Simpsons episode where homer and marge meet

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simpsons episode where homer and marge meet

Aug 15, These 'Simpsons' Episodes Prove Homer and Marge Have a Great it forces Homer to question whether he is meeting Marge's needs. "The Way We Was" is the twelfth episode of The Simpsons' second season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 31, In the episode, Marge tells the story of how she and Homer first met and fell. Jan 27, The first flashback episode came in what's one of the show's best There, we learned that Homer and Marge first met in high school in

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Marge admits that she was that same girl Homer met, and if she had realized that he was that boy all those years ago then she never would have married him. Marge gives her side of the story, explaining that she was with her sisters Patty and Selmaas well as Luann future Mrs. At camp, Marge burned her hair one night with an iron by accident, and had to dye her normally blue hair brown, which is why Homer did not later recognize her in high school.

simpsons episode where homer and marge meet

They agree that the following night they will meet again, but Homer does not come. Marge mentions that she could not trust another boy for years. Homer says he did not return for another date because he fell off a cliff into the lake and drifted to a fat camp, " Camp Flab-Away ", which counted the future Mayor QuimbyClancy Wiggum future Chief Wiggum and Comic Book Guy Jeffrey Albertson among its participants. The directors refused to believe he wasn't attending the camp and strapped him into an exercise belt machine for several hours.

Homer escaped the fat camp and made his way to Marge's camp, Marge had left the camp only seconds before he arrived and her sisters, who disliked him even back then, lied to Homer that Marge hated him. Homer said that what they had was special. Patty kissed Homer and asked sarcastically if that was special, to which Homer replies no.

simpsons episode where homer and marge meet

Marge realizes the truth and forgives him, but she thinks that Homer won't be able to preserve their love for long. Homer disproves it by showing his half of the heart-shaped stone, which he has kept through all the intervening years.

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Marge shows that she also kept her half albeit for different reasonsand the two kiss until the light fades, while the two halves of the stone come together. The next day, due to her lack of sleep, Marge is not prepared for her role on the debate team.

Afterwards, Artie asks Marge to the Prom, whom she gladly accepts. On the night of the prom, Homer arrives at the Bouvier family residence to pick up Marge, much to the surprise of her family.

After getting insulted by Patty and SelmaHomer realizes his mistake when Artie comes to pick up Marge.

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Homer still plans to go to the Prom, since he has already rented his tuxedo, a limousine, and paid for the two dinners at the event. At the Prom, Homer has a terrible time from having a Prom photo taken only of himself without a date, and watching as Marge and Artie are crowned Prom King and Queen and have their first dance.

Heartbroken, Homer leaves during the dance and cries outside. When Marge appears to ask Homer why he is putting himself through such misery, he tells her its because he is certain they are meant to be together. Marge now feels some sympathy, but firmly tells Homer that he is wrong.

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Later, Marge and Artie leave the prom and go off to have an intimate moment. Marge is rather unsure about this, and becomes offended when Artie tries to force himself upon her.

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Upon her demand, Artie drives her home, wishing her good night, and asking that she does not tell anyone about his 'busy hands. Marge is about to enter her house when she hears her parents Jackie and Clancy arguing through the door, saying how uncouth Homer was, and how lucky Marge was for going to the Prom with Artie.

Marge then gets in her car, and finds Homer walking along the side of the road. Marge gives him a ride, telling him once she got home she realized she should have gone to the prom with him instead.