Western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

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western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

We first met virtually about 10 years back, discussing rivers and forests and then, Ensconced on the slopes of Western Ghats which skirts its eastern boundary. (1) The Northern and North-eastern .. landforms such as sand bars, meanders, ox- Western Ghats meet each other at the Nilgiri hills. The Western Ghats extend from Gujarat to Tamil Nadu, covering an area of over . “The only bar inside ESA is on mining, quarrying and sand mining. In an all party meet convened by Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on October

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Our field study conducted between December, and September, assessed the social and ecological impacts of a cluster of SHPs in the biodiversity hotspot of the Western Ghats in India. Ecological impacts were studied with respect to freshwater fish assemblages, river water parameters, forest fragmentation and spread of invasive species.

Social surveys were conducted to understand impacts on SHPs on socio-economic activities, resource access and human-animal conflict. Ecological impacts were found to be substantial. Freshwater fish species richness was significantly higher in un-dammed sites, and this variation in richness was explained by dam-related variables.

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Within dammed streams, spatial sections that were particularly damaging were identified. Fish species and guilds that were particularly susceptible to be adversely impacted were identified as indicator species. Resultant loss in canopy cover and spread of invasive plant species was quantified.

Socially, SHPs were not as beneficial as they are believed to be.

western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

Respondents claimed that human-elephant conflict began only after SHP construction began. The structure of the Eastern Ghats includes thrusts and strike-slip faults [2] all along its range.

western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

Limestonebauxite and iron ore are found in the Eastern Ghats hill ranges. The Eparchaean Unconformity of the Tirumala Hills is a major discontinuity of stratigraphic significance that represents an extensive period of erosion and non-deposition. It is seen at the steep natural slopes, road scars and ravines in the Tirumala ghat roads in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.

western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

At their southern end, the Eastern Ghats form several ranges of low hills. The climate of the higher hill ranges is generally cooler and wetter than the surrounding plains, and the hills are home to coffee plantations and enclaves of dry forest. The hill station of Yercaud is located in the Shevaroy Hills.

The Ponnaiyar and Palar rivers flow from headwaters on the Kolar Plateau eastward through gaps in the Ghats to empty into the Bay of Bengal; the Javadhu Hills lie between the two rivers. There are waterfalls in remote areas, such as the Kiliyur Falls.

The Eastern and Western Ghats meet in the -

Its northern boundaries are marked by the flat Palnadu basin, while in the south it merges with the Tirupati hills. An extremely old system, the hills have been extensively weathered and eroded over the years. The Palar River cuts through the ranges. The Velikonda Range eventually descends to the coastal plain in northern Nellore districtwhile the Nallamalla Range in Kurnool continues to the River Krishna.

western ghat and eastern meet at the bar