X men iceman and rogue meet

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x men iceman and rogue meet

Read How you meet them (Mystique,Iceman/Bobby,and Rogue) from the story Xmen Preferences by QueenKlaro (⚜️Klaro Ciceron⚜ ) with reads. mutant . She is a member of the X-Men and the girlfriend of Iceman. It was later revealed, that Bobby and Rogue were supposed to meet up for lunch. Iceman (Robert Louis "Bobby" Drake) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic . With the X-Men, he visits the Savage Land and meets Ka-Zar for the first time. He then battles the . At the last moment before the original reality ended, Iceman's fellow X-Men, Rogue and Gambit shared a kiss. When reality.


As such, the bombshell Southern belle generally wears sleeves and gloves and tries not to make skin-to-skin contact with anyone. Of course, skin-to-skin contact is kind of one of the best parts of being alive, a fact that Rogue knows all too well.

x men iceman and rogue meet

Among the many, many things casually thrown into Marvel Comics canon was the fact that Rogue and the Sentry had some kind of a relationship at some point in time. Among many other unexpected relationships in this reality, Captain America and Rogue have decided to shack up and start a family. Marvel seems to have taken over. The second issue found Rogue and Black Widow teaming up A Sentinel crushes her car and opens fire on the spa, obviously, forcing Black Widow to put on her jumpsuit and jump into action, at which point the giant robot breaks her hand.

Rogue, always looking for a Sentinel to punch, shows up to offer her services. Together, she and Widow decide that the best thing to do is shoot the robot with a sniper rifle from a safe distance away. Later, in X-Men Forever 3, Rogue has switched powers and appearances with Nightcrawler, including her tendency for soul-sapping and power-stealing.

Iceman (Marvel Comics)

In the comics, Bobby and Kitty were on the X-Men team for some time without really interacting with each other. Bobby, realizing that pursuing impulses helped him tap into his untapped mutant powers, began pursuing Kitty because he kept feeling the impulse to kiss her. It gets to a point where he can split up his consciousness among the golems, making them somewhat autonomous yet lacking full intelligence.

The Ice Hulk, named for his Hulk-like build, is both resilient and has super strength. Also referred to as Ice Thing, this creature became a member of the futuristic Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and travelled with them to deal with the time-displaced X-Men problem.

x men iceman and rogue meet

Iceman starts to lose his mind while also experiencing a surge in his mutant power -- he nearly froze over the entire planet among other dark deeds. To stop Bobby, the X-Men collaborate with Thor. He eventually pulled himself back together, mentally and physically, but he remains haunted to this day by the many lives he took during his freezing episode.

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Others think she did it accidentally, unable to fully control her power. Neither have been substantiated. Bobby never could have been a gay character in The premise of the show is that Iceman and Firestar left the X-Men to go to college.

x men iceman and rogue meet

There they met Peter Parker and decided to form a team. The series ran for three seasons before ending in after 24 episodes. After resuscitating Iceman in battle, Mystique claimed to have reformed and joined the X-Men.

She and Iceman became involved, but she had an alternate agenda as a spy for Mister Sinister. She broke things off with Bobby yet remained fixated.

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She then shoots him and throws him out of his own jet before blowing it up, tries to poison him, and sets a truck on fire while he is inside it. Finally, she disguises herself as Iceman and, from the top of the Golden Gate bridge, threatens to blow it up. Perhaps not her finest moments. The two had earlier crossed paths while both of their teams were on a mission in Miami.

Romeo, an empath and a member of the Royal Inhuman Diplomatic Mission, gave Bobby his number and they began seeing each other. Bobby joined the invasion but then pretty much abandoned his team to get Romeo to safety. During the chaos, they shared their first kiss. This happened after he was completely vaporized during a battle with the Children of the Vault.

x men iceman and rogue meet