Scully and mulder meet the were

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scully and mulder meet the were

In "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster," not only did the show bring back stoner characters played by Tyler Labine and Nicole Parker. “Mulder & Scully Meet The Were-Monster” is the first episode of the show's new season that feels like a legit defense of season 10's existence. Breather Episode: It's basically a standard X-Files episode only entirely played for laughs. The lighthearted tone also makes the restoration of Mulder's failing.

After confronting Mann, his suspicions are proven only half correct: Mann is not a man who turns into a lizard person, but rather a lizard person who turns into a human. Mann apparently became a shape-shifter after being bitten by a human some days before and laments the existential hopelessness of human life, full sentience, and modern society.

scully and mulder meet the were

In the end, it is revealed that Pasha was the true killer, and that Mann was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Upon learning this, Mulder rushes to tell Mann, who quickly brushes off the news.

He informs Mulder that he will be going into a 10,year hibernation, but that he was glad to have met Mulder. Then, before Mulder's eyes, Mann turns back into his original lizard person form and scampers off into the night. Mulder thus witnesses a paranormal happening, and his faith is renewed. Because the show was abruptly cancelled, Morgan's script was never used. Because the script had not been written with The X-Files in mind, Morgan was forced to "readjust everything, giving Mulder and Scully parts".

scully and mulder meet the were

Damsel out of Distress: Scully is attacked at the animal control office by Pasha who turns out to be the Serial Killer while on the phone with Mulder, who calls in reinforcements and rushes to rescue her, only to find that she's subdued her attacker and already has him in handcuffs.

Of the standard Werewolf mythology. This time round, a normal and happy monster gets bitten by a human and undergoes the horrible transformation into The episode does this to the show as a whole. Mulder goes through the episode depressed, frustrated and feeling that his life's work has been a waste, and that the paranormal events he's been trying to prove are all just nonsense and drivel spouted by crazy addled Unreliable Narrators.

scully and mulder meet the were

The episode seems to confirm all of this Eating the Eye Candy: Mulder spends a rather longer time staring at a sleeping Scully than strictly required in order to verify that the purpose of the hidden corridor was indeed to peep on people. Also, the hotel manager clearly enjoys watching Mulder sleeping in his red Speedos.

Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

Guy's flashback lie about Scully seducing him and wild sex in the backroom has Gillian Anderson bringing on the sexy. Guy accuses Mulder of being racist for calling him a reptile. During their graveyard meeting, Guy tries to incite Mulder to kill him in " self defence " with a broken bottle to end his suffering as a human. How the were-monster got a steady job and money, despite the logistical issues someone who just showed up out of nowhere would run into.

They don't even bother explaining the New Zealand accent. I'm just trying to look for some internal logic to it. There wasn't any external logic to it!

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Also how Guy changes form to be human during the day and a monster at night The one clear inaccuracy in Guy's account is his story about Scully seducing him, which he chalks up to a newfound human tendency to tell self-aggrandizing lies about his sex life. Mulder has serious problems using his smartphone's camera app.

scully and mulder meet the were

The Were-Monster himself naturally knows next to nothing about the phones he finds work selling. The were-monster uses a fake alias of Guy Mann. Guy does genuinely admire the human talent to spout off surprisingly effective malarkey or "BS your way out of any situation!

Humans Are the Real Monsters: From Guy Mann's perspective, since Mulder automatically defaults to blaming him, a supposed monster, for the murders.

scully and mulder meet the were

This is a inside joke due to Mulder's first name being Fox. Guy Mann's outfit resembles that of Carl Kolchak from Kolchak: Tyler Labine and Nicole Parker Smith return as stoners. Dagoo is named after a character from Moby Dick just like Scully's previous dog Queequeg. Mulder's ringtone is the series' theme song. Scully states that she is immortal. This is a reference to the fan theory about Scully being immortal which was implied in " Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose " which Darin Morgan wrote.

The pencils Mulder throws into the "I Want to Believe" poster are the same pencils he threw into the ceiling in " Chinga " which were also shown in " My Struggle ". Mulder comments on being nude and being mauled by a "wolf, lion, and bear" as how he would wanted to go obviously forgetting that Clyde Bruckman told him he would die of autoerotic asphyxiation. Darin Morgan also played the Flukeman. Mulder's rental car has Oregon license plates.