Shadow hunters alec and magnus meet me halfway

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shadow hunters alec and magnus meet me halfway

The inscription reminds us that Shadowhunters are the Angel's weapons. Temper us in the fire, “If it bothers you, you can call me by my full name,” he said. By the time I was halfway through saying your name, you'd be dead.” .. She'd always thought Magnus loved Alec, really loved him; clearly Alec had thought so too. May 20, Sassy Alec. 'alec' lightwood, matthew daddario, shadowhunters , dominic sherwood. Jace~Alec Parabati TMI~The Mortal Instruments Shadowhunters Please don't interrupt me. . That was me in that moment. I am in love with Shadowhunters and cannot wait for Season I haven't even finished. Alec meets Magnus for the first time and it's not at no party. Alec gets I was walking down the cold dark trail, on the side of the highway. He walked with me in his arms in silence until i broke it by asking "What's your name?" I was done way before Magnus even made it to the half way point in his cup.

His living room no doubt. He sets me down on his bright pink couch. I look up at him and for the first time saw what he looked like. Nice tanned skin and long black hair that went to his shoulders, and his beautiful Gold cat eyes.

I shouldn't be thinking this way about a guy I just met. I put his hand on my forehead and I could feel myself starting to blush. Magnus noticed and smirked. Not that cocky smirk Jace always wore.

But a sweet teasing smirk.


Does that even make any sense? You've bumped your head pretty hard on that tree. I can see better then others, maybe even as well as a vampire. He probably said that to everyone but it didn't take much to make my blush. Magnus seemed to notice that too. To warm you up?

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet me halfway

It made me flinch almost spilling the nearly full cup. But I didn't luckily. Magnus sipped at whatever he had to drink and I drank all mine in one shot. I was use to the hotness from having it everyday and having to rush. I was done way before Magnus even made it to the half way point in his cup.

I looked at me with one eye-brow raised. I shrug my shoulders. The warlock snapped his cup away and sighed. It's dark outside and it doesn't look like your prepared to fight any demons if any attacked.

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I should stay here the night, but where will I sleep? Magnus snapped his fingures and a pair of pajama bottoms and a white t-shirt appeared. Maybe I will sleep in the spare room. Assuming it was a spare room. We arrive at our destination and Magnus leaves me so I could change. I close the door and lock it. After I changed I looked at Myself in the mirror.

My hair was a mess and there was bags under my eyes. I was defiantly not attractive right now. I leave to go back to the living room when something white zipped passed me in the halls. When I walk into the living room I see a small cat laying on Magnus's lap; with Magnus stroking its fur.

He looked up when I came in. He smiled showing all his perfect teeth. This is Chairman Meow. The cat opens his eyes and looks up at me. It jumped up and sat on my shoulder, like a parrot, and started licking my cheek. Which I thought was really weird. Magnus laughs "Looks like he likes you. Magnus nods and checked the time "My it's already 1: We really should go to bed now. He see's my look and smile's.

The couch is for Chairman Meow and he don't like to share. The spare room is That leaves you with me. After a moment I follow. Magnus opens the door to the bedroom and gestures me inside. He wants to change things, for the better, but he can't do that on his own, and as much as he hates leaning on other people for support, he understands that this isn't his problem. It is the Downworlders who need this, the Downworlders who are at a disadvantage because of the actions of his people - Alec will do all that he can to help the Shadow World move forward, but he refuses to claim power over something he could never understand.

It is the Downworlders who dictate the change required - Alec is just the Trojan Horse to help them move forward. It's raining, because of course it is, and Alec is a rough minute away from being drenched, cowering beneath the scaffold of a mid-renovation apartment. He forgot to bring anything more than his standard heavy-duty jacket because he hadn't expected it to rain this strongly, and by his logic he could just hop down to the Lower East Side for his meeting with the High Warlock and be back to the Institute before it got too bad.

Unfortunately, the weather has betrayed him and as a result he looks a lot like a drowned rat - clearly the perfect impression to greet a powerful, potential ally whom he hopes to have on his side in his quest for amending relations. The label next to the buzzer reads BANE in calligraphic font, gold against black in a way that Alec presumes is supposed to look grand and intimidating, but for Alec just looks like the High Warlock takes great pride in his apartment, in how it's styled and the impression it makes Which makes sense, considering he often works from it.

Alec presses the buzzer before he can second-guess himself, raking a hand over his wet hair so that it's slicked back over his head and not dripping into his eyes. It's definitely a good start that the first thing he'll have to say to the High Warlock of Brooklyn is - sorry I look like my mode of transport was a sewer, now let's talk about you joining this new council I'm setting up because I'm clearly quite trustworthy.

At least he's not late, Alec thinks, sourly. It's possibly the only thing working in his favour at the moment, but it's something.

shadow hunters alec and magnus meet me halfway

Alec is reasonably startled, but something about the exaggerated grandeur is amusing. He comes from an organisation of gravitas and duty, none of his people work under the same circumstances as a warlock, let alone a high warlock, who no doubt has more responsibility than Alec could ever be capable of imagining; there is bound to be differences, but it's still something that Alec finds interesting. There's a heavy silence, followed by a faint crackling that could be from the speaker system, or something unseen to Alec's eyes.

The man standing on the other side is not exactly who Alec was expecting. He'd done his research, not to spy or form opinions before they met, but back when he was planning the organisation of a Downworlder council, because he wanted to make sure that he was propositioning the idea to the right person, someone who'd be interested in such a concept and who would, hopefully, be kind enough to give him a chance.

Alec isn't a fool, he's well-aware of the scaffolding he sits upon in comparison to Downworlders - not as high as many of his people hold themselves, considering it's not generally acceptable for Shadowhunters to be gay, and certainly not open about it - but still with a degree of privilege not afforded to those Shadowhunters see as "lesser".

The fact is, there's still a chance that Magnus won't agree to Alec's idea, and as unfortunate as that is, Alec isn't going to push anyone to do something they don't want to.

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However, Alec is still holding onto hope, thin as it might be, that things will work out, that the council will work out with little hitch. None of his research, however, could have prepared him for the utterly breath-taking man standing before him. Magnus' beauty is not something that Alec is new to, he's seen photographs from both the present and past, he knows that Magnus is good-looking. Clearly, he has an exceptionally well-developed style, and he knows what he's doing - definitely more than Alec does.

His pants are tight, ending in metallic boots that draw attention to the array of layered necklaces peeking between his low-cut crimson blouse, a similar shade to the streaks of red in his curled-up hair. Alec genuinely stops breathing for a second, heart tripping sparks at the slow gaze Magnus trails down his frame, the quirk of his - coy? Alec shakes it, skin tingling at the press of metal against skin.

How he hadn't noticed Magnus' rings is a wonder, but now that he has, he can't stop thinking about them; what they could mean, if they have any level of importance, where he got them from, if they're heirlooms or gifts or simply something he picked because he wanted to. He's never been so instantly attracted to someone, but then, he's never met anyone a quarter as intriguing as Magnus Bane.

He shoots Alec an encouraging smile, not too bright as to scare him away but warm enough that Alec feels almost Magnus is, for all intents and purposes a stranger, but Alec doesn't feel awkward, doesn't feel the itch that usually covers his skin when in the residency, or sometimes mere presence, of someone he doesn't know. It's barely been a minute, and yet, Alec can feel something in Magnus that promises trust would not be misled.

Despite Alec's better instincts, both that which he's built up and those that come from prejudices he's had to fight against, he lets his guard down as soon as the door shuts behind him. Not completely, as the hand that strays idly to the seraph blade hitched to his thigh would confirm, but more than he had standing outside. A thought which reminds him starkly of the fact that he is still considerably wet. He clears his throat, the sound audible and awkward in the relative silence, drawing Magnus' attention to him in quite a sharp movement.

A lone drop of water tracks it's way down his forehead, to the tip of his nose, eliciting an itch that Alec wishes he could rub away without losing all sense of decorum. I can take care of that for you. He can't be nervous, not about Alec.

Alec isn't worth such a reaction. Other Shadowhunters, he knows, would be less than kind about it - but Magnus is offering to dry him off, for whatever reason; Alec isn't going to be an asshole about it. It tickles a little, but not uncomfortably - Alec wonders if that's just an effect of being dried so efficiently, or if it's the magic. He's awfully curious, but then, that isn't what he came here for. Magnus huffs, a mere gust of charmed breath, but it stirs something funny in the center of Alec's stomach.

The people I usually meet with have stipulations and places to be, barely a smile to offer in greeting. I do not see why you should not be comfortable in your own home, nor do I think a smile is a hard price to pay - it's barely a price at all. It's common respect, nothing harder than that.

Alec hates being the center of attention, yet he doesn't mind having Magnus' attention on him. What is the motive of your visit? He feels a little, unbalanced, around Magnus - comfortable, but very aware of what he's doing and how Magnus might react to it. Logically, Alec knows it's because he's a Shadowhunter, and realistically Magnus doesn't have much of a reason to trust him, but it's still a little unnerving.

Alec has spent a lot of time working towards a place where he is comfortable for himself, with who he is, and it hasn't been easy - he still has people under his care of duty who don't believe he's good enough to be Head of the Institute for his sexuality, and his openness about it, but he doesn't let that stop him. Most of the time, anyway. Around Magnus that's quickly becoming something of a struggle. He fixes Alec with a narrowed glance, hands folded in his lap.

And if I'm being honest - as I aim to be - I'd prefer if you called me Magnus. I don't bite, either. He's such a peculiar kind of person, by no means in a bad way, just one that Alec is not used to. Shadowhunters are, more often than not, very tight-lipped, greyscale and work-to-the-bone, discard-all-frivolities kind of people. Magnus, whilst Alec doesn't doubt works very hard at all he does, seems to partake in any pleasures that so interest him - something Alec's sister, Isabelle, keeps encouraging him to do.

Not that a discussion of how-to-not-be-a-stick-in-the-mud, Isabelle's words, is what Alec is here to do. I can't imagine that was easy for you.

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It's not something he tends to think about all that much, preferring to move forward rather than consider what he's behind him. But, it's the world I live in, and I've worked too hard to get to where I am, to let bigoted people stop me.

For most of us, it's become, albeit depressingly, quite normal. That is why I want to form this council, so that it is Downworlders who determine what needs to be fixed, and how - I don't think it's right for a Shadowhunter to dictate what the problems are.

Excerpt: City of Heavenly Fire

We're not affected by them, nor can we really see them. Our say is stupid, and essentially null-and-void for all effect it will have. Alec leans forward, hands folded over his knees, gaze locked onto Magnus' with as much sincerity as he can summon.