About a boy marcus and fiona relationship goals

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about a boy marcus and fiona relationship goals

May 17, And his singular goal in life is to seduce women. is because she's unable to comfortably move into a new relationship. Case in point: Fiona, Marcus's rather eccentric mother, as it turns out, is battling severe depression. About a Boy is a coming of age novel written by British writer Nick Hornby which has sold After a pleasant relationship with a single mother, Angie, Will comes up with the idea For this purpose, he invents a two-year-old son called Ned. He also spends some time with his dad Clive, who visits Marcus and Fiona for. Fiona: The Purpose of About a Boy (English essay) Fiona is Marcus' forty-year- old mother, who tries to raise Marcus as a perfect person main characters, she is the obvious connection between Marcus and Will, as well as.

Rachel is a single mother with a son named Ali Alistair who is the same age as Marcus. The two originally fight, but quickly become friends.

Will's emotional faculties are liberated and he begins to 'shed [his] old skin' of emotional indifference — simultaneously Marcus is becoming more typical of his age, and he begins to enjoy his life more. The penultimate scene takes place in a police station in a small suburban town, where nearly every significant character in the novel is present; their common link being Marcus.

The novel ends during a three-way dialogue between Marcus, Will and Fiona where Will, to see if Marcus has truly changed, proposes the idea that he play a Joni Mitchell song on Fiona's piano, which she is enthusiastic about. The band is also mentioned several times in the book. In other media[ edit ] Main article: While the screenplay closely follows Hornby's novel, it omits scenes involving drug use and has a different ending.

It removes any reference to the band Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. So later he was reading a note and Andy was filming it. But then he went away, cus he thought it was stupid. About a Girl Will was with Marcus in his house and they were talking about Marcus's crush.

Will tried to help Marcus by telling him what to fo to get a girl. Then he told him that he is new in school and that no one knows him yet. Meanwhile Dakota came and Will fastly knew that something sexy and goergus is coming.

And he went outisde to flirt with Dakota, but she shout him down. Then Marcus came back to his house and he told him that is over and that they were both rejected by their soul mates, but Will told him that Dakota isn't actually his soul mate.

And when Marcus asked him nicley to teach him what to do with a girl, then Will told him that he needs to be a bad boy. The next day when Fiona came in so she can yale at him because he told Marcus to be a bad boy, Will told her that he just wanted to help him get a girl.

And then Fiona left. Right after that Marcus called Will and he went to him and when Marcus showd him an invitation to Hannah's party Will looked at it. Hours later Will went to Andy's place and he told him how wad Fiona mad at him and how is not fair, because he helped Marcus. And he also told him that he can't make Dakota like him, and that he needs to have sex with her.

Later Will tried to get Dakota to sleep with him so he went to her place to her door, and he knocked on and when she didn't open he started to tell her how he can't think anymore and how he has feeling for her. But then when another lady opened the door she said that she is gonna call the police, but behind it was Dakota listening to him and he grabed him and she took him to her apartment and she wanted to have sex with him, but then she told WIll that one girl called one boy Piucus and they know that it was about Marcus.

And then they went to Hannah's party so they could stop him from embarase himself. Then at the party Will tried to distract Marcus but then he went away and he tired to bribe the DJ so he would play a slow song.

But on the end he was happy to watch Marcus dance with Hannah. About a Plumber Will was playing with Marcus outisde the house. They were playing badminton. Will was really trying to win and he was winning, but then Marcus scored his first point and Will got really happy for him. But when Marcus mentioned that maybe Fiona, he and Will could get a dog Will got fastly to Marcus and he gave him a life lesson that they don't live together and that a land is tering them appart and that they will never live together and that Will will never be with Fiona.

Then right after that converstion with Marcus Will went to Fiona and he was angry when he steeped into her house. There he told her that Marcus thinks that him and she are going to be a couple and that they are gonna get married.

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Then Fiona told him that he is also too in a sexual modeand then she told him that when normal peope get a child they put their sexual mode into a pause. Then Will asked her how much time hasn't she slept with a madn and then figure it out that since Marcus's dad. And he got really surprised. But then Fiona send him staright that he is acting like a father, because he is hanging out with him too much. But than Will confesed that he got atacted to him.

Later Will was making grilled meat with Andy.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship goals

But when Marcus came along he told him that he doesn't like that they hang out that much and that they should act more like neighbours. And then he even refuse to play badminton with Marcus. In the evening Marcus came to Will's place thinking that he is going on a date with Fiona, but he was doing a far thing from that. He was having sex with a girl. But then later he was already waiting for another girls named Shasta.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship goals

But then Marcus came to his place. Will told Marcus that they won't get a dog and that he and his mother will never be together. And then Will gave Marcus a life lesson about sex and sexual things. Later after a fw minutes Will stopped giving Marcus a life lesson and he opened door for Shasta that came to him for sex. Later at the restaurant Will ran behind Marcus, to stop him from telling Fiona that Will told him about sex.

Will was fighting with Fiona. Later on the end Fiona and Will went together to Marcus's bedroom to tell him that they will never be together ever. But when Marcus said goodnight dad, godnight mom he got a bit angry, but then he understood that it was a joke. About a Buble Will was outside throwing his trash out and then he saw Marcus.

Valdo and His Dad-- Father & Son Relationship Goals

And he started to talk to him. When Marcus told him that he finally got his own house key, Will started to ask him if he's gonna rock all night or kiss babes, but then he only said that he is joking. Later Will was careing Marcus to the mergency, becuase he stabbed himself by acident. He was jailing and running and then he saw a doctor and he said that Marcus needs one, but then he saw a beautiful woman and he run to her and he asked her if she can take care of Marcus.

When she asked him what's his name insted of telling Marucs's name he said himselfs. After Samantha take care of Marcus she said that it is a good thing that his dad was at home, Will fastly said that he is not his dad and that he's just a neighbourh, a single neighbour. Then when Sam asked what he does for living Marcus started to talk that he is a songwtitter, but Will said that Sam doesn't want to hear that thing.

When someone called Sam Will fastly told Marcus that he needs to be quiet and that he can't talk in front of her about his songwritting. After that Will followed Sam and he asked her if she has a sec, but then he asked her out, she said no and that she is not gonna have sex with him. Hours later Will was telling Andy about how Sam is perfect for him.

But then Andy's wife Laurie said that she is never going to be with him, and Will said that that's not true. In the evening Will was already waiting for Sam in a patient room. She thought that he is here to sing for her, so he sand for her. Then she regognize that song and they started to talk about the bend that it is singing it. Then Will asked her out again and then she said yes. Later Will and Sam were on a date.

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They were talking and then Will saw that she is the right person for him, she likes everything that he does. The next day Will showed to Andy a notebook that he had from fifth grade. It was a book in which were written all thing that Will's perfect needs to have and what does not have to have. Will told Andy that Sam is amazin and that she is perfect.

about a boy marcus and fiona relationship goals

When Marcus came to Will about how he is locked in his own house withouth freedom, and Will told him that he needs to tell her how he fells and he then started to talk about Sam.

In the evening Sam came to Will's place and he was inpresed, because she was wearing hot clothes. When she asked him if he can play a song for her Will didn't know what to play so he started to sing the thing that he saw. Then Sam told him that she knows about him not writting for Buble.

Then Will ran to her and ho told her the truth that he never wrote for Buble. Later Will tried to burn his Perfect Girl Notebook, but Marcus stopped him and he told him that he can win her over. Later Will came to the hospital and he sang a song that he wrote to Sam and all the patients were dacing and Sam was smiling to him. About a Poker Night Will was sitting with Marcus at his home around poker table.

He was teaching and playing poker with Marcus. He was watching his phone, because he was waiting for Dr. Sam to call him. But then Marcus told him that it is starting to become depresing, because he is watching his phone all the time. But Will answered him that Dating is a game and that Sam is playing it really good. Then he said that when in the evening when his friends come to the poker night, he won't even think about Sam. Then Marcus told him that he is going on his first sleepover party and Will said to him that that is awesome and then he asked him who's throwing this "partey".

When Fiona cam to tell Marcus what she prepared for his sleepover party Will tried to hide that he is teaching Marcus poker, but then Fiona find out anyway. When she told him that she is ok with that he was really impresed, becasue he thought that she is into poker. When Fiona told Marcus to call her if he will have any problems on the party, Will fastly said that he shouldn't call her.

He doesn't work, primarily because he doesn't have to His song-writer father, deceased, composed "Santa's Super Sleigh," a ditty that has become a Christmas perennial. And his singular goal in life is to seduce women.

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He's a scoundrel for love. Models are preferred, but he'll make an exception if he finds a woman intriguing enough. To sum him up, Will is a incurably shallow fellow with a keen knowledge of pop culture, a beautiful apartment, trendy furniture, fashionable clothes, an expensive haircut, a remarkable CD and DVD collection of coursea flat-screen TV and zero motivation to move beyond his state in life.

Really, he's quite content; which makes him the complete opposite of Marcus played by Nicholas Houlta gloomy twelve-year-old with inept social skills and the effrontery to impose on and bother other people. For that reason, it's fair to say that if you've read the book, you don't completely know how the movie ends.

The set up is undeniably amusing: Will dates a newly divorced single mother, who then breaks up with him which, to Will, is odd because it's usually the other way around all the while admonishing him for being a wonderful guy and admitting that the reason it won't work is because she's unable to comfortably move into a new relationship.

Now, Will, in his warped wisdom, figures the key to easy short-term relationships and emotionless ego-boosting breakups is to date single mothers. Where does meet a single mom? At a single mom's weekly support group. Fabricate a three-year-old son Ned and a story about how his wife left him so he can attend the support group.

The strategy works well, as Will is able to garner sympathy and understanding from the single moms, all the while compounding his lie ex: On one outing to the park, Will and his hopeful future single-mom girlfriend are accompanied by Marcus, son of Fiona played by Toni Collettewho couldn't attend but asked if Marcus could tag along.

At the park, Marcus feeds bread to the ducks, and then throws the entire loaf into the pond, accidentally killing one of the ducks.

When an officer inquires about the dead duck, Will reluctantly comes to Marcus' defense.