Blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship test

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blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship test

This Pin was discovered by ivonee Gomez. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The story revolves around Rin Okumura, who starts out as a boy who is somewhat of a delinquent and as such gets into fights. He is usually at odds with his. Nov 29, How the awkward love hate relationship started! In My Mind Rin Okumura is the main protagonist of the story. He and his younger twin.

And all this after the entire team was pretty much emotionally smashed to pieces They don't take it well. Tamer class exorcists have them. Arthur Angel's sword talks to him just prior to battlesusually an admonishment about how he's working too hard. Shima has one much to the surprise of Izumo, not to mention the audience. Not only is Yamantaka an incredibly powerful High-Level-Myo-O Demon, but according to Shima it's been his familiar since he was a child. Later information reveals it is bound to the Shima family in some special way.

Played straight with Gedouin to Lucifer, complete with sparkles and delusional fantasies. Lucifer seems to ignore this. The demons have these, along with Pointy Ears. When Rin's friends find out he's the son of Satan, things get It's that he's part Satan that gets to them. Subverted again, at least in the matter of Ryuji.

Turns out most of his anger has to do with Rin deciding to shoulder such a burden secretly by himself, something that Ryuji has complained about before. Also subverted with Izumo and Shiemi. Izumo didn't really give a damn about itwhile Shiemi was more hurt by the fact that Rin, her first friend, didn't tell her something so important.

Shiemi, being the Fragile Flower she is, took it a little too personally. Subverted as well with Shima who, while definitely being freaked out by Rin being the Son of Satan thing, was more worried about how troublesome being around Rin would be. After the two ate dinner together Shima realized that Rin was a genuinely good person and that it would "be more troublesome trying to avoid him". Played completely straight and justified in Konekomaru's case though. His entire family was killed on the Blue Night and having as much resentment against Rin as he did was only to be expected, and when he finally gets over it, the Friendship Moment between the two is pretty friggin heartwarming.

While most of the examples of this trope are subverted as listed above, the anime adaptation plays this trope completely straight once Rin's friends find out.

Angel and Neuhaus play this trope completely straight - while other exorcists don't mind demons that aren't actively hostile or harmful towards humans, Angel hates demons in general and never has anything nice to say to Mephisto or Rin despite their fight against Satan while Neuhaus hates anything related to Satan due to losing his family and eye in the Blue Night.

The Exorcists have one. See the trope page for details. A Father to His Men: Whose name, for the record, is Suguro Tatsuma. Rin and Satan have these in various color pages. In Chapter 30, when Yukio was about to be killed by Toudouhe got these for a few pages. Kurikara, since it currently contains Rin's blue flames. You look like the older one! Yes, it is easy to mistake. At one point, Yukio is trying everything he can to awaken his demon gene, doing stuff like nearly drowning himself and throwing himself off a tall building which works momentarily.

He nearly shoots himself in the head moments after before getting stopped by a phone call.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship test

Mephisto tells him to cut it out, and we don't know if his last attempt would have worked. That is until he attempts to seriously kill himself with his gun and which point his demonic gene does activate. Near the beginning of the story when all the characters are still fresh students and testing their aptitude for demon summoning, Bon and Konekomaru both say they can't naturally summon anything while holding summoning paper.

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They turn to Shima, not holding any paper, who simply smiles and shrugs. It turns out he can naturally summon a high level fire familiar without even needing summoning paper, which he hides until he reveals his role as a double agent for the Illuminati. Early on while Yukio and Shura are talking during their competition in the batting cage, Shura talks about how suppressing your anger and negative emotions is a bad trait for an exorcist to have as it makes them more vulnerable possession.

Ironically, she says Rin makes for good exorcist material in that regard, as much later in the story after Rin's sword is broken and his demon heart returns to his body, he becomes possessed by a manifestation of all his suppressed anger. While Bon and Shima are talking to each other right after Rin destroyed the Impure King, Rin is giving Konekomaru a somewhat vigorous head rub with Konekomaru telling him it doesn't feel good and to stop.

Shiemi in the anime while wearing the True Cross Academy uniform. The guys don't miss seeing it at all. It's no wonder once Shura comes inshe is the next to sport gainaxing. Around episode 15 the anime splits from its source material to make an original storyline so the season could have a proper "ending"since it Overtook the Manga. As of the second anime, all of that is ignored, however. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!

Ryuji finds himself doing this nonviolently for Konekomaru who just had his Berserk Button pushed by Takara. Good Thing You Can Heal: Angel chops Rin's foot off to control him during his "trial", knowing he'll be fine. Shura and even the online translator are disgusted. Gratuitous Polish in Episode Not only is it written incorrectly, but also one of characters translates it as "Satan's kin must die" lit.

Which Ao No Excorcist Character are You?

Although, apparently, there's a lot of demon-blooded exorcists. Yukio himself is one but his powers are dormant. The Grigori have Nephilim descendants. Said descendants are the ones running the True Cross Order and acting in place of the three Emperors. Azazels bloodline is known to have died out generations ago. How Yukio exploits a Zombie Chimera's healing factor. It absorbs whatever is around it as it regenerates so he kept shooting it down to the ground so that it tried to absorb the alloy.

It pinned itself to the floor permanently. Referenced in ch68 when Yukio says the Order will pay for the damages, suggesting there is something of this set up for exorcists in case things get particularly messy. He Who Fights Monsters: The trope-naming passage is quoted in reference to Rin and Yukio.

Further noted that this is a problem for most Exorcists who could become demons because of their inner hatred or repressed feelings.

True Cross Academy is a rather grand one, looking rather like a giant castle. It's also secretly the Japanese headquarters for the Exorcists, though most of the students at the school are completely unaffiliated with them, most not even being aware of the existence of demons.

Interestingly, we rarely see any of the actual school going ons, the majority of the time shown is just the exorcist "cram school" class.

Holy water does this to demons. It hurts Rin as well since he's a half demon, but not as much. Though really they're about the same age. Mephisto, in Episode 6. But why the hell does a school cafeteria need first-class food? Experiencing the highest-end food will make your lives fuller! Mephisto is actually more than years old and, knowing his love of culture, has probably already experienced all of the "highest-end food.

Nothing hypocritical about that. Pre- Fridge Brilliancethe scene is still an example though. I Am a Monster: Rin says a variation of this in Episode 9. My wounds have always healed quickly.

And now I really am a monster. And then word for word in Chapter 26 before Rin and Shiemi make up. Rin grabs hold of it in the anime when at one point Konekomaru gets possessed by a demon. He chases after Konekomaru with his sword drawn, and when stopped by the others, instead of explaining himself, he just shoots his fire at the demon when it reappears and almost burns Konekomaru, which doesn't raise the others already currently low trust in him.

I Have Many Names: Are responsible for creating a Gate to Gehenna. Gedouin has a little fantasy about Lucifer hugging a much better looking version of him. Implied that Rin and Yukio are this since they grew up in a monastery one staffed with exorcistsand there are plenty of bible-verse-slinging exorcists around.

Katanas Are Just Better: Justified in Rin's case, as said katana seals his demon powers it's also his demon heart. In Episode 2, Satan possesses Rin's adoptive father which has some unsettling side-effects and promptly tosses the terrified kid into the gate to Gehenna. In the anime, Angel tries to kill Rin right after the kid saved the day by defeating Amaimon. In Episode 20, Angel also stops Mephisto with a firetruck from saving several student hostages because he's under suspicion for performing acts forbidden by the Vatican.

What, the moron couldn't give him another minute? Light Is Not Good: Arthur, the current paladin, exemplifies this trope. He even uses Light-based powers. Satan in Fujimoto's body, especially when he unleashes his disconcerting Evil Laugh. Both Rin and Yukio have a crush on Shiemi. Shiemi is completely unaware of this, though she cares for both of them greatly. And in the end she isn't even looking for romance for the time being, so for now neither of them win. Izumo has a pretty obvious crush on Rin Luke, I Am Your Father: Mephisto revealed to Rin that he and Amaimon are also sons of Satan second and sixth, respectively.

Astaroth, the King of Rot, and his kin. He has yet to make an appearance himself except in the animewhere he posses the bully in episode 1 instead of the nameless demon from the manga but his "pet", the Impure King, was a major antagonist. In Chapter 10 Shura clutches Rin's head under her arm, giving him a faceful of her left boob. The other male students were envious. Strangely though, Rin doesn't really react. The new Paladin is called Arthur Angel.

Averted, as he mocks Shura and cuts off Rin's foot in trial. She got that name from Shiro for attacking a lot of animals and people with a sword when she was a child. Mamushi means 'pit viper' in Japanese. Konekomaru's name can be translated to "circle of kittens".

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship test

Rin, when written in kanji, can be read as phosphorus, an igniting compound in chemistry. In turn, phosphorus comes from the Greek word "light-bearer" and light-bearer is another term used to describe the fallen angel Lucifer.

His given name, Renzou, can mean "pure" or "honest". Shima is, of course, known better for his perverted antics and being a liar.

♡ Rin x Shiemi ♡

Kuro, Rin's demonically adorable familiar. Izumo is quite proud of her heritage as a shrine maiden. When Rin and Yukio stay at an old inn in a town in the middle of nowhere, the old lady running the inn assumes they are a gay couple coming for a hook up. While she seems perfectly accepting of it, Yukio is not amused.

Rin doesn't even catch the implication though. More Hero Than Thou: He and his younger twin brother, Yukio, were born from Satan and Yuri Egin. He attends the True Cross Academy to become an Exorcist. Mainly because until his 15th b-day he thought he was human but then Satan took over his adoptive father and killed him. She was on her way to the training ground and once she got there she summoned her Byakko spirits Mike and Uke She remembered the couple and silently said to herself "like I'd ever be that way with Okumura….

Izumo fights the ghoul unfortunately, instead of listening to her orders, they turn against her because of her confused feelings. Both Shiemi and Rin heard their screams and run to rescue them. When Rin arrives, he sees that the two Byakko spirits are about to attack Kamiki, but he manages to fend them off. When Izumo leaves the classroom, Shiemi follows after her and asks if she can be her friend. Izumo says yes, deciding to take advantage of her kindness and make her do things for her like a servant.

But, being the person she is, Shiemi doesn't mind. Rin takes notice of this and later tells her to stop it. Shiemi gets offended and runs off with Rin running after her. Yukio announces a training camp that will be hosted in his and Rin's dormitory since they are the only ones using it. After a written exam, Izumo and Noriko go to take a bath and Shiemi tags along. However, Izumo tells Shiemi to wait because she doesn't want Shiemi to see her naked, but she requests some fruit milk for when she gets out of the bath.

A little saddened, Shiemi goes to get the milk, but Rin sees her and tells her that Izumo is just using her.

blue exorcist rin and shiemi relationship test

Then they hear a scream, and they realize that it is Izumo and Noriko. Rin tells Shiemi to go get Yukio while he heads to the bathroom to help them, but Shiemi follows after him.

Arriving on the scene, they a ghoul that has burned Noriko and rendered her unconscious. Izumo summons her familiars, but because Noriko had just told her that she didn't like people who made a fool out of others, Izumo's familiars turn on her because of her weakened heart. Rin tells her to tear the papers and she does so, hence making her familiars disappear.

Rin distracts the ghoul, and Shiemi treats Noriko's burns with aloe, which she got from Nee. Rin is loosing against the ghoul and about to pull out his sword when Yukio arrives, alerted by the ruckus. The ghoul disappears, and Yukio thanks Shiemi for saving Noriko, making her blush.

Summons Nee for help. Rin dashes to rescue her, and finds the insects swarming all over Shiemi's body. Seeing her head bleeding and her in an unconscious state, Rin yells out in anger for the bugs to get away from her, accidentally unleashing his blue flames. This was then spotted by Ryuji, who came to check on Shiemi as well, however Rin was able to get out of explaining the flames that Ryuji had seen.

When Shiemi awakens, she screams out for Nee, remembering what the moth Demons did, crying while holding Nee's ripped magic circle. But Ryuji assures her that she could use another paper to summon Nee again. For the strategy Konekomaru came up with to bring the Peg lantern back to camp, Shiemi's part was being in the wagon feeding the Peg Lantern the moth Demons as fuel. She is later carried by Rin in order to move the Peg Lantern to the other side of the bank.

She and her friends are successful in moving the Peg Lantern back to camp and shortly after are attacked by Amaimon.

Rin and the almost attempted kiss

Later, Shiemi starts to walk out of the protective circle, surprising the others, and Shura sees a parasite in the back of Shiemi's neck. Amaimon appears and takes Shiemi. Rin follows after him, but Amaimon's Behemoth blocks his path. Shura gives Rin the koumaken and holds off the behemoth while Rin goes after Amaimon.

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Rin catches up with Amaimon and asks what he is planning to do with Shiemi, and Amaimon responds that he will make her his bride. After saying the vows, he prepares to seal them with a kiss but Rin stops him. As it becomes clear that Rin won't use his sword, Amaimon say that he doesn't need Shiemi anymore and prepares to take her eyes for an unnamed cousin.

However, Konekomaru accidentally sets off his firework and it hits Amaimon's hair spike, which makes it poof up like a broccoli, which Renzo laughs at. Amaimon takes offense at being laughed at and shove Renzo into a tree, knocking him unconscious. He then breaks Konekomaru's arm and takes Ryuji in a choke hold. Rin, angry about seeing his friends harmed, unsheathes his sword, revealing his identity, and engages in battle with Amaimon who releases Shiemi. In the inn, she constantly helps out the others to preoccupy herself.

She is less confident about her abilities, as she is unable to summon Nee after having Nee's summoning paper ripped by a demon at the training camp. In a short confrontation with Izumo, she breaks down and confesses that she is upset about being unable to support her friends when they need it the most, especially about not knowing the troubles that Rin and Yukio kept for being Satan's spawns, despite having been close with them.

She wishes to be a stronger person so that she can be relied on to help others when they are in need. Izumo bluntly calls her a "weed", claiming that Shiemi is as ever-intruding as a dandelion that carries its seeds and disturbs other plants' growth upon landing in the ground. Shiemi takes this as a compliment, thinking that Izumo was saying that she was persistent and persevering.