Azir and sivir relationship test

The Link Between Sivir and Azir : leagueoflegends

azir and sivir relationship test

Red Post Collection: Amumu, Sivir, and Skarner stories, Warwick added to . amount of Ekko's damage unreliable, introducing a skill test for Ekko and a What would Taliyah's relationship with Azir be? at first from her lore. Apart from distant relatives, what is the NEW relationship between these two? Would love to hear from Riot. For starters, Azir is Sivir's only real. It's that when you're trying to rush the relationship to sex it scares me. . Sivir and Nasus are loyal to Azir ever since before the League.

I find myself in a dark area with some light here and there I saw two serpent dragons hovering over as they circled around me I still remember what those colored dragons If memory serves me, these dragons resemble Yin and Yang I have no clue I wake up in fear as Ahri looks at me with worry while I panted in fear. What was that dream trying to show me? Had one hell of a dream The dream ended when someone in a cloak and hood on carried the baby to safety.

I'm not sure why I saw that but somethings tell me it's going to haunt me with that dream til I figure out why it keeps showing up. Anything happened to you?

I still remember what they look like Though I'm honestly surprised you are seeing something like that in your dream. I turn around and I see Giovanni with Sona dressed up in casual clothing as Roman smiled. We got much to discuss inside. As we got inside, Riven gave a mean dirty look She's been acting ridiculous lately.

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I think maybe because when I told her you were a lonian and Giovanni is a Demacian. She didn't take it lightly as expected cause she thought that you two were having revenge from the wars.

That sounded so stupid of her to say that You mean the ones with Noxian fucking up lonia and the war of Demacia and Noxus?

azir and sivir relationship test

Sometimes I wonder why I'm not a Shuriman. Fuck that image is going to give me nightmares. Forensics determined that they were mauled by gators And now Renekton is here I've always wanted to wrestle a gator and maybe become the next crocodile hunter r.

You will always be remembered as my childhood favorite. As he scrolls down more In the words of AlphaOmegaSin I have lost all hope for humanity. Ahri and Sona saw this and they were baffled of what they saw. That's as much I can remember. In fact, me and Roman can also hear you. After all we are summoners.

How can I forget?

azir and sivir relationship test

The youngest and least-favored son of the emperor, Azir was never destined for greatness. With so many siblings ahead of him, he would never be emperor.

Most likely he would take up a position in the priesthood or as governor of some backwater province. He was a slender, studious boy who spent more time perusing the texts collected in the Great Library of Nasus than training to fight under the stern tutelage of the Ascended hero, Renekton.

Amid the twisting shelves of scrolls, books and tablets, Azir met a young slave boy who visited the library almost every day in search of texts desired by his master. Slaves in Shurima were forbidden to take names, but as the two boys became friends, Azir broke that law and called his new friend Xerathwhich means 'one who shares'.

He appointed Xerath - though he was careful never to endanger him by naming him publicly - as his personal slave and the two boys shared their love of history by learning all they could of Shurima's past and its long legacy of Ascended heroes.

While traveling with his father, brothers and Renekton on the yearly tour of the empire, the royal caravan stopped at a well-known oasis for the night.

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Azir and Xerath stole away in the middle of the night to draw the stars and add their own celestial maps to those they had studied in the Great Library. While they drew the patterns of constellations, the royal caravan was attacked by a cabal of assassins sent by the emperor's enemies.

One of the assassins found the two boys out in the desert and was poised to cut Azir's throat when Xerath intervened, throwing himself upon the assassin's back. Azir took up the dead man's sword and rushed back to the oasis, but by the time he returned, the assassins were already defeated. Renekton had protected the emperor and slain the attackers, but Azir's brothers were all dead. Azir told his father of Xerath's courage and asked him to reward the slave boy, but his words fell on deaf ears.

In the emperor's eyes, the boy was a slave and beneath his notice, but Azir swore that one day he and Xerath would be brothers. The emperor returned to his capital, with the fifteen year old Azir now his heir, and unleashed a merciless campaign of bloodshed against those he believed had sent the assassins. Shurima descended into years of paranoia and murder as the emperor took revenge on any he suspected of treason.

Though he was now heir to the throne, Azir's life yet hung by a thread. His father hated him - wishing he had died instead of his brothers - and the queen was still young enough to bear sons. Azir trained in combat, for the attack at the oasis had revealed how little he knew of the deadly arts. Renekton took up the task of teaching the growing prince, and under his aegis, Azir learned to wield sword and spear, to command warriors, and to read the ebb and flow of battle.

The young heir elevated Xerath, his only trusted confidant, and made him his right-hand man. To better counsel him, Azir tasked Xerath with seeking out knowledge wherever he could find it. Years passed, but the queen was never able to carry a child to term, every conceived infant perishing before it could be born.

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So long as the queen remained barren, Azir's life was relatively safe. Some around the court believed a curse was at work and a few even whispered the young heir's name in connection with this - though Azir claimed innocence and even executed some who dared voice such accusations openly. Eventually, the queen bore a healthy son, but on the night of his birth a terrible storm engulfed Shurima. The queen's chambers were struck again and again by powerful bolts of lightning, and in the subsequent blaze, both the queen and her newborn son were killed.

It was said the emperor went mad with grief and took his own life upon hearing the news, but tales soon spread of how he and his guards had been found lying in pieces on the palace floor, their bodies little more than charred skeletons. Azir was shocked by their deaths, but the empire needed a leader, and with Xerath at his side he took control of Shurima as its emperor.

Over the next decade, he expanded Shurima's borders and ruled with a harsh, but just hand. He instituted reforms to better the lives of slaves and privately developed a plan to overturn millennia of tradition and eventually free them all. He kept his plans secret, even from Xerath, and the issue of slavery would prove to be a continual bone of contention between them.

The empire had been built on the back of slavery, and many of the great noble houses depended on enforced labor for their vast wealth and power. Such monolithic institutions could not be overturned overnight, and Azir's plans would be undone were they to become common knowledge. Despite Azir's desire to name Xerath his brother, he could not do so until all Shurima's slaves were free. Through these years, Xerath protected Azir from his political rivals and guided the expansion of the empire.

Azir married and fathered numerous children, some by wedlock, others by ill-advised liaisons with slaves and harem girls.


Xerath stoked the emperor's grand vision of an empire greater than any the world had ever known. But to stand as ruler over the entire world, Xerath convinced Azir that he would need to be all but invincible, a god amongst men - an Ascended being. As the kingdom reached the zenith of its power, Azir announced he would undertake the Ascension ritual, that the time was right for him to take his place alongside Nasus and Renekton and their glorious forebears.

Many questioned this decision; the Ascension ritual was highly dangerous and intended only for those near the end of their lives, those who had devoted their lives to Shurima and whose service was to be honored with Ascension. It was for the Sun Priests to decree who would be blessed with Ascension, not the hubris of an emperor to bestow it upon himself.