Vg cats leo and aeris first meet

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vg cats leo and aeris first meet

A Leo Aeris comic. As well there are perks like early comics and getting the HD versions. As usual if it doesn't meet the preorder it'll be gone fooooreeverrrrah- rah-rah First is Team Skull and the Second is a Link drawing by. 54, OMN 1 - Wu's on First? Dynasty . , The Comedian, Misc: Leo, Aeris, Leo's Mom and Dad , Meeting of Minds, Assassins Creed / Dishonoured. Loosly based on vg cats , Something bad happens to Leo as he tryies to save Aeris. . She sighed but as she turned to leave she was met with the very The snowman at first looked normal but as Aeris got closer to it it.

But she pulled so hard both were sent flying back towards the half built snowman demolishing it in the process.

vg cats leo and aeris first meet

Once Leo realized where he was he nearly cursed his dumb luck. He was on top of none other than Aeris, who by the way is going to kill him. But then Leo noticed that Aeris was still in quite a bit of a daze and thus giving him time to think of some excuse of some sort to soften the plumbing he will inevitably get.

Just then Aeris had began to come to but she probably wished she hadn't.

vg cats leo and aeris first meet

To her dismay she noticed that she underneath the very cat that she is currently annoyed with and the goofy smile she saw looking down at her wasn't helping. There is no we. You broke it and get the hell off me! As she pushed Leo off of her and made her way back to her feet. Leo then scrambling back to his feet replayed. All you ever do is screw thing up for me and make my life a living hell why the hell can't you just grow the hell up you insult to all things living.

All over Leos face was a clear sign of hurt. Arise was taking aback by this she had never gone this far before and she has certainly never seen Leo actually hurt this way before. You obviously don't need me.


Aeris couldn't believe that Leo was acting like this he was always so laid back even when he was in school and the jocks used to beat him up for his lunch money. Before she could say anything Leo had thrown a hat at her. She picked it up and looked at it. It was your typical top hat a little old and crumpled but otherwise in good condition. Remember before we started you said we may need a hat so I went to find one.

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I tried to tell you but you told me to stop bothering you. Aeris just stood there holding the hat she could not believe she just drove off her only true friend who had been with her since he helped her with Snake when he was being a jerk the her in middle school. At Leo's and Aeris's apartment. Leo was siting on the couch flicking through the tv channels, he didn't feel much like playing video games actually he didn't feel like doing anything.

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All because of Her. She then noticed the hat laying on the ground.

vg cats leo and aeris first meet

It gave off a unsettling aura as she held it, and the events of earlier were replaying in her head but she managed to ignore it long enough to put the hat atop of the snow man head.

She noticed how quiet it had gotten with out Leo around and how late it had gotten. She noticed how gormless it looked it even sent a chill down her spine. She turned to leave again but she heard another rustling noise this time a bit louder. Aeris swung round quick to see who it was but like the last time there was nothing there by that snowman. But as soon as she turned her back again the noise returned and she yet again span round to see if see could see the source of the noise.

But only this time the she could have sworn that the snowman had moved. She then turned to see if it was truly out of sight and when she saw that it was indeed nowhere to be seen she gave a sigh of relief.

vg cats leo and aeris first meet

Just as she was about to touch it the snowman swiped it's wooded branch hands at her which caused her to fall back. The snowman was now right above her.

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It no longer looked like the snow man she had built it was more demonic looking. It's eyes were pitch black with small red dots in the middle, it's twig like arms were more like razer sharp claws and it's mouth was monstrous looking but the main thing that she noticed was the hat sitting atop it's head. It had the pentagram sign on it. She should have know Leo would have found something like that with out even knowing it.

The monster snowman raised it's razor like arm ready to delver a killing blow to the terrified cat. As it swung it's claws at her it she closed her eyes and covered her face all she could fell is regret for now apologizing to Leo. She switches through differeing clothing styles ranging from casual, winter and even a type of gothic apparel complete with black collar, not much different from Leo's aside from the bell. Relationship with Leo Edit Friendship is golden. Leo and Aeris have known each other since childhood, and ever since Leo has never left Aeris alone.

It is implied that her relationship with Leo is purely out of their mutual like for video games and their general fondness for one another. It is never explicitly revealed, as to why Aeris continues to put up with Leo, though it is most likely that she cannot get rid of him even when she "aborted him from time" in one strip parodying "Back to the Future".

Aeris calls Leo the "king of idiots" on strip 97 - Behind The Scenes part 1. But maybe in time, the two's relationship will grow. Though despite her hatred for him and the beatings, a big turning point occurred in a recent comic strip, Strip - "The Perfect Gift", Leo took some odd jobs, such as shoveling Donkey Kong's feces, delivering newspapers all the while being chased by a wild lawnmowerand hitting several Mario blocks, and afterwards bought Aeris a video game she was hoping to buy with her own money, but was unable to due to being broke.

Leo was fast asleep when Aeris opened her present noticing that Leo purchased the second installment, instead of the recent version, though since she knew Leo cared and worked very hard to get it, she kissed him on the forehead and left a note saying, "Merry Christmas", and she smiled as she played the game.

vg cats leo and aeris first meet

Since then her usual rage towards him seems to have faded away or at least she has become more tolerant of him and both are now often seen engaging in peaceful conversations while doing an activity they both enjoy, such as playing games or painting figurines.

In Strip - "Get it Now! Aeris has possibly been living with Leo in the same house ever since he found xenomorph eggs in his home in - Start the Reactor and has been avoiding a repeat of - That's Saying a Mouthful. It is confirmed that they live together as of - I Am Gross. Trivia Aeris wore braces in her childhood. She is a Final Fantasy fan.