Cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship problems

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cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship problems

Cagatay Ulusoy, Turkish Beauty, Pakistani Actress, Alia Bhatt, Turkish Actors, Deepika Padukone, Girlz Dpz, Chris Çağatay Ulusoy | delibal hazal kaya. Çağatay Ulusoy,Çağatay Ulusoy Biography,Çağatay Ulusoy Family,Çağatay Ulusoy Girlfriend,Çağatay Ulusoy Net Worth In case of copyright issues, please contact us immediately for further credits or clip delete. currently single or in a relationship with Hazal??? Hazal Hazal Kaya & Cagatay Ulusoy. Biography of Çagatay Ulusoy Actor and Turkish model. Cagatay Ulusoy and Hazal Kaya were said to be boyfriends when they were working together He has been seen with several girls but Cagatay's most outstanding sentimental relationship was with Serenay Sarikaya whom Cagatay Ulusoy with police problems.

Hazal Kaya and Çagatay Ulusoy - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Kidnapped by Crimean Tartar raiders, after seeing her father, mother, little sister and fiance killed she rebels against her slavery at every opportunity. Her best friend Maria later Gulnihal is taken in the same ship. When Alexandra arrives she is taught a lesson: Later she converts to Islam.

Victoria, later Sadika, goes to Constantinople to take revenge. After giving birth she gives a party in the Harem, but then gets in a fight with another favorite, Ayshe Hatun, and threatens to kill her. Selim remains with Gulnihal. Meanwhile there is a civil war. Ibrahim Pasha discovers the truth about their relationship.

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Hatice becomes pregnant with twins. Mahidevran gives Valida a note of Leo about Hurrem. She calls Hurrem to her chambers, but then faints. She is back to Topkapi Palace and the Sultan decides to marry her. She faints in his arms and they take her to her chambers to rest. Mahidevran Sultan becomes surprised then angry, she decided not to lower her head down anymore. Ibrahim is shot during the ceremony with an arrow and it results that it was poisoned. Ibrahim's attacker was another archer sent by one of the veziers to kill him.

Nigar, Matrakci and Sumbul travel to heal Ibrahim in one of the hot springs. Furious, Mahidevran comes to Suleyman's door and asks his guardian to announce her, but Suleyman refuses to receive her arguing that he is busy. She makes a scandal and eventually Suleyman listens to her. She requests her freedom to spend her life as a free woman which Suleyman denies. She then asks him to send her to exile with her son as happens when princes become of age, but he tells her she can leave, only his son stays with him.

Mustafa convinces his father to send them both to Edirne Palace. At Valide Sultan's initiative, her niece Aybige comes to Topkapi palace from Crimea, to be protected from the succession infighting between Valide's brothers upon the death of their father, the Crimean ruler. She falls in love with Bali Bey during this season as he is the one in charge of security of the entire royal family.

cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship problems

Nigar is not pleased by her wedding because she is in love with Ibrahim, the Grand Vizier. On her first night in her new house, she is surprised to see Ibrahim entering and he tells her that he and Matrakci had a deal and that he is the one she will be with from now on. Nigar is happy at this turn of events. Meanwhile, Hatice gives birth to twins, one boy and one girl Huridzan and Osman and Ibrahim is happy to see her holding both babies in her hands and also surprised.

Nigar is not pleased by this. Time passed and at the age of 17, Mustafa comes back to Topkapi to be with his father until he is sent into exile. He falls in love with a concubine named Nora later Efsun and she gets pregnant. She puts poison in his food, but at the last moment she regrets and trips over the food. Mahidevran finds out that Efsun is pregnant and wants to make her abort, but Mustafa stops her and sends Efsun to his chambers.

Mustafa doesn't manage to save her this time, and baby and Efsun die. During the rebellion provoked by Valide's spy, Fatma, one of the slaves is accused of robbery of gold and the innocent girl burns herself. Daye gets fired for this. When Sultan comes back and finds out what happened, he gives Valide a lecture about how she is not capable to lead harem and how he is tired of all the fights. Sultan gives Daye back her post. Suleyman arrives and makes her apologize after which she goes crying to her chambers.

Mustafa almost loses his father's support when he doesn't want to come to Aya Sofia with him, but Ibrahim manages to make him see reason. Cihangir is developing a hump and they try to fix it by physiotherapy while he is still a baby. Cigangir gets better even though he can't recover fully and Suleyman has a heart attack. Mahidevran is conscious that when Suleyman dies, her son would be the Sultan so she tries to convience Mustafa that he needs to take precautions with his brothers which he refuses.

When Suleyman wakes up Mahidevran falls even more from grace. Gulsah intrigued against Daye which caused Daye to kill a healer by accident so they fired her and threw her out of harem. Mahidevran is happy because she thinks Gulsah will get the post again, but is surprised to hear Valide giving the post to Nigar. Mustafa leaves for Manisa soon after. Nigar gives birth and Hatice tells her that the girl was born dead after which Hatice has a huge fight with Ibrahim. Valida finds out about Ibrahim's affair with Nigar khatun, she wants to fire her.

She comes to Suleyman's chambers to inform him, but suffers a stroke before saying anything. Eventually she passes away and Suleyman gives harem to Mahidevran which she immediately uses in her favor to get Valida's chambers which Suleyman doesn't allow.

I said that because I'm sitting close to you right now. If they write dating rumours about you and me, too, that would be too much for me! With a 20 year old boy!

But it's not a good thing, you know. There's 20 years age gap between you and me. No need for that now! So it looks when you're looking from there!

I don't want her to have colorful eyes. No offense to people with colorful eyes but Colorful eyes are unattractive for me. That's a thing about me. But these are eyes. They're given by God.

cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship problems

When you think of it that way. Aren't your eyes colorful? How are they not? They look like hazel to me, not brown. In fact, if you wore green, they'd look more greenish. What I mean by colorful eyes is either blue or actual green eyes. Ok, you've talked about appearance. Now, what about personality?

cagatay ulusoy and hazal kaya relationship problems

For example, does her life before dating you matter to you? No, her life before me doesn't concern me. There are things that people need to experience and if she experienced that before me, I can only respect that and not bother her about it.

Are you a jealous person? Depends on the situation. Yeah, I guess I can be a little jealous. Of what, for example, if she wears revealing clothes? No, I don't stop her from wearing what she wants. She can wear anything she wants when she's with me. When she's with you? Yes, when we go out together. But when she goes out on her own, I'd ask her to be careful. I wouldn't want her to wear too revealing clothes.

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