Bristle worm and hermit crab relationship memes

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bristle worm and hermit crab relationship memes

WORLDWIDE REVIEW OE THE HERMIT CRAB SPECIES, GENUS Some live in striking symbiosis with anthozoan or zoanthid coelenterates that .. Telson with left anterior ventrolateral margin with long, slender corneous spines and bristle- .. externe; b, dactyle de la meme patte, vue laterale, cote Interne; c, deuxieme. These hermits are one of the fastest moving hermit crabs I've encountered; they Next thing you know they are adding one type of “bristleworm predator” after. symbiosis. to practice, you can use the "test" feature, select "multiple choice" and "start The bristle worm removing parasites from the hermit crab and eating the.

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arrow crab eating bristle worms

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bristle worm and hermit crab relationship memes

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bristle worm and hermit crab relationship memes

For scavenging duties we introduced about 20 blue leg hermit crabs Clibanarius tricolor. Then he has to wrestle all over again to get his old shell back again.


However, to keep the peace, we made sure to provide another 20 empty Astrea sp. One polkadot hermit crab Phimochirus operculatus was added as an interesting alternative to the blue leg hermits. We also introduced about 15 small-medium Astrea tecta snails for algae eating duties. These guys are also a delight to casual observers when they are scraping algae from the front panes of the glass, such that you can see their rasping mouth parts in action.

One of my hermits took a shell with mushroom coral growing on it! : Aquariums

We added one peppermint shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni to control any possible Aiptasia sp. We knew that there was one or two anemones initially, but we have seen no sign of them since, so it seems that this shrimp has served its duties nicely. One emerald green crab Mithraculus sculptus and one red emerald crab Mithraculus forceps were added in order to differentiate the two crabs from each other, so more of an identity could be made by casual observers of the tank.

Otherwise both crabs perform almost identical janitorial duties. For the most part they stay hidden away in the inside of the live rock pile, save perhaps an arm or two that extends outward. The most interesting motile invertebrates in the tank are two porcelain crabs Petrolisthes galathinus. They also seem to have preferred areas in the tank where they are reliably found.

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These locations seem to be determined by the currents in the tank. In the wild they seem to be colonial, living in aggregations underneath rocks and coral heads. They can move incredibly swiftly to elude predators. However, if they are cornered, their front claws are very sensitive, and designed to break off easily. Porcelain crabs will quickly regrow these lost claws. We highly recommend these Caribbean porcelain crabs to anyone with a reef tank, especially nano tanks.

bristle worm and hermit crab relationship memes

One small Floridian sea cucumber Holothuria floridana was added to sift through the substrate and digest organic detritus. For the most part it stays hidden in the dark spaces under the rock, but it likely comes out at night to feed. Biological films are removed off the sand grains, and the organic detritus is digested.

bristle worm and hermit crab relationship memes

Beneficial meiofauna animals that live in the sand; e. In addition to these specifically added invertebrates, this tank has produced an impressive population of small bristleworms of the genus Eurythoe sp. Too often it seems that people feel necessary to pull ones hair out when a few small bristleworms are found in a reef aquarium. Their small size allows them to clean detritus from small cracks and crevices in the rock where other detritivores cannot.

bristle worm and hermit crab relationship memes

Larger bristleworms, or fireworms, Hermodice spp.