Apollo and ares relationship

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apollo and ares relationship

They are named after their dwelling place Mount Olympus. Zeus; Poseidon; Hades; Hestia; Hera; Ares; Athena; Apollo; Aphrodite; Hermes; Artemis; Hephaestus. Apollo became god of prophecy after killing the oracular serpent Python. relationship with an Artemis woman, a man shouldn't be Orion, the hunter and Ares archetype. The lasting relationship for an Artemis woman is with an Apollo man. The relationship between Ares and Aphrodite was a long standing one . These are all Apollo traits that Ares can draw upon, as he learns to.

apollo and ares relationship

When Aphrodite was attracted to Adonis, Ares turned himself into a wild boar, and killed the handsome young man. He made an invisible and unbreakable net and draped it over the bedposts and from the rafters. Then he pretended to leave for the forge, the signal for Ares to come into his house and bed.

But when the trap was sprung on the lovers, the other gods thought it was very funny and it backfired. Ares Was Idealized by the Romans Ares fathered almost twenty children in total, offspring from affairs with numerous women.

Three of his sons were Argonauts, and one of his daughters was the Amazon queen Penthesileia. Ares was a father who loved his children and took action on their behalf whenever they needed help. Another of his offspring was a sacred snake who guarded the spring at Thebes.

The negative view of Ares is mostly from Homer, because Ares was the most formidable of the deities on the side of the Trojans, who lost the war and the right to its history.

Ares is the embodiment of aggression, has an impetuous response to battle, and just likes to get into the middle of a battle and strike out with a fist. In mythology, Ares represents the uncontrolled, irrational call of battle, and is intoxicated by tumult. He is the guy who always gets in bar fights. Ares does not get involved in fights for competition or strategy, it is just a reactive response to a provocation. Two Moons of Mars: This fits the pattern of a physical rather than mental man, whose emotions and body work well together.

In tribal cultures, warriors are dancers, and before battles they dance with drums and music to encourage good luck in the fight to come. Unfortunately, the Ares archetype is put down by men who exert power from a distance, such as his father, Zeus. Greeks idealized thinking and rationality, and even today these are the values of the patriarchy.

In our culture, an Ares type man is devalued as well. Many men with Ares characteristics feel undervalued because their idealized and successful fathers or brothers are more verbal and mentally quick. But for the lack of support, an Ares man has the satisfaction of living life on his own terms. An example of an Ares man was Bobby Kennedy, with his stubborn streak and passionate battle to fight both the Mafia and corrupt labor unions. Known for loyalty and partisanship, and fathering many children, he was the most Ares of the Kennedy brothers.

apollo and ares relationship

Ares always joins the battle when someone he cares about is getting attacked. These are all Ares type men, though they seem to have matured now. He immediately acts on those emotions, as he is an in the moment kind of person.

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He is in touch with his feelings and is comfortable in his own body, a positive aspect as far as lovemaking goes. The relationship between Ares and Aphrodite was a long standing one between two equals.

Ares had four children with Aphrodite, and had other lovers that bore more than one child of his.

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Most Olympian affairs were one time seductions or rapes, or situations where the woman was overpowered or tricked.

Ares is a lusty and earthy man, who has no qualms about making love and being compared with other lovers of Aphrodite, the most sexually experienced goddess. The relationship between these two is the best kind for a man with an Ares nature.

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He and a woman who resembles the goddess of love and beauty are temperamentally suited in their intensity and sensual natures. They are both people who live in the moment. They will have emotional fireworks, flashing anger, and lots of break ups and make ups.

But for all of their expressiveness, they can have a rather harmonious relationship, with more mutual tolerance and acceptance than either one could find from another person. Although Aphrodite married Hephaestus, she was not satisfied with him and played him for a fool.

Women who have Athena traits and admire men with strategic minds and plans will scorn a man like Ares, who is too emotional and impulsive for her. Ares Men Like to Work With Their Hands In our world, which is still patriarchal, Ares is still not always appreciated, so some of his personality traits will be repressed rather than cultivated.

He needs to be spontaneous and physically expressive as a young person. If he has a distant father who never wrestles with him or gives him a bear hug, it will be the same as when young Ares was locked in the jar. An Ares man likes to spend time with his friends in his man cave, hanging around or being competitive.

He is not into deep conversations or philosophies. Ares is not self conscious, he is lusty and earthy, and needs to express his feelings. Adolescence is an important time for an Ares type person; as the surge of male hormones magnify his impulsiveness, aggressiveness, emotional makeup, and sexuality. He needs to channel his aggressiveness by playing a sport, and learning its discipline, and in doing so he will receive recognition and admiration.

If he disregards authority, he will become anti-social, and may resort to joining a gang or dropping out of school. Ares does not think or plan ahead, so high school and college offer an early idea of whether he will be a potential failure or success. If he responds to the right opportunity and it beckons him early in life, it could work out well.

But he can also hurt himself by cutting short his academic, music, or sports life. Ares is drawn to action and likes to work with tools. He is bored easily and restless, so is not the kind of guy who wants to sit at a desk pushing papers around all day. Occupations which offer an element of risk appeal to him, like joining the military, or becoming a professional athlete.

Often his deepest connections have been made in combat or some other kind of conflict, as a soldier, on a team, or in a gang, where he had to be aggressive and it was valued.

In this type of situation his aggression is appreciated. Here he can cry and nobody will think anything of it. Construction sites and oil fields are careers that draw many Ares type men to them. His success depends partly on luck, because Ares does not have a long term plan. He will have issues with authority, but if his life goes well, he has learned to reign himself in and hold his temper.

Apollo was her twin brother. Her domain was the wilderness. His was the city. He was the Sun god. She was the Moon goddess. He was the god of domesticated animals. She was the goddess of wild animals.

He was the god of laws. She lived in the wilderness, away from civilized laws. This relationship starts as brother and sister. The Artemis woman may have another boyfriend or girlfriend.

apollo and ares relationship

Give her space to roam, and she'll be back at your door when she's "in town. Apollo lives in the intellect to the exclusion of emotion.

Artemis is very threatened by emotional attachment, and so Apollo's lack of emotional involvement allows her room to breathe. The story of Atalanta and Hippomenes shows how to marry an Artemis woman. She enjoyed hunting and sports. Many men wanted to marry her.

Ares the … Momma’s Boy?

She promised to marry the first man to outrun her in a race. Losers were immediately killed. Atalanta won race after race. This is a metaphor that competing with an Artemis woman kills the relationship. Unathletic Hippomenes an Apollo man truly loved her. He decided that death was better than life without her. He prayed to Aphrodite for help. Aphrodite gave him three golden apples.

When Atalanta took off ahead of Hippomenes, he threw the first golden apple into her path. She stopped to pick it up. She saw her face reflected, but distorted by the curving apple. She realized that she would not be young and beautiful forever. Someday her body would sag like the reflection in the apple. Hippomenes passed her as she pondered this insight.

Atalanta took off again, repassing him. He threw the second golden apple. When she stopped to pick it up, Aphrodite caused Atalanta to see in the shiny apple her dead lover, Meleager.

She yearned when she remembered their physical and emotional closeness. Hippomenes passed Atalanta again. She took off and repassed him again.