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Step Up 2: The Streets () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Briana Evigan (Andie) is an amazingly talented dancer. Her acting was actually not The movie kept me totally entertained the whole time even though it was totally predictable. Like I said the .. The characters Moose and that hilarious Asian chick. So many questions But I'm talking to myself I know that you can't hear me anymore Step Up Revolution last dance Sean and Emily HD - YouTube . When Moose breaks it down in step up revolution at the end omfg I turn to . in a scene of Step Up - This is the movie where they first met and then dated not too long after. Read the Step Up All In full movie script online. Like There you are, man. What is this? Look, we been talkin' about it, man, and it's time to go home . making me look fat? Moose! What are you doing here? We're gonna dance on live television And, Sean, Andie knows us to meet Violet. .. halfway to LA by now.

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And she had been succeeding in doing just that until Andie came around. Taylor had a hard time getting to Andie, but in the end she managed to. And because of Taylor's obsession with Chase and her hate for his girlfriends, Andie got an eating disorder. Then to top it all off, Chase had this habit of breaking up with his girlfriends because he hated seeing his girlfriends get tortured by Taylor, and that was what he did to Andie. He broke up with her when she was almost at her lowest, the only reason she wasn't was because she had him.

But he broke up with her and it broke Andie's heart and spirit, along with her soul. She went over board and no one could stop her from starving herself. Her friends were hurting, as was Chase and they figured out what was wrong with her. So they confronted her about it, Andie had freaked on them and passed out. Earning herself a trip to the hospital and succeeding in nearly giving her friends and family heart attacks.

Andie worked hard though to get past her eating disorder and when she did she was released from the hospital.

Chase was by her side the entire time and Andie was grateful. When she got back to school, Andie was done letting Taylor get to her and she was ready to kick her into next year. But before she could get to do it, they went on Christmas vacation. Andie and Chase were so close to being a couple again that everyone was expecting them to when they arrived at Sophie's New Years Eve party.

And to everyone excitement and satisfaction, they kissed at midnight, sealing the deal to them being a couple again. Now back to the fight that Andie got into last Monday, that was the reason Andie was tired of telling the story. Because she had to go back all the way to when she first met Taylor, because technically that was when it all started.

That day she bumped into Taylor in the hallway. But back to last Monday, Taylor was beyond pissed at the fact that Andie and Chase were back together. So she decided to come over to them and ask Andie if she let Chase have sex with her just so she'd be able to cal herself his girl once again.

It was then that Taylor shoulda shut her mouth, but she kept going. Then she told Andie that her mother would be so disappointed in Andie, and took it even farther by asking Andie if her mother was still on the corner selling herself and crack to put food on the table.

Andie had jumped on her then. And she had nearly beat the living daylights out of Taylor. But Andie hadn't been the only one fighting, Missy who had been aching to kick someone ass for a long time took out Candace and Sophie took on two girls by herself.

Fly and Kido fought as well and Taylor along with her friends got beaten up. They all got suspended but like Andie said before, it was freaking worth it.

Sarah had been mad at her but not as mad as she usually would have been. She too knew that Taylor was reason for Andie having the eating disorder But she had grounded Andie for the rest of the week. Meaning she couldn't see Chase or her friends. So it had been a very long week for Andie. She wrote everyday for nearly the entire day. Usually they were just little short paragraphs, she was practicing and trying to decide if she was going to join Mr.

Everyone said she should but Andie wasn't entirely convinced her pieces were good enough to be entered in competition. As soon as the clock struck three o' clock the doorbell downstairs rang. Andie's face broke into a wide grin and she jumped from her bed. She took the stairs two at a time and threw open the door to see Chase standing there was a grin on his face. Andie jumped into his arms and Chase picked her up off the ground.

As he spun her around Andie laughed and tightened her grip around his neck. When he stopped spinning, Andie smiled down at him and kissed him. Without hesitation she let Chase's tongue explore her mouth before pushing it back into his mouth with her own and running her tongue through his mouth.

Andie and Chase broke apart to see Moose standing a few feet behind them. He was smiling widely and Chase put Andie back on the ground. She hopped off the porch and ran over to him. The two of them hugged tightly before doing their handshake.

Andie laughed before ruffling his hair, "Come on in guys. Moose followed and Andie closed the door behind him, "Sarah still at work? Andie nodded, pulling on her shoes Andie stood up and searched for a jacket to wear.

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Moose was just getting off the phone with Sophie when she returned downstairs. It didn't take them long to get to Sophie's house and on the way there they decided that they were going to go see Prom Night. In the theater Sophie and Andie sat in the middle with Chase and Moose on the ends. Andie laughed and snuggled into Chase's side until she couldn't anymore. They had to forgo the popcorn because neither of the girls thought it was wise for them to have to hold it.

If they jumped then popcorn would go flying. Chase smiled and kissed the top of Andie's head while wrapping his arms around her. From the corner of her eye Andie saw Moose do the same to Sophie. Andie smiled and settled back slightly to watch the movie in the safety of her boyfriends' arms. Not once but there were a few times when she whipped her head around to bury her face in Chase's chest and there were plenty of times when she jumped and tightened her grip on Chase just a little.

Moose and Sophie followed him out to Chase's truck and they all climbed in. It was packed like usual at the Dragon but they had no problem getting in. Andie kinda figured that since the MSA crew had won the streets they could come and rule the Dragon if they ever wanted to.

Moose and Sophie disappeared onto the dance floor while Andie and Chase headed over to the bar. He took hold of her hand and pulled her onto the dance floor. They had just gotten out there when the song changed, Andie tilted her head to the right and as soon as she heard the guy rapping at the beginning she smiled.

Chase laughed, "You don't wanna dance with me? Closing her eyes, Andie let the music fill her up. She swayed so that she was on beat and glanced over her shoulder before laughing.

Chase's eyes were glued to her lower body, "Are you gonna dance with me Boy band or what? Chase moved forward and grabbed hold of Andie's waist pulling her close to him. He felt Andie place her hands on top of his and moved back so that she was pressed up against him even more. Neither of them were sure how long they swayed and grinded against each other but it couldn't have been long because all too soon the Dj noticed them in the crowd.

She heard the Dj sigh in disappointment but right now Andie didn't care. She was dancing with Chase and that's all that mattered. Andie and Chase both turned to see Felicia standing with her hands on her hips. To you, I'm Andie. Before she left though Felicia did send another glare at Andie and disappeared into the crowd.

They hugged and Tyler gave her a kiss on her temple. Andie waved a hand over her head and she could hear Tyler laughing. Outside it was quiet compared to the loud music of the Dragon.

Even though Andie was with Chase it didn't stop her from looking over her shoulder ever once in a while.

Disclaimer I do not own anything Step Up. Moose and Camille meet four years later after graduation. Introduction They broke up after he took that job after graduation and it drove them apart.

Camille knew when Moose got the job there that Sophie would try everything in her power to get Moose for herself but she never thought that he would fall for it because he was her best friend and her soul mate and she trusted him that he would never let her down or so she thought but yet, he did.

Moose is now living with Sophie in the same area as Camille has just moved to. Camille has a daughter Isabella. Tyler and Nora are married with twins one girl and one boy. Andie and Chase are together still and Andie is still the same Andie. They all have moved back to Baltimore and they all are still involved in dance one way or another. Chapter 1 Camille POV Camille knew that they now lived together in the place Sophie owned but she didn't realize they lived so close till she had already moved into her rental and by then Isabella was happy and said she never wanted to move again.

Camille and Isabella have moved into a lovely house with a big back garden and it's a 10 min walk to Isabella's school and grandparents whom Isabella has always adored and who babysit her after school sometimes. Camille would do anything to make Isabella happy even if it means her heart would break a little more nearly every time she went outside her front door and would see Moose walk past holding Sophie's hand and he would smile at Sophie the way he used to smile at her.

Camille had not had it easy but she managed. She lost her little brother Malcolm along with everything she owned in the fire and had nearly been wrongly blamed of it herself. Next she lost Moose to Sophie and finally Jake but at least she had her family especially her brother Tyler and sister-in-law Nora and when she realized she was pregnant with Isabella she moved away to stay with them for awhile.

She couldn't have managed without them but now that they had children too they had moved to be nearer to their parents as well and Isabella needed to be near her family. She did write to Isabella father and explain to him but he never wrote back to her. His life was taken up with this new group of friends, family and his career.

Some friends she thought leading him into things she always thought he would have more cop on than to get involved in but obviously he was more easily lead than she realized. Camille thought back on since she had had Isabella and realized again how lucky she was that she got to share Christmas, birthdays and holidays with just her daughter and her family and that she had never had to share Isabella with her fathers new family as they could afford a lot more than she and she worried as she knew her daughter but she also knew that children could be swayed or at least difficult when being handed out everything that they previously couldn't have but she made sure that Isabella never missed out on anything.

Camille's parents were very good to Isabella and helped out as much as they could and loved their granddaughter very much.

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Everyone in the family agreed that when Camille little brother had died that they had never begun to see through the grief till Isabella came along even if they had been angry at first with Camille for getting pregnant and Camille certainly was not herself again and was really down until she realized she was pregnant and there was no way she was giving up on life or this baby she already loved and even though she had thought that after everything they went through that Isabella father wouldn't have let her down and yet even though he did she probably always would love her daughters father as no one had ever measured up to him.

He was her only true real grown up love probably the only one that she would ever know and yes she had boyfriends before him and afterwards she went on dates when pushed but she had no interest in any other man and Isabella needed to be cared for and there was always something to do if she felt lonely. With raising her daughter alone the housework and laundry was never-ending.

Isabella and her family were all she needed. Yet Camille knew herself that she still missed Moose her best friend every day no matter where she was and no matter how much he had messed up! One day, Camille was with her daughter Isabella when they bumped into Moose at the entrance to the park. Isabella said, "hi, I am Isabella, who are you?

Isabella then started to get impatient dancing around outside the park to get in and play with her friends. Camille had to run after her to get her to put her coat on. They talked for a while slightly awkwardly as Moose did not even know about Isabella till now.

Camille thought back to when they did meet about two years after they broke up when he helped her out that night she was home visiting her parents after her date was mean to her and Moose brought her home to her parent's house but she was so upset about her date and seeing him again that they didn't really talk.

After that they did not see each other till now. She had not even wanted to go out that night but her parents told her it was time to move on from Jake. Moose of course did not even realise she had a baby and she did not inform him either as she was still upset over loosing her best friend and then she had to deal with her ex boyfriend Jake letting her down once he discovered she was pregnant.

Of course her parents did not know that Moose had brought her home that night or they would have told her to talk to him as it was obvious to them that she missed him as her best friend and her rock whom she had always relied on and who she had always been there for even after he ditched her time and again to go dancing with the Pirates and she had even forgiven him been so late for Halloween that she did not even get to go to it after dressing up as Mary Kate.

Also when he started the new job his not showing up on her birthday till party was over. That may have been the problem she let him away with too much but she had not wanted to be clingy like his ex Sophie. Turned out he obviously liked clingy if he went back to her. There were of course times when she could have done with her best friend. Like when the time Isabella got sick four weeks after she was born and it had not been easy but with the help of her family she got there even though she did not talk much to them about how she really felt about everything.

She pretended she was fine and of course they worried about her not wanting to meet anyone and she just said Isabella was now fine and healthy and worth every single bit of worry Camille has gone through and she does not need to let in another man only to have him let her down.

While at the park they talked as they watched Isabella dancing and playing with her friends. Moose said "how strange it is that they we were so close for so long and yet I have never met Isabella before today. You're obviously a great mum Camille and your daughter really does love dance and music though like us as she is dancing in time to the music coming from that hot dog stand over there". He thought to himself Camille better not look at her daughter's hair which was all over the place and covered in sand and her clothes were too and then he started to laugh.

Isabella had been showing her friends how to dance in the sand and she then did a headstand half way down the slide and landed in sand pit.

Camille asked Moose "What so funny". He said "Look at Isabella". Camille looked over towards her daughter and the look of horror on her face must have been obvious as Moose started to laugh even harder. Moose said "Its only clothes Camille and you were just as bad when you were small. I know because I've seen the pictures". Camille called Isabella over and told her "I need to change your clothes".

Isabella said "But Mum you hair is all crazy too". Must have been from the wrestle of getting Isa's coat on earlier. Camille got embarrassed and fixed her hair back into its ponytail and Moose started to tease Camille about her hair being mad curly like his always has been it went curly after on her after having Isabella and that she must understand how hard it always was to control his and because of this he always wore a hat.

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The funny thing was that she loved his hair and was always taking his hat of any chance and putting her fingers through his hair even when they were friends. Moose said, "Do you ever think we could go back to being friends the way we were Cam?

I miss my best friend and especially now that we live so close? I miss you too Moose but my daughter happiness comes first". Moose said, "Camille, calm down she would not do that I will talk to her I promise now that your back here I do not want to lose my friend again".