Serena and darien meet the spartans

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serena and darien meet the spartans

Andy Shue, left, lead the Spartans Friday at Cleburme's Buzz Run. Junior Sarah Trammel won the meet in a time of 17 minutes, seconds. Senior Kayla Whitmire placed 18th in a time of and junior Serena Bersuch finished 22nd in Senior Darien Burley placed 50th in a time of This article (Darien Shields), or a section of this article, does not meet wiki standards. Please repair this You can help Sailor Moon Dub Wiki by expanding it. The meet which took place Saturday on Centennial's campus featured 10 Junior Serena Bersuch placed 16th in a time of and senior Savannah Junior Darien Burley was 16th in a personal best time of

He just hoped his men hadn't noticed his disappearance. It would look bad if he looked like a coward. He was their best fighter and the soon to be King but he was too overwhelmed with everything at the moment.

The Spartan men were the most power warriors in all of Greece. At the time the Spartans and the Athenians were at war with each other. He just wished that a united Greece would one day stand against other nations. He was just honestly tired. He thought of his four generals probably on horseback watching the battle or they probably were engaged in some fight. He sighed and took a deep breath, just enjoying the country side.

He heard a scream that shattered the sereneness around him. It sounded like a woman. He pulled his sword from his sheath and started towards the sounds. The woman was obviously in trouble. He quickened his pace running through the trees with agile. When he heard the place where the woman was he saw her running in his direction. She was breathtaking and obviously frightened.

When she saw him she stopped and stared. He silver- blue eyes gleam with fright as she looked at his armor that symbolized him as a Spartan. She screamed and took off to her left. He grabbed her arm gently as possible to stop her from fleeing. After all he is the enemy… "Who's after you? A man in Athenian armor waltz up with two of his comrades. His dark hair and eyes gleamed in the leaving sun light. Deal with someone your own size.

He blue eyes turned to a dark blue that was almost black as he took a battle stance. Here he was trying to escape a fight and now he was about to be in one. The woman slowly decided now was her chance to make her escape but she couldn't leave her 'knight in shining armor'. When the man turned back around he swiftly charged at the Spartan.

As the fight began to get out of control she backed up into something soft and firm. She turned around too se what she had bumped into. I'm one of your country women.

serena and darien meet the spartans

Your just a woman. Just what I need after a long battle. The woman looked on toward her knight to see him beat the main man.

As he was attacking one man another jumped in. The Spartan killed both men quickly and turned to see the third one holding the woman. The girl closed her eyes tightly praying she would make it home alive and in one piece. All of a sudden the man behind her gave a strangled cry and released her falling to the ground. She looked down at him to see Spartan's sword in between his eyes. She grimaced at the sight and turned her head.

Her crooked country men were dead. She looked up at him and said nothing. She knew she should thank him but she couldn't find the words. She suddenly felt uncomfortable and began to worry for her safety again. Could this man, who risked his life for her be trusted? As she wondered, she let her eyes roam over him.

He was darkly tanned by the sun, he had ebony black hair and beautiful blue eyes that reminded her of a stormy ocean. Siren, no wonder that term fitted her, she would've been the death of him. She was only a few steps away from him. He wondered why he had the urge to protect her.

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Maybe because he had sworn to protect all of the citizens of Greece unless they were against him. BUT the urge for her was something different. She sun kissed hair was so light and her eyes were magnificent.

Her small frame with the right curves gave her an air fragility. No wonder the men were after her. She was a prize. He began to feel dizzy and he didn't catch her faint blush.

He closed his eyes and shook his head. While Zoycite was collecting rainbow crystals, Tuxedo Mask got two of them. He even left Sailor Moon a Star Locket as a symbol of their love and affection. In Episode 29, Zoycite tricked him, disguised as Sailor Moon, and stabbed him. She nearly got the crystals from him, but was attacked by Sailor Venus at the last second.

Darien Shields

Captured by the Negaverse Zoycite, under orders capture him, challenged him to a battle over the rainbow crystals, however she double-crossed him, as [Malachite] took them. Darien scratched Zoycite's face, so she tried to kill him in revenge, forcing Serena to transform into Sailor Moon in front of him. He then transformed into Tuxedo Mask.

Zoycite seriously injured him with an ice crystal. As punishment, Queen Beryl killed Zoycite. She and the Negaforce then proceeded to brainwash him in order to control him. As Prince Darien, he often got into arguments with Malachite, and even helped the Sailor Scouts out a few times as he did not want Sailor Moon killed, saying their mission was just to get the silver crystal from her. As evil Tuxedo Mask, his presence was made known by throwing a rose that was now colored black.

In Episode 36, Last Resorthe awakened a sea monster, the Ancient Creature of the Lakebut was unable to control her. She tried to heal him, but nothing worked until she got him to touch the Star Locket he gave her in Jupiter Comes Thundering In. Darien then injured Beryl by throwing a rose now colored red again with the spell completely broken at her just as she was throwing a spiky crystal at them.

After the final defeat of Beryl and the Negaforce, Darien returned to a life on Earth with no memory of being Tuxedo Mask.

serena and darien meet the spartans

His spiritual form would take that of the Moonlight Knight. He used a white rose to make his presence. The Moonlight Knight revealed himself to be the physical form of Darien's desire to protect Serena. He then merged with Darien again.

serena and darien meet the spartans

Negamoon Arc After the appearance of RiniDarien began having nightmares telling him to avoid Serena or else the world would be destroyed. From here, Darien broke up with Serena, though he still helped fight the Negamoon Sisters ' droids.

Eventually, Darien and Serena stopped avoiding each other. When they traveled into the future, they met Darien's future self, King Darien, who told them that he gave Darien the nightmares simply to test his affection for Serena and see how powerful it was, because Prince Diamond will try to turn them against each other. When Fish Eye targeted him to search his dream mirror for Pegasus, she fell in love with him, and was the first of the Amazon Trio to question what they were doing.

He was unable to participate in the final battle against Zirconiathe Amazon Quartetand Queen Nehelenia because Nehelenia plunged the world into darkness and began to suffocate it with spiderwebs, causing him agonizing pain, as his life force was synchronized with Earth.