Benedick and beatrice relationship development theory

Hero & Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing: Relationship & Comparison |

benedick and beatrice relationship development theory

These two characters are Benedick and Beatrice and act to us as sweethearts who Their relationship in Shakespeare's play has been presented through their . The Development of the Relationship Between Beatrice and Benedick .. When it comes to sociology there are many different theories that need a critical. [imagegif] Name: David Ireland Form: 10DC Grade: Comments: How does Shakespeare Develop the Relationship between Benedick and Beatrice in Much .

Throughout the play, however, as the audience watches them interact with each other as well as with the rest of the cast, it becomes evident that their characters are far from stagnant, and are indeed quite vulnerable to change. Benedick, in the Beginning It is important to first officially introduce Benedick at this point. Who is he and where has he come from? What has brought him to Messina? He is accompanied by a handful of fellow officers, the notable ones being Don Pedro and Claudio.

Don Pedro is the Prince of Aragon, a region in central northeast Spain.

benedick and beatrice relationship development theory

Claudio hails from Florence, a city in Northern Italy. We are not privy to the backstory of how these men ended up together, but know, at least, that they are relatively well known in Messina. It is implied that they spent some time here before heading to war. She speaks a bit about their history and the type of man she knew him to be before he went off to war.

Her description of him makes him seem rather arrogant and obnoxious.

Beatrice and Benedick

She accuses him of switching allegiances and loyalties like hats 1. As a gentleman he stands for honor and justice, but as a soldier he stands for independence, adventure, and all the glories of bachelorhood. He is constantly making nasty remarks about Beatrice and could care less for the other ladies around. Because of his low opinion of women, he has sworn never to marry, and cannot fathom why ever his companion Claudio would decide to pursue Hero and marriage.

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Benedick has very high standards for any woman who might break through and win his heart, in the off chance that he should ever consider love. Beyond any of these character traits, Benedick is most famously known for his quick wit and sharp humor. He loved to play with words, and it is this that makes his two main characters in this play stand out from the others.

Beatrice, in the Beginning If Benedick is one of the pillars in this play, then Beatrice is most definitely the other.

benedick and beatrice relationship development theory

Beatrice is the niece of Leonato, the Governor of Messina, and thus the cousin of fair Hero. There is not much background given about Beatrice, either. We know from the example listed above that there was once something between her and Benedick, and now their relationship has turned to love-hate. While Benedick has sworn to live a bachelor, Beatrice seems much more open to the idea of love.

It would seem as though she is yearning for love but might be afraid of giving into it, for fear of looking girlish and vulnerable. It is this characteristic that sets her in such sharp contrast with her young cousin Hero, who gives her love so naively. She is excited for Hero and Claudio when their love for each other is proclaimed and the wedding date is set.

Hero & Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing: Relationship & Comparison

She uses her excellent wit as a shield and would seem very independent, but the audience may note a touch of loneliness behind the mask.

Though Beatrice seems to admire Benedick somewhat and still have some feelings towards him, she holds very high standards for her ideal man, much as Benedick does for his ideal woman.

As a stand-alone historical novel about the Spanish invasion of England, and racism against people of African descent in Sicily, it would do very well.

Backstory is great, it's what I was looking for when I picked up the book.

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But I just couldn't b This book is well-written. But I just couldn't buy this backstory in terms of believing it could lead to the story of Much Ado About Nothing.

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What was up with making Don Pedro the villain? Don John barely appears in the story, and he's the one who's the bad guy in the play.

Shakespeare's Beatrice is born to speak "all mirth and no matter" and there is a "merry war of words" between her and Benedick. Hardly any of that is in this book. Pulling Beatrice into the story of Romeo and Juliet as a side story was unnecessary and only moderately interesting. She winds up being indirectly responsible for Juliet's suicide.