Sonia and manic meet sonic x

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sonia and manic meet sonic x

Who will Sonic choose to be with by the end of this story? Takes place during Sonic X "Sonia and Manic here are my brother and sister. I was hanging with them until I got a little older to when I met Sally, Bunnie, Antoine. XD "Sonic Underground~! Sonic Underground~! They made a vow their mother will be found~!" Enjoy~! Sonia and Manic belong to DiC. Read Sonia and Manic to the Rescue! from the story Sonic Satam X The Sonic Underground meet the characters from sonic X and Sonic Satam, Sonic falls in.

Everything stopped when lightning hit the ground, then formed a swirling of lights, the others backed away slowly, cautious of it, wondering if something was going to come out of it. But Knuckles and Sonic both froze, the echidna had gotten up feeling something was wrong and had his hand on Sonic's shoulder when the lightning hit. The others cast glances at them and wondered why they weren't moving out of the way, Amy was about to go and grab them when 4 figures fly out of the lights and land on the two.

Then everything cleared up like it never even happened, if the groups haven't seen weirder they would have been freaked out. But their attention immediately went back to the pile of people currently on top of Sonic and Knuckles.

This let the four people get a good look at the two they landed on. The others watched in fascination, they saw the pink hedgehog's hand went to cover her mouth in shock, the green one almost stumble backwards, how the golden lion's hands twitched, and how the mink's mouth dropped in shock. Sonic and Knuckles were the first out of shock, and still on the ground said together, "…Hi…" The pink and green hedgehogs were the next ones out of shock; they immediately ran and tackled Sonic to the ground.

Amy, Tails, and even Cream, Cheese, and Big were about to run to Sonic's aid when they noticed Knuckles smiling at the three currently on the ground. Amy and tails just stared in confusion not knowing what the heck is going on. Get off of me! All I can do is hug my brother who I thought was dead; Manic seemingly had the same idea.

But when Sonic tells us to get off him, I pouted, but agreed to do so, and decided to hug Knuckles with all my might, oh how I wish I could kiss him right now. Sadly I am forced to let him go because we are moving to this house place, so we can all sit down and introduce ourselves that was the first time I noticed the crowd of people.

I immediately fix my hair and tried to compose myself into the princess I am. When we sit, Manic, Sonic, Knuckles, and I end up sitting on the floor next to each other, Sonic is between Manic and I and Knuckles is on my other side.

Bartleby is sitting in a wooden chair, and Cyrus had supposedly started up a conversation with the fox kid. Then introductions began, I learned that the pink hedgehog was Amy, the fox with two tails was Tails, the bunny was Cream and her 'choa' was Cheese, the cat was Big, the black and red hedgehog was Shadow, the bat was Rouge, the crocodile was Vector, the chameleon was Espio, and the bee was Charmy.

And then it was time for us to introduce ourselves, Bartleby went first and snottily said, "I am Sir Bartleby Montclair of Dresdin, aristocrat of Mobotropolis.

I was about to go when Manic stood up, "I am Manic Hedgehog, use to be co-leader of the resistance, and Sonia is my sister! Yeah, I was a thief to!

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I grew up doing it! I watched him, I needed to see how he handled this, how much he has changed in the past 4 years. He stood up quietly and waited for everyone's attention, and for the room to quiet. Looking around the room I notice a few hurt faces in the mix, and that told me that Sonic didn't tell them. So I would like you guys to meet Sonic Hedgehog, a resistance fighter, someone with a bad past, and a horrid patience, a person who found out he wasn't alone, that he was a triplet, that he was the crown prince of a country that was taken over, which made his fire burn even higher, who loves chili dogs to death, a person that has had too much family taken away from him.

I went into space to try and save the universe, I lost so much up there, but I'm still here, I've seen my little bro breakdown, and I couldn't do anything. Chili dogs are okay but we can't make them here very often because we can't get the ingredients. Despite my hardships, I am happy.

I am Sonic the Hedgehog.

sonia and manic meet sonic x

And I am apparently pretty fast! It is the same for coming here. She told me that I shouldn't go after Eggman anymore since there is no point anyway.

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She also said that I'm giving you a choice since you never want to hang out with anymore, it's either me or go out there and be a hero" Sonic said as everybody gasped at Sally.

That's messed up" Shadow said as everybody looked at Shadow "So, if Maria asked you that question, what will be your answer? I wouldn't let anyone make me choose between someone I like and something that they know that I like doing.

sonia and manic meet sonic x

I don't care if she cries or even hits me saying that, you can't make me choose my own destiny" Shadow answered as Sonic nod in agreement. Sonic looked at Amy, then backed at Sally "What's the whole point of being with someone, if the world was being taking over and you never know what may happen to you?

Sally wanted to go after him, but Bunnie shook her head. Instead, Amy and Tails went after him. Sonic was in the hallways when Amy and Tails caught up to him. I thought we were best friends, even brothers" Tails said as Sonic faced them both. That's why I didn't tell you. Also, with Sally being here, I don't want to see her face at all" Sonic said "I don't understand, you broke up with her.

So why can't you see her or even give her a chance to explain herself? Sally may convince me to go out with her again, but that will be breaking my promise that I made to mom.

The close was clear "I made a promise that I won't go out with anybody unless I know she's right for me. Not like marriage wise but enough to go out and say that I like her. When Sally said that I love her, I only told her that one time.

You guys have the face expression that I said that to her every day. I didn't tell her that until I broke up with her" Sonic said. I guess it took her this long to finally get what I'm saying" Sonic said as Amy was crying a little "What were you trying to say because I don't get it? She had to give them up in order for the prophecy to work. She now is on the run from her own children, until the time is right.

Aleena has many allies, including the Oracle of Delphius and Knuckles. She often appears during the episodes. The guardian of the Master Emerald and Angel Island. He is very protective of his island home, and has set many traps about the island. He has a pet Dinosaur called Chomps.

sonia and manic meet sonic x

His great-grandfather Athair warns him he must stay on the island, in order to play his part in the freedom of Mobius. In the series, the Master Emerald has been changed to a Chaos Emerald, probably due to the fact that the Chaos Emeralds weren't well established in the series and adding the Master Emerald would cause confusion.

He was played by Ian James Corlett. Robotnik lives in Robotropolis where he captures Freedom Fighters and Roboticizes them into his robotic servants.

Robotnik's main minions are Sleet and Dingo. Robotnik's round shape doesn't help him stand up straight and when standing on unstable ground, such as that of Manic's drums causing earthquakes he bounces about much like a ball.

One of Robotnik's canine bounty hunters. This cunning wolf leads the bumbling Dingo about on missions to capture the hedgehogs.

Sleet has a voice like that of Igor and has a morphing device that can transform Dingo into anything he wishes. Sleet may seem to be a serious villain but he is always failing at missions but he does succeed sometimes. Sleet is constantly being crushed by Dingo and is usually the one who suffers. He does however appear to get away from being Roboticized no mater how angry he makes Robotnik. Sleet's voice was done by Maurice LaMarche. Dingo is a huge, muscle-bound dingo who has a relentless crush on Sonia.

Sleet has a morphing device which can morph Dingo into anything he chooses e. In the Flying Fortress saga, Dingo breaks a Chaos Emerald which transforms him into an enormous out-of-control beast that threatens to destroy Mobius, but eventually reverts back to normal crushing Robotnik in the process.

sonia and manic meet sonic x

The Oracle of Delphius: An odd, warty, reptilian anteater in a cloak. The Oracle prophecised that when Robotnik invaded Mobius, Aleena and her children would form the Council of Four to overthrow Robotnik and free Mobius.

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The Oracle lives in a cave somewhere in a cold region of Mobius, and is quite good at making chili dogs. A posh mink who is one of Robotropolis' richest aristocrats. Eventually, Bartleby flees from Robotnik and joins the Freedom Fighters. Cyrus is a lion and a technician in the Freedom Fighters. He is an old friend of Sonic. In his first appearance he was working as a spy for Robotnik but later quit. Cyrus has appeared several times afterwards. His father was Roboticized. His voice was also done by Ian James Corlett.

A mouse who is an old friend of Sonic Underground and resembles a hippy. He is easily captured, but is just as easily freed. Only seen about once or twice. The Freedom Fighters play an important role in the show as Robotnik's opposition. Robotnik's evil reign over Mobius. The leaders are the Sonic Siblings.

Sonic Underground

Cyrus is the head technician, with Trevor as his somewhat assistant. Other notable members are Knuckles, Queen Aleena and the Oracle. Below is a list of other one-time characters, many are Freedom Fighters.

Like in the comics and the cartoon, he is Roboticized. He doesn't appear to be Sonic's biological uncle, as he was known to Sonic as "Uncle" through his adopted parents Lady Windimire: An odd insect-like creature who was Manic's foster father. He was a clever thief who showed Manic the ropes, but he too was Roboticized. Queen Aleena's body guard.