Prithviraj chauhan and sanyogita first meet episode speakers

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prithviraj chauhan and sanyogita first meet episode speakers

Technorati Tags: Prithvirajchauhan,sanyogta,love,lust,romance,history,readers, spam . Ghori heard of the beauty of Prithviraj's youngest wife Sanyogita and But our secular history is mum on this tragic episode. Ghori was in rage after being defeated by “KAFIR” Prithviraj Chauhan in the first battle. O Mr prudent person, first of all u should aware of that Wikipedia never .. Prithvi Raj Chauhan's servants not only demanded the removal of .. Sanyogita was raped after Ghori captured Delhi. fight the barbaric Muslim invaders. just watch the last episode of ” Dharti ka veer yodha Prithviraj Chauhan. The propagation of Islam in Ajmer made Raja Prithviraj Chauhan worrisome. And the people witnessing the whole episode also became Muslims. . In the first battle of tarain, Prithviraj Chauhan with his huge Hindu army defeated . Amorous prithviraj took his sensuous wife sanyogita along with him & went to fight ghori.

The Indian Aryans first used this high altitude pass at feet of the Hindu Khush rangein BC to migrate to foreign lands after the holy river Saraswati dried up.

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They went right up to Mesopotamia, between the Euphrates and Tigris. Sanyogita or Samyukta was the stunningly beautiful but headstrong daughter of Rathod.

She had heard of the valour and goodlooks of Chauhan and was infatuated with him. She started corresponding with him in secretas her father was at logger heads with Chauhan. The love between Prithviraj and Samyukta is India's most popular medieval romance. On finding out about the secret affair, Raja Jaichand was outraged that such a forbidden had been budding behind his back. He decided to marry off his daughter as soon as possible to a worthy king by a Swayamwar.

In haste he invited the entire royalty from far and wide to the ceremony, every eligible prince and king - except Prithiviraj Chauhan, much to the chagrin of Samyukta.

On the day of the ceremony, Samyukta walked through the court holding the ceremonial garland, ignoring the gazes of all her ardent suitors. She passed through the door and put the garland around the neck of Prithviraj's statue, declaring him her husband.

prithviraj chauhan and sanyogita first meet episode speakers

Chauhan who was hiding in disguse nearby, immediately ran in scooped her inn his arms put her on his fast steed and made a daring getaway. This is now legend.

prithviraj chauhan and sanyogita first meet episode speakers

Jaichand seething with anger planned revenge. He was not strong enough to defeat Chauhan in battle, so he paid the first Supari ever to a mercenary Mohammed of Ghori, outside India with information as to how to enter India via the treacherous Khyber pass.

prithviraj chauhan and sanyogita first meet episode speakers

InShahabuddin Muhammad Ghori, leading an army ofmen and horses, invaded India through the Khyber Pass and was successful in reaching Punjab.

Chauhan had a larger army of men and elephants. Terrifiedthe cavalry broke ranks and in the utter confusion Chauhan won easily.

prithviraj chauhan and sanyogita first meet episode speakers

Ghori was made a prisoner. He begged for his life and honourable Chauhan foolishly allowed him to return to Kabul against the advice of Samyukta and his wise ministers. Stories have been exaggerated to show Khwaja as mystic with high spiritual powers but truth is nonthe else.

The belief of Khwaja in shariat and support to Muslim invader Muhammad Gori in establishment of Islamic rule in India clearly outlines his inclination towards Islam. We will take few examples from his life which will create doubts in our mind about his so called secular?

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Khwaja Ajmer visit is mentioned as full of miracles exaggerated stories. Since Khwaja arrival in Ajmer caused lot of disputes with prithviraj.

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Reaching there he decided to sit under a tree, but camel keepers ordered him away as the area belonged to the raj. The truth was that camels keeping area was Prithviraj army area in which locals were not allowed. A story has been propagated that due to Khwaja wished that none of the camels were able to stand on their legs.

prithviraj chauhan and sanyogita first meet episode speakers

The Khwaja and his followers moved to a place near the Anasagar Lake. His servants killed a cow and cooked kebabs for him. There were one thousand temples on the two lakes.

The Brahmans stopped the ablutions and the party complained to the Khwaja. He sent his servant to bring water for his ewer.

Prithviraj Chauhan Marriage Sanyogita

As soon as the ewer touched the Pansela Lake, all the lakes, tanks and wells around became dry.