When do sam and dean meet lucifer

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when do sam and dean meet lucifer

They briefly meet again in Hammer of the Gods, when Lucifer arrives at the motel Sam and Dean are trapped in by the pagan gods, who Lucifer proceeds to. The fifth season of Supernatural, an American dark fantasy television series created by Eric The season follows Sam and Dean as they set out to take down Lucifer, whom They find the angel Zachariah (Kurt Fuller) at the place the sword is. "Swan Song" is the fifth season finale of The CW television series Supernatural. It is the 22nd After Lucifer enters Sam, he is knocked unconscious, and Dean quickly throws the key to the cage on the wall and opens it with a spell. Dean can't accept this and contacts Chuck Shurley to find out the location of the battle.

He jumps up and turns on the light; the blood is gone, but his dead wife appears by the bed. Later, while boxing up his child's things, he hears crying over the baby monitor, and sees blood dripping from his child's crib.

In a dream, Lucifer comes to Nick in the form of his wife, and asks his consent to act as a vessel. He promises to avenge the deaths of Nick's family if Nick will give in to him. White light engulfs the room as he enters Nick's body. My heart breaks for you. The weight on your shoulders. What you still have to do. It is more that anyone could bear. If there was some other way He embraces the illusion, and they discuss her death and Sam's fate.

She says she is trying to protect him from himself. At the end of the episode, in a dream, they speak again. She tells him he cannot change and he insists that he can, that there is reason to hope.

Her voice and form change. Sam turns around, and sitting beside him is Lucifer. Lucifer cannot come to Sam's location directly because of the runes that Castiel carved onto Sam's ribs, and Sam will not tell him where he is. Lucifer explains that Sam was present during his rising not only to kill Lilithbut to serve as his vessel. Nick is only acting as an improvised vessel for the time being; he is not strong enough, and can barely contain him.

It is Sam that Lucifer needs. Sam threatens to kill himself, but Lucifer assures him that he would be resurrected. Lucifer shows Sam sympathy, but assures Sam that in the end, he will consent. Lucifer in his true vessel in the year Because I loved him. And then God created And then he asked all of us to bow down before you—to love you, more than him.

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And I said, 'Father, I can't. Now, tell me, does the punishment fit the crime? Especially, when I was right? Look at what six billion of you have done to this thing, and how many of you blame me for it.

when do sam and dean meet lucifer

In the year ofDean travels with the older version of himself, Future! Deanand a battalion of other hunters, including Future! Castielto Detroit to confront the Devil. In this future, Sam consented to serve as a vessel, and the world is ending. Dean tries to use the Colt on Lucifer, but he snaps Future! Dean's neck with his heel. Lucifer, wearing Sam, tells the Dean of the past that he does not want to destroy the world, but to rid it of an imperfection.

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He insists that he was unfairly cast out. Dean, however, dismisses Lucifer's claims, informing Lucifer that, for all his fine words, he is nothing more than a bigger version of the thing that Dean has been squashing all his life.

when do sam and dean meet lucifer

Dean vows to return to the past and stop this, but Lucifer tells Dean that Sam will always consent to him in Detroit; no matter what they do, Sam will become his vessel. Zachariah then retrieves Dean and he returns to his current year. A brother, like you, a younger brother, and I had an older brother who I loved. And one day I went to him and I begged him to stand with me, and Michael—Michael turned on me. Called me a freak.

And then he beat me down. All because I was different. Because I had a mind of my own. He manages to trap Castiel inside a ring of holy oil and his demons trap SamDeanJoand Ellen. Lucifer speaks to Castiel, asking him whether he came with the Winchesters. Castiel lies that he came alone, but Lucifer is not fooled, though he admires the other angel 's loyalty. Castiel asks about his vesselwhich is breaking down slowly. Lucifer invites Castiel to join him, reasoning that as two of Heaven 's castoffs they are on the same side, and Heaven will hunt Castiel if they manage to defeat Lucifer.

Meg approaches her father, asking what to do with the Winchesters, and Lucifer tells her to leave them be, and gives her a reassuring touch.

Lucifer begins conducting the ritual to free Death. The Winchesters locate him, and while Sam distracts him, Dean shoots him in the head with the Colt. He crumples to the ground, but after a few moments reawakens, and slowly gets to his feet. He flings Dean against a tree and continues work on the ritual. When Sam asks him about the missing townspeople, Lucifer reveals that the women and children are in the mass grave he has been filling in, and that all the men are possessed.

He tries to convince an aghast Sam that it was necessary and insists that Sam should understand what he is doing, as someone who has always been out of place in his own family. Lucifer completes the ritual by commanding the demons around him to sacrifice themselves. Castielwho has managed to escape, takes Sam and Dean away. Lucifer sees, but does not interfere.

He turns and greets Death. Lucifer attacks the pagan gods.

Sam and Lucifer

No wonder you forfeited this planet to us. You are worse than humans. You're worse than demons. And yet you claim to be gods And they call me prideful. His vessel is further degraded. He accuses Mercury of being a traitor and slaughters the other gods. He is about to kill Kali when Gabriel who has been posing as Loki for millennia and formed an attachment to Kali and the Winchesters in that guise, intervenes.

He tells Lucifer that he has no legitimate grievance, he is only jealous that humanity replaced him in God 's affections. Gabriel says he is not on Lucifer's side or Michael 's but that he has come to agree with God, that humanity is better than them, noting that many of them try to overcome their flaws where the angels are content to repeat their mistakes. Gabriel then tries to stab Lucifer from behind, using an illusion to keep him distracted, but Lucifer sees through the charade and impales his brother with the angel blade.

Lucifer stands over his brother's body, crying. In it Gabriel tells them they may be able to re-imprison Lucifer, and that the keys capable of opening and then re-imprisoning him in Lucifer's Cage are the rings of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He says that Lucifer does not know about them. One of Dad's tests. And we don't even know the answer.

Let's just walk off the chessboard. Sam and Dean track Lucifer to Detroit, Michigan, with the intention of tricking the Devil back into his cage. Lucifer waits for them in a dilapidated building with his demon subordinates. He has two of them escort Dean and Sam, prepared with demon bloodinto his presence.

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Sam makes a show of bargaining, but Lucifer stops him, revealing that he knows about the rings, and Sam's plan. All the same, Sam moves forward, and says "yes" to Lucifer.

when do sam and dean meet lucifer

The archangel abandons his vessel to enter Sam. For a moment, the two are incapacitated, giving Dean time to open the portal to Lucifer's Cage using the Horsemen's Rings. Sam appears to be in control, and attempts to throw himself into the portal, but Lucifer reveals that he controls Sam, and is only messing with Dean. Sam activates the sigil just in time to save Dean from Lucifer's wrath. Sam meets Lucifer again a few weeks laterafter setting up a trap to bind Lucifer so that he and Dean can get Castiel to expel the archangel.

When this plan fails, Sam and Dean are nearly suffocated to death until Amara intervenes, saving them both, but also kidnapping their friend. Sam later retrieves Lucifer from Amara in a rescue mission, which consists of Metatron and Donatelloas well as Dean, who serves as a distraction for Amara.

Using Donatello's prophet abilities, Sam is able to arrive at the location where Lucifer is being held. Sam offers to free him if he is willing to work with them and God, to which Lucifer replies very firmly that he will, since he is not a fan of Amara. Initially, Sam hoped Lucifer could teleport them out of the place, but the archangel reveals he can't, forcing them to go back the way they came.

Amara begins closing in, having discovered something was up, so Sam hurriedly carries Lucifer out of the hideout and into the Impalawhile Metatron stays behind. They are unfortunately confronted by Amara on the road, but the trio are saved in time thanks to the intervention of God.

Sam watched as Lucifer is also healed of his wounds by God. While Sam and Dean take Donatello home and buy groceries, Lucifer starts having an argument with his father.

When the brothers return, Lucifer is angry over God not apologizing, and nearly kills them for interrupting. He eventually storms off, and locks himself in Sam's room. Sam and Dean try to get him to come out, but Lucifer refuses to do so unless God has something to say.

This leaves Sam visibly annoyed. Sam and Dean do manage to get the two to sit and confront each other. They try to help with the conversation, but God ultimately snaps them elsewhere. Fortunately, God manages to apologize as he and his son reconcile. The four then plan their attack on Amara, and agree to use demons, witches and angels as substitutes for the remaining three archangels. The initial attack plan proves successful, but as God is preparing to give the Mark to Sam, Amara attacks him to prevent her re-imprisonment, saying she would rather die or kill him over a million times than go back there.

Lucifer tries to save his father, but Amara easily knocks him away and removes him from his vessel.

when do sam and dean meet lucifer

Sam and Dean are eventually left with an unconscious God and Castiel. Season 12 Edit While under torture by Toni Bevell of the British Men of LettersSam informs her that he won't break easily since he has suffered worse at the hands of Lucifer. In American NightmareSam finds out from Dean that Lucifer has taken possession of rock star Vince Vincenteand thanks to Rowena, he is currently at the bottom of the ocean. Sam is confused by this, not understanding why Rowena did that, though Dean doesn't know either.

When he meets Magda Petersona psychic who is convinced she is The Devil, Sam reassures her that she isn't, and that her powers don't make her evil. Sam tries to comfort her by explaining that her fate doesn't determine who she is by talking about how fate had intended for Sam to free Lucifer from his Cage and become his vessel. Ellie thought he was joking, however. Sam and Lucifer meet face to face once again when Sam discovers Lucifer's plot to murder Vince Vincente's fans during a concert.

Sam teams up with Dean, Castiel and Crowley in an effort to stop this from happening. After Dean scares the fans off with a gun, Sam struggles against Lucifer to hold the door open but succeeds in getting everyone outside.

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After Castiel and Dean fail to subdue the archangel, Lucifer greets the three of them, and asks Sam if he "enjoyed the show". Sam demands to know why Lucifer is doing this when he and God already reconciled, but Lucifer brushes off God's apology as simply his father's means of getting his help to fight the Darkness, adding that once he was no longer needed, God left him again.

Sam and Dean confront Lucifer, who knows of their plan to use the Horsemen's rings to trap him back in his cage. Despite this, Sam offers himself as a vessel, hoping that he can overcome Lucifer's control and throw himself into the prison.

Lucifer is too strong, and Sam disappears in his body. As Lucifer tries to make Sam happy by killing the demons sent by Azazel to manipulate him during his childhood, Dean learns from Chuck the time and location of the final battle between Michael and Lucifer. However, Castiel interrupts the fight by banishing Michael with holy fire. An angry Lucifer kills Castiel, and then snaps Bobby's neck when he shoots him.

He then starts brutally beating Dean, but stops when he notices an old army man of Sam's inside the Impala revealed earlier during Chuck's narration. Sam remembers his life growing up with Dean, and manages to take control of his body. He uses the rings to reopen the door to the cage, and prepares to jump inside. Michael returns and tries to stop him, but he too is pulled into the pit while grappling with Sam. Castiel, resurrected again by God as a more powerful angel, heals Dean and brings Bobby back to life.

He returns to Heaven, hoping to bring order now that Michael is gone.