Bertie and elizabeth relationship the kings speech full

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bertie and elizabeth relationship the kings speech full

The King's Speech () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. Biopic about Britain's King George VI (father of present day Queen Elizabeth II) and Lionel and Bertie's relationship is often an antagonistic one as Lionel feels the also does not fully disclose) may threaten their relationship altogether, which may . Colin Firth as George VI in The King's Speech. that the long sequence where Bertie and Logue run through mechanical Personally speaking, I think the most sympathetic character in the entire film is Derek Jacobi's Archbishop to make The Guardian sustainable by deepening our relationship with our. His brother, younger by 18 months, was called Bertie and was Duke of The King's Speech: The new film stars Colin Firth as the embattled King Long before Wallis Simpson came on the scene, Lady Elizabeth of King George, but the story behind his relationship with his brother is just as interesting.

The King's Speech: the real story

The setting is sumptuous. It's made by the Weinstein Company. Of course a film this laser-focused at the middlebrow was going to sweep the board. But it's not until you rewatch it on a smaller screen that you realise just how weird The King's Speech is. Alexandre Desplat 's tinkly score does a lot to mask it, but Tom Hooper 's direction is relentlessly angular and odd. His schtick — skewed angles, endless close-ups, off-centre framing — has already tripped into the realm of self-parody, but here it helps to offset what could have otherwise become a stuffy Sunday-evening television film.

bertie and elizabeth relationship the kings speech full

The execution is just odd enough to hold the attention. That said, underneath all the surface eccentricities, The King's Speech still manages to do the one thing necessary for any potential Oscar-winner to do, and that's pander to its audience. I'd completely forgotten, for example, that the long sequence where Bertie and Logue run through mechanical exercises together ends on an impressively trite note, with Bertie repeating the word "father" over and over again, 10 minutes after a scene in which his dad shouts at him for being a useless stuttering nincompoop.

bertie and elizabeth relationship the kings speech full

It's an easy — and desperately obvious — explanation for a complex and difficult to understand problem. After that, it's 'ma'am' as in 'ham', not 'ma'am' as in 'palm'" — Queen Elizabeth That said, perhaps the most impressive aspect of The King's Speech is how it managed to strike such a chord despite barely having a single likeable character in it.

The King's Speech - BERTIE and ELIZABETH

But Bertie himself isn't exactly a font of sympathy. His self-doubt runs so deep that it's made him spiteful and aggressive, or, when the film remembers that he's supposed to be our hero, cloyingly self-pitying.

His wife, for all her perceived common touch, revels in her status. She orders the public not to call her by her name and flares her nostrils with disgust whenever she's placed anywhere that isn't covered in gold pillars.

And even Lionel Logue, the speech therapist who cuts through so much of the monarchy's pomposity, is a hideous social climber who subtly becomes more and more obnoxious and complacent the more access he gets to the king. Personally speaking, I think the most sympathetic character in the entire film is Derek Jacobi 's Archbishop Cosmo Lang, a man just trying to do his job in the face of all kinds of unnecessary nonsense, and you don't have to read all that much about him to realise that he wasn't exactly Mr Nice Guy either.

And yet, despite all this, everyone loves The King's Speech. Perhaps that its greatest achievement after all. It's basically the story of a writer obsessively waiting for the Queen Mother to die so that he can get a movie into production.

The King's Speech: the real story - Telegraph

Logue records Bertie's reading on a gramophone record, but convinced that he has stammered throughout, Bertie leaves in a huff, declaring his condition "hopeless. Later that year, after Bertie's father, King George V Michael Gambonmakes his Christmas address, he explains to his son the importance of broadcasting for the modern monarchy in a perilous international situation.

He declares that Bertie's older brother, David, Prince of Wales, will bring ruin to the family and the country when he ascends the throne, and demands that Bertie train himself to fill in, beginning by reading his father's speech into a microphone for practice.

After an agonizing attempt to do so made worse by his father's coaching, Bertie plays Logue's recording and hears himself reciting Shakespeare fluently, amazing both himself and the Duchess. Bertie returns to Logue's treatment, where they work together on muscle relaxation and breath control, as Logue gently probes the psychological roots of the stammer, much to the embarrassment of the standoffish Bertie.

Nevertheless, Bertie reveals some of the pressures of his childhood, among them his strict father; the repression of his natural left-handedness; a painful treatment with metal splints for his knock-knees; a nanny who favoured his elder brother, going so far as deliberately pinching Bertie at the daily presentations to their parents so that he would cry and his parents would not want to see him; unbelievably, not feeding him adequately "It took my parents three years to notice," says Bertie ; and the death in of his little brother, Prince John.

As the treatment progresses, Lionel and Bertie become friends and confidants.

bertie and elizabeth relationship the kings speech full

David accuses his brother of a medieval-style plot to usurp his throne, citing Bertie's speech lessons as an attempt to groom himself. Bertie is tongue-tied at the accusation, whereupon David resurrects his childhood taunt of "B-B-B-Bertie. Outraged, Bertie accuses Logue of treason and mocks Logue's failed acting career and humble origins, causing a rift in their friendship. Feeling overwhelmed by his accession, the new king realises that he needs Logue's help, and he and the queen visit the Logues' residence to apologise.

bertie and elizabeth relationship the kings speech full

Lionel's wife is stunned to meet the royals in their modest home. When the king insists that Logue be seated in the king's box during his May coronation in Westminster Abbey, Archbishop of Canterbury Dr.

Cosmo Lang Derek Jacobi questions Logue's qualifications.

bertie and elizabeth relationship the kings speech full