Accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship trust

Why Haruyuki is actually a good partner for Kuroyukihime [Spoilers] : accelworld

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship trust

A page for describing Headscratchers: Accel World. Is there a reason that Remember that episode where Haru gave KYH a "Reason You Suck" Speech?. Crossover WMG: Accel World is the future of Sword Art OnlineIt's been in the net for That said, I've heard that the author explicitly denied any connection, beyond a . Kuroyukihime is raising Haru to reach level 9 so that she can defeat him and And if someone wants to point out that Kuroyuki betrayed Red Rider's trust. Aug 9, The central relationship in Accel World is that of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime, it is a relationship marked by repressed feelings and the power.

Confirmed at least as far as them being in the same world with AW being the future is concerned. There's even a crossover between the two in the novels.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship trust

Not confirmed as that's a Gaiden story, much like how chapter Also, Kuroyuki says her real name is not so different from her real name.

Asuna's full name is Yuuki Asuna. In which case Kuroyuki's name would contain Yuuki, fitting with the claim.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship trust

Considering that the previous game Hollow Fragment's Bonus Boss battle against Yuuki Konno was canonical, it definitely means Kirito's fight against KYH is canon in this particular continuity. Millennium Twilight, which takes place in the same continuity as Lost Song and, as the name states, acts as a crossover between Accel World and Sword Art Online at least its video game continuity, anyway. While the SAO cast don't appear to recognize Black Lotus, making her appearance and playability in Lost Song likely non-canon even to the alternate continuity, when they first meet Kuroyukihime and Haruyuki in Millennium Twilight, the two reveal that they come from a time twenty-one years in the future, and that Alfheim Online existed years before they were born.

Arita Haruyuki

Kuroyukihime is also shown to recognize Sword Art Online when it's mentioned, meaning it's possible that the SAO incident took place in their timeline as well. The SAO movie Ordinal Scale introduces the Augma, a form of augmented reality technology that appears to function somewhat similarly to, and could be argued as being a very basic version of, the Nervelink. Its use is even shown as having already become very common in people's everyday life despite its short life span at the time.

All it would take is the original version of the Nervelink to be created and mass-produced within a few years of Ordinal Scale for the events of Accel World to take place. Not completely impossible considering how far the Augma already advanced augmented reality.

Kuroyukihime is raising Haru to reach level 9 so that she can defeat him and become level 10 Kuroyukihime continues standing by Haru's side and helps him fight others, and when he finally reaches level 9, she fights him to gain the level 10 title and the knowledge of Brain Burst's true purpose. It's somewhat possible, based off of episode 3 of the anime. Expanding on this, given that you have to defeat 6 level 9 enemies to become level 10, and Kuroyukihime killed the Red King, there are only 6 current level 9 enemies left, including Kuroyukihime.

So she's either going to fight him or let him kill her without a fight, meaning that either way one of them loses their Brain Burst, which is from Haru's point of view the only reason why they are connected at all. Cue crisis of faith and angst until he realises that Brain Burst wasn't the only thing that connected them. If Haru does both, then even if she attacked him at the very end she'd be a lv 9 victory short, and would be stuck as the only level 9 player left, effectively trapping her in stasis.

If she kills steals either of them, then chances are she's going to force a final confrontation. Then again, she already has one victory against a level 9 opponent, so it's possible that she'll simply use him to deal with armies while she deals with kings, to ascend as a level 10 with him as her level 9 right hand man. Oh well, given that there's a replacement Red King my previous theory about there not being enough Kings to go around doesn't hold water any more.

Still, Haru's promise in episode 8 just seems to shout out to me that they'll be forced into a confrontation at some point. I find this quite unlikely. It's a gamble enough, so she values him more than she does her well-being. Well-being, not goals, but it's still a sign.

Sky Raker admitted to going as high up as level 8, and depending on her determination she may or may not have racked enough points to go to Level 9 before asking Black Lotus for help with that one scheme. While the timing may be before the Level 10 requirement was announced, that Black Lotus chose to comply with request is indicative of the belief in ties of friendship. And if someone wants to point out that Kuroyuki betrayed Red Rider's trust - he was more of a rival and an ally of convenience rather than a friend.

Lastly, had it been This Troper who was gunning for level 10 so eagerly, This Troper would have announced that one is willing to accept a one-on-one duel between any champion from any legion, except the legion master, should this champion be level 9.

After all, since any such duel will either reduce the counter of Level 9 required on one side, or guarantee the insane quest for Level 10 stopped on the other side, it's a win-win scenario. It's not very likely, as the later novels reveal that Kuroyuki killed the Red King not to advance her level, but because she was manipulated by her sister, the White King. After that she tried to kill the Four Legendary Beasts since there was a rumor that defeating them would also get you to Level Akihiko Kayaba is the creator of the Accel World He managed to find a way to either preserve his consciousness in the net, or left a self aware AI based on his personality somewhere.

In either case, Akihiko returns, and the Accel World is his latest experiment to see how its users utilize it. He may have a copy of the 4th generation software and have did what could the Alicization program used and he is still one heck of a jerk. That would actually explain the existence of "Incarnate System". As colossal an ass as he was, Kayaba put a great deal of importance on overcoming system limits.

Actually, he was amazed that Kirito and Asuna had managed to go beyond what was programmed into the system.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship trust

He didn't intentionally make it possible, but was happy that it was. Princess Snow Black's name is Shirayuki Because it is a real name, and not that different from Kuroyukihime take the suffix away and change "Black" to "White". It's also enough of a change that people wouldn't connect her name with her handle, and "Snow White" becoming "Black Lotus" is amusing enough to fit in.

Shiroyuki've appeared, and that's her sister's alias? The source of all the mysterious hacks to the system like Cyan Pile's backdoor and Dusk Taker's masking program will be revealed when someone reaches Level 10 And its because the creator of Brain Burst is trolling all the players though with a possible reason Jossed on Noumi's part - he isn't using a masking program, he just has an illegal brain implant that acts as a second NeuroLinker, meaning he can access the school net without connecting the one that has Brain Burst installed.

Level 10 isn't the end of the game, its just the end of the first stage and reaching it unlocks another, deeper level of the Accelerated World The reason for the limit is because only those with the skill, talent and a strong enough will to run the risk of losing Brain Burst can handle the next level. May be not "deeper" level but go "up" a level, to the real world. If the theory of "AW is future of Under World" stands. It's recently been theorized In-Universe the real goal of the game is the Imperial Palace which was in Brain Burst's two counterparts and doesn't have a spot for cameras in real world.

As a result, the real way to hit Level 10 and beat the game is in there, and perhaps the warning was a way to shake things up. Level 10 actually promised only meet-up with dev. Haruyuki's representation in the series is his own self-image, not how he actually looks. That or teenage girls in Japan have developed a mass fetish for short, rotund little men. Especially considering that his official height would make him only slightly shorter than Taku.

The reward for reaching level ten is unlimited burst points. The downside is that it erases all extra copies no more new Burst Linkers and freezes you at your current level not so bad for the higher levels and makes the Unlimited Field and the Duel system mostly meaningless.

Though this also has the downside of meaning that Noumi's philosophy is right and that Brain Burst's ultimate purpose is to gain an advantage in the Real World. However, even if true, this can still be subverted by the characters realizing that the system's original goal doesn't matter; what matters is how you decide to use it. Which would probably be in line with the series' philosophy. Someone reaching Level 10 unlocks a code that allows ex Burst Linkers to re-install Brain Burst and regain their memories.

And Megumi can return to the Accelerated World. No one cares enough about Noumi to use it for him. Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime are actually Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu reincarnated into the future time. Because both couples have several similarities with each other. Xiao found Yang in an ancient tomb and taught her martial arts, while KYH found Haru in a game only he exceled at and she introduced him to the Accelerated World.

Both Xiao and KYH first fell in love with Yang and Haru, respectively; and Yang eventually responded to her feelings, while Haru will do the same once he is ready. In connection to this, there is also a theory that KYH is grooming Haru to become a Level 10, in the same way Xiao groomed Yang to become a master martial artist.

Along the way he would have to defeat powerful Burst Linkers and Enemies on his way to become Level 10, as this is the only way that Haru could prove himself worthy of becoming a future king of the Accelerated World, in the same way that Yang has to face a lot of powerful monsters and masters on his quest to become worthy of his master and lover.

The pixellation and beeping of Ash Roller's profanity is actually occurring in-universe Haruyuki just hasn't found the option of turning the mature language filter or equivalent off. Brain Burst was created to further the goals of the scientists in Sword Art Online 's Alicization arc It was created either to copy the Fluxlights of Burst Linkers possibly during the avatar creation processor to recycle the memories they lose when the program is uninstalled.

It was created by two conflicting parties in a conflict about someone's Fluxlight. One wanted to either destroy or permanently lock it, and created Imperial Palace, another wanted to free it, and created all other game as a trainground for breaching the Palace. Silver Crow will pull a "With Our Swords" Scene at some point Gale Thruster has similar functions to his wings, and when he briefly had access to both at once he was able to fly at ludicrous speed.

Now note that Laser Sword works a lot like Taku's piledriver a ranged piercing attack from the armand that there's enough room on Silver Crow's body to equip the armaments of all his teammates so far at the same time back, right arm, left arm.

He actually has that one covered. He can get a two-handed sword from the Chrome Disaster armour, and full-body armour from the same source. And he did fly with both his wings and Gale Thruster in his final fight against Seiji; the results were pretty funky but awesome. He bought a sword as a bonus level for that purpose. The real purpose of Brain Burst is "psychological help" Think about it. Brain Burst was created in Japan, which is known for having people with many insecurities and traumas, and in the age presented in the series most kids play virtual reality games so using one as a therapeutic tool would not be unthought of; the whole game is accelerated just to make this form of therapy take less time because adults are unable to supervise the "accelerated world" and thus want the therapy to take as little time as possible.

In the game proper, because their special skills manifest themselves from their fears and traumas, players have to face their pasts and learn how to deal with them, otherwise they won't be able to get stronger Takumu was able to get closer to being a blue avatar because he started to face his fears, Chiyuri managed to rewind time with her ability so much because she had already realized that she can't keep clinging to their past, the change in Haruyuki doesn't even need a comment ; the Incarnate System allows players to get stronger outside of that by means of training their focus and concentrating on their trauma, which is why it is supposed to be kept under wraps though Haruyuki subverts this by using it for the sake of others instead of his own.

The pain players feel is there to make the experience more real thus forcing them to react to the whole thing easierand to discourage them from fighting unnecessary battles. And the "one child per parent" rule is there to make sure that every player has someone to take care of - because nobody is expected to remain in the "accelerated world" forever, every player will finally forget about the game, but those players that tried to be good will have other players in their real life forms to help them remember their character development, while players who did not take the lesson will forget about the game's existence and be able to move in a different direction.

And the rule itself can in some way be bypassed, it is just that it can only be done after the original "child" of a "parent" dies and not many players tried, and the installation process doesn't fail based on the potential "child's" speed but rather based on their trauma and on whether the potential "parent" is qualified for the role this is why the number of players hasn't reached abysmal levels even though "there is only one try per person".

Ken Utonium grew up to create Brain Burst. Apparently, Chemical Z accesses the subjects' deepest traumas and desires to give them superpowers. Ken somehow figured a way to emulate Chemical Z's effect into the virtual world. Thus, Brain Burst works the same way, but only in the virtual world. Bubbles' powers are a result of her desire to see again her first love, Takaaki, who made bubbles for her the first time they met as kids.

Sakurako 's change into Sedusa is triggered by jealousy towards Miss Bellum because she thinks that the guy he's into is into her, when in fact, the guy is into Sakurako! Takaaki 's change into a werewolf stemmed from his desire to get out of the hospital which had become his home and prison.

Kirito is the creator of Accel World. Or at least involved with it's creation. And Brain Burst giving the Linker abilities based off their traumas is connected to Yui, whose original purpose was to help people get over trauma.

At the very least he'll be involved with the Brain Implant Chip development. His avatars special attacks are similar to the Alteisen's attacks. Nega Nebulus will eventually gain the ability to travel to other games.

There are 2 other games similar to Brain Burst. The first is BB's predecessor: The second is BB's successor: Actually we do hear more jabs and japes shot at him.

His classmates were still referring to him as a pig and suggesting he'd make better time rolling around the track. Not to mention how quickly everyone turned on him when Nomi leaked his name as the probable culprit to putting the video camera in the girls' showers. Do you honestly think they'd have been so quick to jump down his throat if his looks were more normalized? And Nico does take pot shots at his weight the second time they meet up, she just does it in a more teasing manner rather than a nasty way.

And in her case, it could be argued that someone who already recognizes their own traumatic shortcomings might be disinclined to go full tilt over another's who they consider a friend. Notice how disproportional his body is in comparison to the other characters.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship trust

His head is three times the size of anyone else. I guess that this could be considered a metaphor for how he sees himself in comparison with others, but if the author wanted it so much, he could have find a way to use such symbolism without breaking our suspension of disbelief.

Okay, if you're worried about nobody asides the bullies teasing him for his figure, Taku and Chiyu have known him since childhood self-confidence issues and allso they don't really feel like teasing him about it. If you have tried playing MMORPGs at a highly competitive level, the best players aren't always the most attractive people around, and yet you don't see them for how they look, but rather for how they play.

While Haru's design does remind me of the fat sidekicks of old, well, see, that's the thing.

Arita Haruyuki | Accel World Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ninety-nine percent of fiction is all about thin and lanky people, so why not give Haru's design a chance? Just because he looks like that doesn't mean you have to show notice all the time. If you want to be realistic, one of my old high school classmates looked exactly like Haru ten years ago, but I'm not sure how he looks today.

One of your old high school classmates had a head twice the size of a everybody else? Seriously, Haru's skeletal structure downright is absurd.

It's like he's another species.

accel world haru and kuroyukihime relationship trust

I think that's what ticked most people off. It didn't bother me that much, but it could be improved. While editing the main page, it hit me: Just installing the program, you'll need to pass the program face-to-face, there is a chance of failure and you only get one shot at it.

Not to mention the point sink just start a match; 1 point to enter Burst mode with the possibility of no opponents, and possibly 10 points for a level 1 vs level 1 loss, AND more points lost when leveling up.

And the only other way of gaining points only occurs from level 4 onwards, which means you must have defeated quite a lot of fellow Burst Linkers to the point of forced uninstalling to reach that point.

It must have been insanely good luck or a yet unseen initial? The Okinawa episode demonstrates how bad things are with this distribution model the "parent" has to purposely lose a lot of matches and sacrifice a lot of his points to get his "child" to level 4 just to stabilize the situation.

While I don't disagree with the premise that the distribution is Actually, it turns out the that original players could have an unlimited number of "children", and the ability to check for compatibility with the program, ensuring they don't try to download it to someone incompatible.

Duels seem like a Zero Sum Game. If one participant loses burst points, the other gains the exact amount. Between using burst point for other things, it would seem like the total supply would quickly run out. The only other infusion of new burst points, is from fighting monsters in the 'Up' world, but they give pathetic amounts. So where all the fresh burst points being infused into the system from?

Silver Crow gets his limbs blown off quite a few times over the course of the series, but he's always back in one piece before long. Why was Sky Raker's amputation permanent? Unlike Silver Crow and anyone else for that matter who didn't want to lose any part of their body permanently in the game, Sky Raker felt she needed to lose her legs in order to motivate herself to reach for the sky, as she probably felt that without her legs, she'd had no reason to come back down to the ground.

Since the game reacts to the user's wishes, her avatar's permanent amputation was the result. She probably realized afterwards that in order to fly, one must first propel himself from the ground itself and jumping is one of the fastest ways to launch yourself from the ground.

Sky Raker was also an amputee outside the Accelerated World, so that probably allowed her loss of legs in-game to be permanent due to the avatar being based on self-image. It appears that Sky Raker was in Kuroyukihime's legion.

Obsession and repressed feelings in Accel World

As we know, legion masters have special powers over their soldiers, able to execute them regardless of how many Burst Points they have. It is therefore logical to assume that Kuroyukihime used a variant of this power to annihilate only a part of Sky Raker's body, on Sky Raker's specific request, as shown in the series.

I was reading the Alternate Character Reading trope and I remembered this scene where everybody shows off their digital ID cards, which can't be hacked, as it's probably tied to the national database.

When KYH showed hers, Nico commented angrily that it reads I don't know why exactly is it supposed to be a "headscratcher" since there are no questions, unless "can anyone take a guess" is supposed to be one or there is an implied "am I right now? In Japan, "similar" when used to refer to names means that they either use the same syllables but a different spellingonly one ideogram is different and the spelling doesn't matterone of the names has the same ideograms as the other with one taken out and the spelling doesn't matter, though likely is differentor they are spelled in the same way but are written differently.

That leaves a lot of room to guess, and it's like taking two western names and saying that one of them "has the same number of letters or uses the same letters or has a similar meaning or is pronounced similarly or 'is in some other way similar'". It's pretty much having 20 millions of names to choose from and decreasing that number to 1 million.

Hurray, only it doesn't help when you are looking for a specific name based only on that. And the point of the scene with the nametags was to establish that she, or someone she knows, has the ability to change the content of the nametags, something which is supposed to be impossible to do for people who didn't make them.

It is worth noting that every other character had their names on the nametags, both their first and last names; she instead only had her nickname that being "Kuroyukihime" and with there only being that with nothing that could be her last name, we can be certain that it is not what was originally on the nametag.

Although there is a possibility of her nickname being created by mixing the ideograms from both her first and last names, in a similar way to how Kirito from Sword Art Online did it but using entire ideograms instead of single syllablesbut again it doesn't give us enough info the only standard spelling gives us the name "Setsuki" then, but that's a dead end because she'd be called "Se-chan" then, and non-standard spellings can be many and varied. So yeah, the author is trolling us by releasing hints which are not enough for us to do anything with them.

In the Okinawan arc, how could Megumi come to Kuroyukihime's rescue when the time difference should have prevented that. Kuroyukihime and company should have been waiting in the 'Up' world for hours if not days for Megumi to come in and get hooked up.

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Well, and keep in mind I'm just guessing here, from what I saw, Megumi showed up shortly after the group dove in, at which point the scene cut away from her to the linkers.