And relationship questions

33 Relationship Questions - Quickly spark great conversations.

and relationship questions

Want to create more intimacy with your spouse or partner? Ask these relationship questions to create more trust and closeness. Check out these 60 relationship questions gathered by psychologists that help you learn more about the person you're with and see how. In order for a relationship to last long-term, men and women need to be on the same page, so here are 50 questions to ask your boyfriend or.

67 Fun Relationship Questions for Couples

What's a word or phrase people use that you just can't stand? How do you feel about emojis and abbreviated words like "u" instead of "you" in texts and emails? Have you ever gotten revenge in a silly way on someone who hurt you a prank, for example? What did they do and what did you do? Personality and Fun Facts People love talking about themselves and sharing little tidbits that make them feel unique.

Ask these, then sit back and listen. Be prepared to answer them, too. How do you handle it when your family doesn't approve of a decision you've made?

and relationship questions

What song can always make you dance, especially when no one's around? Do you sing in the shower? Do you have any odd quirks? Do you have any hidden talents? Do you read your horoscope? Do you do it for fun or do you take it seriously?

Do you consider yourself an old soul? How do you feel about crowds of people? Do you hold grudges or forgive easily? Do you like when people give you gifts, or does it make you feel awkward? If I cheated on you, would you ever forgive me? Are you in a relationship only because you enjoy the excitement or the feeling to be loved and cared about?

Does this partner make you forget the painful feeling of your previous relationships? Do you look forward to your future with your partner? Do you feel that your partner accepts the way you are? Have you seen each other at your best and worst?

What are some annoying habits of other couples that irritate you the most? Who would you prefer as a partner, a good looking person or an extremely clever person? How do you vent out your frustrations in a relationship? Do you make sacrifices for your relationship? Do you believe in staying with this partner for a very long time or even forever? How do you feel when your partner has to leave you for some time because of work or studying?

and relationship questions

When was the last time you had an in-depth conversation with your partner? In a relationship, what would make you feel happier, sharing or sacrificing? Would you lie to make me happy and where would you draw the line?

Relationship Questions

Have you not let your partner do something just because you feel jealous or angry? How do you feel when others find your partner attractive? Have you ever changed anything for your partner? How much do you think you understand your partner?

and relationship questions

Do you have to know all of my friends? Do you think past relationship secrets should always be kept hidden? Do you think confessions make a relationship stronger? Should you really ever confess to cheating?

Have you ever thought about cheating on your partner? Have you ever thought about breaking up with your partner and why? Do you trust each other?

How can we both get our needs met when we want different things on a particular day? What happens if one of us needs more space than the other?

and relationship questions

What do we do if both of us are having a bad day? How affectionate would you like to be with me? What can we do to avoid fighting or arguing entirely? What about our financial situation might become a recurring problem?

What about our work might become a recurring problem? How will we let each other know what we want sexually? What will I have to say to get your attention when I've not been able to?

What need of yours have I not been able to satisfy?

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What kind of memories do we want to create together? What will keep us happily together for years to come? What will be the early warning signs that our relationship is in trouble? How will you be able to forgive me if I've done something that really hurts you? What will you do if you feel tempted by another person? What personality differences do we have that might cause a problem?

When we argue, how will you take responsibility for your part of the problem? How can we make our sex life even better? What are your deepest wounds and how can I support you there? Where are you unwilling to compromise? What about my voice or communication style makes you want to spend less time with me? What do you expect from me that you should really be expecting of yourself?

and relationship questions

What are you willing to do with or for me that you haven't been able to do in previous relationships? What are your deepest dreams and desires for yourself and for us? What is your most prized possession? Who has been the most influential person in your life and why? What is your definition of intimacy?

How important is it for you to equally share chores? What would you prefer to do on a Saturday night? What is the worst habit that you have? What kind of vacation would you enjoy taking together? How has your parents' marriage impacted your views on marriage? Who has had the biggest impact on you — your mom or dad — and why?

33 Relationship Questions – Quickly spark great conversations.

How have your past relationships made you a better partner to me? How much do you want to know about my past relationships? What do you expect from me related to my health and fitness? What is the best way to share difficult or upsetting information with you? How should we work it out if one of us wants to explore something in our sex life and the other person doesn't feel comfortable?

What is your biggest life regret and how might it impact our relationship? How do you act when you are really hurt and sad about something?