Woogsworld meet kris and kate

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woogsworld meet kris and kate

You know I have a very clever, dear friend called Kate Sutton, aka Uberkate. . he held our his hand and said "Nice to meet you, I have heard a lot about you. And we enjoy the weekly SMS from Kris the Greener Cleaner. Here are some cool pictures Loretta took of a store display at Kate's Paperie on Spring Street I just had to post them here, too! .. rain drop meets orla > this is tooooo awesome . Anthropologie NYC window display via WOOGSWORLD Store Displays, Shop Window Find this Pin and more on Vitrine by Kris Cerezo. Kristin, Krist, Aunt Kris, Pookie, Pooh Bear, Mom, Mommy, dragondreamer, K. THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW: glasses.

I still do not understand how a light bulb works…….

woogsworld meet kris and kate

And they had something to celebrate. I first met Kris in July on Twitter, I thought she was cute but there were 2 things working against her, she was living in Colorado USA on a Nanny Cultural Exchange and she looked way too young for me. Those things aside we built a friendship on Twitter and Facebook over the next 12 months.

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This was scheduled to be our first meeting and at this stage our friendship had progressed to regular phone calls and messaging. I was quietly keen and by now knew that Kris was 28, only 10 years younger than me, definitely acceptable. Christmas turned out to be a wonderful but painstakingly drawn out time for us. There were many long phone calls and text messages to the point that my family were constantly complaining about the growth attached to my ear my IPhone.

People go to Ubud and get lost in it's beauty. They spend time working on themselves in the large list of services available to them and come out of the whole experience with a cleansed aura, a cleansed chakra and a super cleansed colon.

You think YOU have problems?

The shops are amazing and the restaurants are sublime. So to go to Ubud for the day offered up a plethora of activities for the discerning traveller. But because we were in a car full of kids, we only had one place in mind. It was full of tourists from around the world who bought bananas to feed to the monkeys, only to drop them and run away when up to 5 monkeys leaped on them in their haste to eat bananas. The whole scene was disturbing, hilarious and a little bit x-rated.

For not only do monkeys like to eat bananas, they also like a good root, and do not care who watches. There were baby monkeys clinging to mamma monkeys. There where boy monkeys having massive brawls. There were big daddy monkeys eating fleas off each other. There were plenty of fornicating monkeys.

woogsworld meet kris and kate

There was an American boy running past with a monkey attached to his t-shirt by it's teeth, followed by the American boy's mom screaming after them yelling "Has he drawn blood Dwayne?? She is vogueing I apologised profusely to the driver about a thousand times for the profanities and smut coming from the back of the car.

I think he was cool with it On arrival she headed straight to the bar and put on a solid display of drinking. And the slurring got worse. And when she was introduced the to editor of the local paper, he held our his hand and said "Nice to meet you, I have heard a lot about you. So at this point, I was loving her guts. So inappropriate and funny. So I kept topping her up and introducing her to people. Otherwise I might have just died of boredom. So the VIP clients left and we had a big family dinner with family friends.

My little sister at this point had discovered that the word FUCK could actually be used entirely on its own as a sentence. You know like "Fuck fuckety you fucker.

woogsworld meet kris and kate

And there was no cheesecake. Just a 25 year old being sent to her room. Oh and she blogs. On Thursday, we took possession of a 3 week old lamb. Because my life was just not chaotic enough. I did not tell Mr Woog, and he subsequently hit the roof when he spied her hoovering his succulents.

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This is her with my boys. We are looking after her for a few days.

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One of our neighbours not that one we hate And because this mamma sheep was quite bright, she quickly worked out that there is no way she could handle the two of them. So the weekend farmer had to bring this one back to the big smoke.

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To bottle feed her until she was strong enough to return to the farm.