Alucard and integra relationship questions

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alucard and integra relationship questions

The relationship betwen Alucard and Integra is very deep and complicated to try to explain, the thing is that Alucard would never let enything. The relationship between Integra and Alucard is that of a servant and master. Alucard listens and obeys her every command, without any. Another important aspect of Alucard's personality is his relationship with God. In Ultimate's eighth episode, Sir Integra issues the command "Release control.

All that is except one, Seras Victoria had slipped away from the tower of London after she had made sure that Integra was found. She had made her way slowly and silently back to the only place she could call home.

Now home felt more like a prison since the removal of all the humans that once inhabited the manor. It had been a week since the Hellsing Organization had been disbanded and charged with the crime of attempted murder of the queen herself. Now all that was left was Seras and the four walls of her room. Her master and her were the only people that would have been able to escape the crack down on the mansion and yet only she remained.

She had not heard from Alucard in that long week as well. No orders, no taunts, nothing as to tell her whether he was alive or not.

He's too strong to lose. When she had first been brought into the world of the undead she could barely stand her master. His mere presence made her quake with fear of a monster that only lived to kill. She had hated and feared him for the horror that was brought into her existence because he had chosen to take her.

She did not like being in the same room as him most of the time because that usually meant that she had done something to upset him. At first she had tried to explain, tried to reason with him, but he only showed a cold and rational response to her heartfelt pleas.

After trying to reason she become embittered to him. Having fits of constant anger at how she was treated. She was there to serve the Hellsing organization and had been improving. But, nothing was ever good enough for him, nothing she could do ever earned praise. There were times when he had shown the capacity to be kind. But, those times were few, and usually followed up with some verbal slight of her or to something she had done wrong.

There were times were it almost seemed like he wanted to protect her as well. Times were he had suffered greatly on what seemed to be on her behalf. Those thoughts constantly plagued the young vampire as she had time to think over that had happened since she had been turned. Every act of kindness, every moment that he seemed to be there for her, could be countered with another reason why he was their and for his actions.

Both times against the mad priest Anderson there was a duality to his actions that confused Seras to no end. He had shown up in the nick of time to save her, but at the same time never seemed concerned with her condition, only to fully focus on fighting the priest to an utter stand still.

Seras shook her head not wanting to try and decode the mixed messages that she had received at Alucard's actions. You'll just end up with no answers and a headache,' she thought as she continued to wonder on the subject of her master. Seras rolled over to her side as she continued to think on the questions that came to her mind.

Questions Chapter 1: Why?, a hellsing fanfic | FanFiction

Why was she here? What was her purpose? And, how did she fit in with the only being that could truly understand what she was going through and why had he turned her in the first place? Some questions had finally come into a wide scope with the recent developments. She was here to serve her new home, to serve under Integra as a protector of England from the undead.

At first she thought that the relationship between her and Integra might have been as bad as her and Alucard. Integra was not happy with Alucard bringing her home as a vampire. As well Integra, in the beginning, seemed to stay in a cold manner when it came to Seras. Yes, Integra was not too happy with Seras when she refused to drink her blood, but the tone seemed to change after Seras began to improve in her duties.

alucard and integra relationship questions

Integra seemed to be responding better to Seras as time progressed. The only hitch was when Integra was harmed and Seras could do nothing about the situation. She had been stalled in the hallway by a brainwashed Walter and could not make it past the retired Angel of Death.

Luckily, or maybe unluckily, Alucard had shown up to finish of the vampire before either Integra or Seras were truly harmed.

Once Seras was free she dashed to Integra's office praying that the Hellsing leader had not been harmed. When she got to the office she found Integra with a knife at her neck. Seras had tried to stop Integra but could not get to her in time. After Integra had been attended to she could see that look in Alucard's eyes.

The look he had given he so many times before, the look that almost said out loud, "You failed again. She could see it in his eyes, could see the great respect and care that Alucard had for the leader of Hellsing.

She had run from his presence feeling that his eyes would never look at her the same way. She was not jealous of Integra but disappointed that her master did not see her as worthy.

It was after this that she began to try her best to excel at her job. She wanted to earn her master's respect, but more importantly, she did not want to fail Integra like before again. It was during this time that she had her second run in with Anderson. Then, the room went silent.

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In all reality, it was meant as a joke since the crowd didn't seem to respond positively or Negatively to the answer. Anyone who is there would probably remember, the girl even said right after "I wish you hadn't added that joke, now fangirls are going to take that as proof they're a couple" and SURE ENOUGH, we have people all over the net, twisting it to sound like he was stating that they were indefinitely in love.

I'd kindly ask the AxI fans to be respectfull of the authors "exact words", and not twist them up to their tastes. Twisted "love" is something that was never mentioned by Hirano, and every word said by the author should remain in it's exact nature, not modified.

Using the word "twisted" can still be aproved, since "sick" is very close in meaning. But "love" cannot be replaced with the expresion "realtionship" used by the author.

alucard and integra relationship questions

Also Integral's concern about Alucard that was mentioned in the text. It's discutable weather Integral worries about Alucards actions, since they completely depend on her own decisions and orders.

The "only" thing that was questioned by Integral in the manga and OVA, are her own decisions and orders given to Alucard. Walter's remark was that it's not his place to advise her, since it's her responcability to know what orders need to be brought to Alucard. Her worry about Alucards actions, was only brought up during her questioning of her own orders. He was a witness to Hirano's interview and thus highly trusted and respectable.

He makes perfectly clear that the 'twisted love' is made up. Please, even if you do believe that 'sick love' might describe their relationship, please keep it for your own self, for this is an opinion and wikipedia, as an encyclopedia, is made for facts, not opinions. Unless you want to disregard everything else Hirano said during that pannel, this stays.

Just like he treats the Queen. In the OVA III official subs show in Otakon and Anime Expo, for your information, they translated Alucard's accurate phrase to Integra during the phonecall conversation saying she was giving him a "hard on. I'm sorry, it's textual sexual barb in canon, Manga and in the canon OVA.

Stop trying to make it non sexual when Major and Alucard bring up the sexuality and deviancy again in next volume.

At least from his side. I'll correct every time you try to follow that flawed, very old fan translation made by a mediocre group ages ago. Returning to the pannel question: Demon Rin also claims Hirano said Seras' name means nothing and he invented it.

Talk:Integra Hellsing

Why don't you edit her section instead of babbling about Ceres symbolism that isn't there by this information? Because we are taking the official word where the translator says there's no real "correct" way to spell her name in English. Another witness I know told me Hirano replied the Alucard and Integra question as "Master and Servant" but there's "but I don't take her words or Rin's over the official, neutral translator made by a trained professional with more years of experience and who isn't into fandom and thus doesn't have the danger to be biased and twist the original meaning.

The article certainly doesn't. None of this told what they feel about the relationship, though; Hirano didn't explain either because he wasn't asked about it. He was asked "How far will it go? Maybe next time someone can have a personal interview with the man, they could ask about him about this in particular.

I don't think it matters really Relationships are always ambigous and that makes them interesting to fans. This fact could mean nothing romantic, but the typical UST Unresolved Sexual Tension that some lead characters have in most fictional works known. It will lead nowhere but more fanservice scenes and interaction to please the huge fanbase of the pairing. I hope so because when sexual tension is resolved canonically, it tends to make their relationship boring.

I edited the section to clarify this point better and added the nounces of lust and love are minor. The other topic of why I edit it Integra worries about Alucard She asked if he was alright after Anderson's attack in volume one as proof.

This is a ridiculous statement of someone who clearly hasn't even noticed how much Integra looks after every subordinate. Go back and reread, for you are obviously in need to notice Integra's not some cold-hearted harpy who doesn't care about Alucard except for giving him orders. This is what makes Integra a better leader from Major or Maxwell who couldn't care about their people.

It's one of the pillars for her character. Many famous British women Judi Dench and Julie Andrews for example are knighted rather than married to knights.

alucard and integra relationship questions

Because of this I changed it to 'normally connotes'. For one, it's riddled with mistakes, and for another it focuses on her relationship with Alucard and completely ignores her relationships with Walter and Seras. As of today, I removed it to stop the acts of vandalism. But her full, proper name is Integral. Just check the manga or the official OVA website.