them, hope for a better future.

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Obito, noting his mentor was also a student of Jiraiya's, resolves to sacrifice himself to revive those who died in the Great Ninja War with the Samsara of Heavenly Life.