Cersei and jaime relationship

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on Jaime's changing relationship with Cersei

cersei and jaime relationship

It's been seven very long years for the incestuous brother and sister on "Game of Thrones," with their experiences straining their relationship. Do not get me wrong, I don't ship it because I find Cersei to be toxic and holding Jaime back from becoming a better man, but I accept it and in a. I often wonder if Cersei really loves Jaime, or if her relationship with him isnt a manifestation of her own narcissism and desire to have the.

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Robert was, quite literally, the best match she could possibly have had. He was the King.

Jaime & Cersei scene 1

Also, considering she'd have to bed him, the fact that he was rather attractive would be a bonus, I'm sure. Best of a bad situation, and all that.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau discusses Game of Thrones season 8, Jaime’s changing relationship with Cersei

Much of this also applies to the Rhaegar situation, obviously. She sleeps around quite a bit - Lancel, the Kettleblacks, who else? She does it for power, but stil, compare her to Jaime, who has never been with another woman besides Cersei. It's not like she ever slept around for her own pleasure, and from what I can tell, she never found any pleasure in doing so, other than the "I'm successfully manipulating someone" kind of pleasure.

Everyone she slept with was for a purpose, to manipulate them into being trustworthy. It did work, too; Lancel killed Robert for her, one of the Kettleblacks killed the High Septon for her, etc. Even with Robert it was a manipulation, and something that she had to do, something which she did as little as possible: The time with Taena was perhaps not solely to manipulate her into doing something although, the flirtation with her was so that she could have someone at court that she could trust, and this was a part of thatbut she certainly didn't enjoy it, and we even have this gem: It was still no good.

On the other hand, with Jaime, if he were sleeping around, it would only be for his personal pleasure. It's not that she didn't do anything wrong, here, but that I believe she could've done these things while actually being in love with Jaime.

'Game of Thrones': Cersei and Jaime Relationship to Get Even Weirder—Is that Even Possible?

However there is virtually no evidence from his own chapters that his feelings for Cersei extend anywhere beyond a primal, and indeed twisted, sexual desire. I've re-read all Jaime chapters with this in mind, and I can find virtually no examples of Jaime thinking of Cersei outside a sexual context. Any positive feelings exhibited towards her are sexually driven; he is constantly describing her beauty, her sexual appeal to him, his desire for her, but never makes any indication of a deeper love of Cersei as a person.

As such, the envy he experiences after Tyrion's accusation is largely based on her breaking what he sees as sexual bond that should only exist between them.

cersei and jaime relationship

The repeated echo of Tyrion's words in his head: There is very little sadness as his suspicions are slowly confirmed, only a bitterness that is entirely directed towards her sexual activities, rather than her personal betrayal.

The other critical observation you can make of Jaime is that he very rarely exhibits any physical attraction to other women, which is further evidence that he sees Cersei as the epitomy of sexual desire, and fails to associate a sexual attraction with other women. The one time that he does is in response to, of all people, Brienne, and I believe this to be evidence of the only occasion where he has experienced a deeper connection with a person, which has lead to him for the first time being able to view a woman outside his preconceived sexual parameters, those parameters essentially being his deeply imbedded sexual attraction to Cersei.

cersei and jaime relationship

This isolated physical attraction to Brienne is in contrast to his indifferent reactions to two clear sexual advances he experiences in AFfC, one by a camp follower at the siege of Riverrun, another by Lancel's Frey wife, a woman notorious for her sexual proclivities, at Darry. In both these instances, a lack of a personal connection to these women results in him failing to take a serious interest in them, due to the fact that his sexual attraction to Cersei seems to have left him uninterested in any other form of sexual company.

Now we'll move on to the Harpy herself. Cersei is the epitomy of ambition.

cersei and jaime relationship

She is fickle in her attractions, and has little problem using her physical attractiveness for her political advancement. However, her attitude towards Jaime is quite different to Jaime's attitude towards her. She does, on many occasions, see Jaime as a soulmate, describing him as "her other half" and claiming that their connection from the womb indicates that they "belong together".

There are no such claims from Jaime. However, it's very clear that Cersei has a somewhat primal sexual need which needs to be satisfied when Jaime isn't around.

Taking the likes of Lancel into her bed suggests that she first tried to find a Jaime replica, but she soon discards him as a poor substitute. After this there is some obscurity as to her sexual partners, but we do know that she took at least one Kettleblack to bed, as well as Lady Merryweather but that's a whole other thing.

What I find more interesting however is how easily she professes "love" for particular men in her life. The most obvious one is Robert, who she claims to have adored. She also indicates that though he was a disappointing lover, she did not give up on him as a husband for some time. This seems to indicate that she was willing to give up Jaime as a supposed "soulmate" for someone who was able to fulfill what she saw as the important qualities of a man incidentally, it is these qualities that she seems to believe men such as Robert and Jaime eventually fail to fulfill, and are thus discarded.

They are also the qualities that she believes SHE possesses, as we know she claims to be more a man than many men in her life.

As such, any men who fail to exhibit these qualities in her eyes are not good enough for her. The other key example of professed love is for Rhaegar.